T20 World Cup 2015 – One of the biggest events in the history!

The Cricket world cup 2015 is a massive cricket tournament in the history of t20 cricket. As you all know that cricket is a sport which is watched and followed be millions of people around the globe and the sole reason behind this is that everyone is emotionally attached to this because of their teams representing their country. However, with the passage of time everything around us have been changed so is the pattern of cricket. This was one of the best events people have witnessed. There were teams from around the world and everyone did their best to win this Cup. In India cricket is considered to be their religion people are extremely attached to this sport in a very different way, similarly every country participating takes such events in a very different manner in as to do anything to win it. However, Sri Lanka was the team who managed to beat West Indies in this nail biting event and it was a very big day for them as they played with most dedication and managed to win the Cup for the their country. Winning such an event is like a dream come true and Sri Lanka managed it. The team was being praised by all the cricket legends around the globe and was welcomed to their country with tears of joy and extreme happiness. They played very well throughout the event regardless of enormous pressure by brilliant teams that participated in the event.

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As mentioned above, cricket has changed over the years and since the inception of this t20 format people have started to follow it more because the level is different and so is the excitement. The format was fundamentally introduced by the cricket board of England and Wales and also considered as a short form of cricket. This format gained popularity with a very short span of time and managed to be a permanent format, and then ICC decided to have World Cups according to this format. The teams and the players went on practicing for this new format and they also started to enjoy this format and the time came when big events started to take place based on this pattern of game. Famous teams like Australia, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka has won this Cup. Sri Lankans are the defending champions now and will be facing other teams in the future. As of today people are extremely excited about the usual World Cup 2015 which is just round the corner.

Cricket world cup official is a sport with numerous factors that makes it unique from other sports and also considered to be one of the most popular sports followed by the people around the globe. A lot of developments was made in the countries that hosted the Cricket world cup 2015which turned out to be one of the economic benefits and people had time of their lives seeing their favorite teams participating and battling in the ground to win.

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