The value of a good locksmith

The locksmith is one of the aspects of our home that must be taken into account because this is the basis of the security system of the entire house. So it is always good to  have on hand the number of a good locksmith company  that can help us keep the locks of the house in the best possible condition.

Many times it is taken as a service lightly, something easy to do. The only reason why you pay is not because you can do it and you do not want to, but it is a complex job that requires a certain level of expertise. That is the real reason why you pay for this service. If changing a  cylinder  was the same as changing a bulb, we could probably solve it easily, but that is not the case.

And it is not because a lock, in its most basic form, is a contraption with an engineering that not all can interpret with a little common sense. A professional lock against boom keys  , for example, is a complex puzzle and assembling and disassembling these punctual items requires an advanced level of knowledge.

Why we should have a trusted locksmith

The  ironworkers Marbella  have a motto “your house is my house, but it’s your home.” The locks are the mainstay of all home security and a locksmith with  access to your locks  will be able to circumvent them very easily, it is as if you were assigning rights in your house. However, this is still yours ethics says that they will never enter your house without your authorization, although they know how to do it.

In addition, a trusted locksmith can advise you on the solution to the methods of theft in most used homes, giving you tips to keep your home safe with the application of some  lock of the latest technology . This is very important because every time thieves are more resourceful and competent. They study in depth the mechanisms of the most modern locks to learn how to manipulate them at pleasure.

Only in Madrid, according to Antena 3, there are about 70 home robberies every month. The most disturbing is that on many occasions, the locks show no signs of having been forced. This was explained by  Mijas locksmiths , who point out that they use a locksmith master key to open the doors without damaging the cylinders. It is a pick called the magic key that can open whatever. In Spain it costs € 3,000 and you need a professional license, but you can always find it on the black market.


With this method, a thief could do much more than steal in our home. They could enter without our permission and hide illicit things in your home or make a complete inventory of all the belongings of the family to plan the perfect move.

How is it solved? Well, this magic key is virtually unstoppable, if you install an impenetrable lock, you run the risk of having to damage it if you leave the keys inside the house sometime. Therefore, the real solution, according to  locksmith heidelberg , is to install locks with  more complex cylinders  so that thieves do not have enough time to open the door without anyone noticing.

If the locksmiths were not always updated to decipher this type of methods used by thieves, there would be no way to  develop solutions  and any friend of the outsider with a little ingenuity can enter your house and take all the freedoms you want when it is find empty.

The  locksmiths Alhaurín de la Torre  even offer guided workshops to their clients in which they teach them the security measures that they should take when they leave their house a long time alone, as well as simple knowledge of locksmithing so that you understand a bit of what the work is about. In this way they educate people so that they can even develop their own solutions.

Is the locksmith expensive?

Like everything in life, there are things that have a greater value than others. In the case of the locksmith, everything depends on the complexity of the work to determine its price. However,  it should not be seen as an expense but an investment . Similarly, a lock, no matter how modern, will never cost more than an HDTV or any of the appliances that you could lose if someone enters your house without permission.

If you want to know numbers promptly, you will be surprised to know that individually  locksmith items are not that expensive . In fact, we can concentrate an anti-theft lock for just over € 200 if we know how to look for them.

In the case where you could spend more serious in the replacement of several locks in your home as that includes a workforce, but in general should not be a budget greater than € 200.

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