Vintage instant photo booth in Florence

Want a vintage photo of remembrance in Florence? At the corner of Via Nazionale and Piazza della Stazione, a small vintage instant photo booth!

Just before leaving Florence, near the central railway station (Santa Maria Novella) you can take your photos in photo booth hire melbourne wonderful time. In fact, four souvenir photos in black and white!

It only costs € 2 (unless other new digital photo booths that cost 4 €!) Although it takes approximately 5 minutes and a half to get the pictures!

The results are so impressive!

This small photo booth takes four different images of you in black and white. You can do crazy wives or simply compose words with hands like I did with my boyfriend!

It is ideal for couples, for yourself, for everyone!

In fact, there is an inscription in Italian that says, “Take photos with your friends, your dog, your girlfriend, the dwarf Amélie, who want to have a souvenir of Florence, after a bad day with your brother … etc … “

Remember that everything you have is a few seconds (about 30 seconds) between one photo and the other!

Be creative! Do not think, just shoot!


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