so i got to sell my house online

javier güenechea is one of the individuals who recently has sold your home through internet . güenechea, professional human resources sector and commercial experience, noted all his movements during the sales process at the end of the process to analyze their successes, mistakes and to develop a list of tips to Sell my house fast Nottingham. its main recommendation: accept immediate offers that are somewhat lower than the price

güenechea is a professional who has spent five years working in careernet consulting , a company dedicated to attracting talented professionals to companies. previously worked in the banking sector (barclays e ing) and also in commercial activities in real estate ( profile allows you to treasure significant experience in the banking, internet and real estate sector and negotiating skills

in addition to his work in recent months has had as its mission to sell your home , a terraced chalet. the process has not been easy and has taken numerous teachings, data and experiences he has now chosen to share

the situation has been:

a) initial price: 400,000 euros b) insert date: 17 months ago c) notice: 18 photos with full and clear description

güenechea explains that the announcement had a good quality and also the “spoiled” for example, changing the pictures and especially the cover of form continues

the statistics of sale of housing have been:

d) contact by mail: 37 e) calls for sale: about 40 approximately f) visits received: 21

experience selling first-person

at the beginning – and against my view an offer of 370,000 euros was rejected .? the reason you know, they send “replies with a smile. “subsequently had not choice but to go down the price . i was curious, as most potential buyers, comparing the price per square meter (m2) through idealist. was a chalet saved it 79 times ”

“a few weeks ago we decided to buy a pack to also announce rental housing . got a good price (800 euros) and here there was no mails, were dozens of calls. the last published price was 350,000 euros (went down the price gradually and became very noticeable in contacts) because people are fully aware of what is happening on the site, your zone and favorite listings. finally, three weeks ago, the sale of the floor has been closed in 332,000 euros ” judgment the advice that güenechea offers are:
1) accept offers immediate to be around 15% less than what you ask

2) announces the total price that you’re willing to sell

3) change the cover photo , people you think a different floor and floors catch the eye

4) checks the mail daily . most potential buyers initiates contact by mail and some that even if you take two days, they get angry. must do when they are excited and “wanting to buy”

5) spend enough time teaching the floor , if furnished, invite them for a drink, or sit at home and enjoy

6) prepared ten planes of the house , take 3/4 days to provide them means they can see other floors, the desire to buy cool and see where there are problems. do not be barriers yourself

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