This guide helped me make money with surveys. And you also will serve you!

Some people believe that make money with online surveys is a scam. have no idea! What is a scam is to tell people that they will become rich taking surveys. I’m sorry if I’ve trap your bubble, but this is not the case.

But that is true that there are many people like you who gets an extra making income surveys in your spare time. I do it myself, and therefore I have prepared this guide just for you in which you explain the best ways to make money with surveys and dramatically increase your income.


Hold on! I have something important to tell you before…

Before you start this guide, I’ve registered and I made some pages to make money with surveystracked, and have proven that the most profitable are these three options that I show below.

The following pages are the ones that more surveys sent each day and have listings of companies that send more updated questionnaires. You can choose which you prefer to use, but my personal recommendation are without a doubt the first two pages.


1. earning money for surveys

I discovered this page thanks to several readers of Gananci sent me a message saying that they were very happy with her winning income all months. And I have checked that it is true and that more money is won all of them.

It is a very reliable company, where you can sign up at the moment and guide you through the processto know how to do surveys, earn more money, and the best websites where you will begin to send surveys to instantly. It is associated with multinationals from around the world need people like you and me to give them feedback about their habits and their purchases and to better develop their future products.


They will teach you also How to write reviews for gifts as small appliances, tablets, etc. so you can try them and give your opinion. Sign up on this page by email to receive more information by clicking on the button below:

2. earn money with surveys

This is another page very reliable to make money with surveys. With it you get paid questionnaires also daily, which usually have a duration of between 5 to 30 minutes, and it is certainly another good optionto take into account.


You can register on this page to start receiving surveys and get more information by clicking on the button below:


3. earn money by completing surveys

This third option is another web page which you will receive all the information necessary to be able togive the profile in the polls that send you, valuable tips on how to answer the questions, and a large list of paid survey sites that they themselves have compiled for you sites.


You can register on this page to start receiving surveys and get more information by clicking on the button below:


Guide to make money with surveys

1. Find websites of surveys and compares their structures of awards

The first step is obvious, right? Search websites legitimate to do surveys and become a member of them. But before registering, mira and compares the structures of awards offered and select which interest you to you.

Not all survey sites are the same: some offer money in Exchange for your opinion, and others give as a reward vouchers of money or checks gift to spend in certain shops, or awards such as video games, DVDs, etc.

So you think if you prefer money, gifts or coupons, or both things at the same time; If only interested in silver, he discarded those pages where the only reward are gifts.


2. sign up for multiple pages to make money with surveys

Sign up for more than one survey panel for money and so ensure you receive as many as possible. How many more surveys you receive, the greater your chances of making money.


As invitations to polls can be a bit overwhelming, I recommend a lot to create a separate email account only for the purpose of filling surveys.It is best that you do not register in polls with your personal e-mail sites. You can easily get to receive more than 100 invitations to surveys a day, and ‘m sure you don’t want that your important emails are hidden by the surveys!


3. be sure to check how each page

Be familiar with the websites in which you just submit. Sent you surveys to complete email? or must login every day to check if you have surveys available? If you will send them in an email, a reminder:don’t forget to sign up with the email you created just for surveys.

Do not use your personal email unless you can handle the large number of invitations to surveys which will you

4. Fill out your profile and start to complete surveys

Many sites require that you complete your information by filling out your profile. This will include basics such as your annual income your age, if you have pets, if you have a car or not…

Don’t worry: the survey companies will not go to your House to try to sell you something. This information need it to send you surveys that are relevant to you and your taste. When a company creates a survey, they need a kind of specific people (for example, only men, or people between 18 and 30 years old).

That way, the information they get helps them better investigation of that product or service about which is the survey. Nor do I recommend that you lie on your profile, but you see more below in the tips to make money answering surveys, it can make a small ‘trap’ in some cases…

5. Start to fill out surveys for money!

When you already have all of the above steps, you will begin receiving surveys. In the majority (i.e. not all)make you a few preliminary questions. These issues are not part of the current survey for which you will be paid.


Rather, they serve to do surveys in which match your data with what you are looking for. Worry if you check that you say “No” or “None of the above” in those answers. In the majority of cases at the end will receive a survey although you have often said ‘No’.

After these questions Yes you see the screen to start the survey. Normally will tell you how much will pay you and the approximate time that it will take to fill it.


Complete the survey and get your reward! And do not worry if you do not qualify for any; be disqualified from a survey is something common. So you keep trying and we are sure that you will find others that you are accepted to participate.

Tips you should keep in mind if you want to be successful by filling out surveys

Ganar dinero con encuestas

If the first few days do not receive surveys, don’t worry: because your information is being processed. But meanwhile,tries to find some button type “Take a survey” or similar on the website wherever you are.

By clicking on that button will begin to appear surveys in which you can be a good candidate until your data are processed completely.

Ganar dinero con encuestas

As I said, you don’t lie in your profile or in the polls. But thatthere is something that you should never say: that you work in a media or a journalist, or who work in advertising or marketing.If you see this question, best answer ‘None of the above’.

Unfortunately these professions are closely related to advertise or promote products of any kind, andsurveys companies do not want to make people who have these jobs surveys. So if marks those options, very few times will get you admit in a survey.

Ganar dinero con encuestas

Your friends can also make you earn money with surveys!Most of these companies have affiliate programs that, if someone registers with your link, you get a small profit.

Even there are some panels that you will pay every time a referral you complete a survey! So why not tell your friends, and thus make you money and they also by filling out surveys?

Ganar dinero con encuestas

Never, you never answer questions at random or choose options in this way. I never tire of repeating this to people who ask me about surveys for money. I know, 30 minutes doing surveys gives a bit of laziness.

But in some surveys have also included security questions that you have to check to make the company look that you are paying attention. For example “tick the box that puts dog”.

If you’re tired and makes responses at random, and one of them is a question of security, probably you get not only the survey, but the page in which you are registered, and you can never return to sign up there.

These tips and guide I have prepared them for you from my own experience by filling out surveys;and believe me, it took many years to making money with surveys! So…

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