What you must do before renting a property

If you have a property and rent for extra income you want, take your time and analyze what would be the lease terms. This way, you avoid losing money and reduce the chances of being scammed.

1. Have warranty. If you rent an apartment or a house, ask at least get paid two months in advance. If it is a shop, requiring at least six months.

2. Research. Refer to credit bureaus what the credit record of who will occupy your home. You can also request information on Warehouse To Let Bellville.

3. All paper. Write a contract and ask the tenant to sign. In of docu- ment, detail the conditions under which delivery and set how property should be returned.

4. Beware permissions. If the tenant plans to use the premises for a business, ask that processes the respective permits the municipality to avoid fines.

5. Payments registered. It is preferable to open an account at a financial institution for the tenant to deposit the payments each month.This will allow you to have a record.

6. At day with tax. The rental of a property is considered first category income indicates the Sunat. The owner must pay 5% of the rental amount each month, the precise entity.

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