Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – My experience with Samsung phablet

A few days ago that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 came to our office, but as many people are until I could touch with my hands and hold it for more than a few hours spent time. At first I could use it for a while. At that time I had time to write an article about the tricks you can do with the S-Pen . Now, after a few days and nights with this smartphone, I can tell you my experience with the Samsung phablet.

Before we begin, we have to enter Examples: I am possessing a Samsung Galaxy S3 . I think this point is important and must be taken into account to understand my point of view. Now we continue with the analysis based on the exterior, interior and of course, the S-Pen.


The Samsung Galaxy Note is slightly larger than the original Note, but have managed to increase pantlla perfectly and make it lighter. So much so that I think the Note 2 presents a good value size – weight. Thanks to that screen I was unable to enjoy a comfortable and long read. It’s perfect to read documents and watch videos.

samsung galaxy note 2 phablet 2

The first Note with his successor Note 2

samsung galaxy note 2 3 phablet

See the difference in the width of both and the corners

On the outside is covered with the same plastic housing having S3 and also to also have the same user interface quickly I felt familiar. Yes, at first I was struck by its size and thickness. The first note I always find a large device, so that I maintain the same opinion with your successor. Of course, to have more rounded corners feel a lot size decrease.

samsung galaxy note 2 phablet 4

The S-Pen of Note 2 is much larger

Another thing I wanted to compare both Notes, for those who are in possession of the first version is the S-Pen. In the first Note is considerably smaller. Personally, I liked more the stylus in Note 2. Largest win Being firmly and feels better in the hand. Moreover, the new S-Pen offers many more features than the last.

S-Pen – Where is the profit?

Looking at the evolution of the smartphone app marketing, I understand that in the past where there were the stylus capacitive screens necessary. In those days the S-Pen became really annoying. Now, Samsung has managed to integrate perfectly into the device, so much so that one does not realize that he is. Anyway, I do not think this accessory a contemporary idea. I’ve always had the same reaction and keep: why do I need a stylus if you can do everything with your finger?

Following my experience with Note 2 Have to admit I’ve come to understand the utility of the S-Pen.As I mentioned before, now has a number of characteristics that make their use worthwhile, because it responds well as a mouse, because it allows us to see the previous image or select text.For a person who is constantly editing images and / or text I think is a very useful tool. As this is not my case, I have not come to have a crush on the S-Pen. On many occasions I have forgotten him.In others, I decided to use it, which irritated me keys Back and Menu did not react with the stylus.Clear. No part of the screen, so those keys are touched with finger. I do not think you have sync problems, but this exchange between finger and stylus has not entered my head and I found it very annoying.

I may forget about him, but the S-Pen always thinking of me. If you walk away with the device, but without the stylus, the Note 2 begins to sound like to to come back for him. A handy tool for the clueless like me option.

Interior – Great processor and large RAM

The interior features. The Note 2 has a powerful quad-core processor supported by 2GB of RAM.Of course it makes a difference when I surfed the Internet and played several games. Also, with a 5-inch screen gaming experience is much more noticeable. Something I really liked is the functionmultistasking . It is operated by pressing the button for a while until back on the left side of the screen a half circle. There we will find several applications that we can use when we have another open.

multitasking note 2

Multitasking in the Note option allows you to have two applications open.

Note Camera 2 is like the S3, so at this point I have no criticism. Much more important than the camera battery for me. The battery of this device is 3100 mAh and, of course, have noticed the difference. The hard battery nearly two days of normal use.


The Galaxy Note 2 offers a great software for editing and working with images, which look very good for people who need to work with these programs. I think an elegant device, but honestly I think the Note 2 is too big for me and me not fit the S-Pen. You guys who do you think the Note 2? Why do you think is your device? Or why you think it is not?

samsung galaxy note 2 phablet 5

My hand next to Note 2

samsung galaxy note 2 phablet 6

My hand under Note 2

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