New Pergola Ideas for Your Home

According to, If there is one element that can enhance somebody’s home, in particular, their garden, Pergola has got to be one of the first that come to mind. When you have the right pergola that fits the look and style of your garden, the structure can compliment the entire area better than anything. When the wrong type of pergola has been chosen, it is an automatic eyesore from any direction it can be seen from and it also can take away from the lush sanctuary you have labored for in your garden. So it must be stressed how crucial it is to always plan ahead to simply assure that your pergola meets the definition of what you had originally envisioned for your garden area. In this article, we will discuss some great new pergola ideas in Brisbane.


When you decide to choose new pergola, these are a few of the central factors to always consider:






Space-Highlighting Pergola

As a great extension idea, attaching pergola functions to the house would be an aesthetic compliment that in the end would look like an essential piece. It opens up the living space in the yard with a bridge between the indoors and outdoors. The pergola can define the patio area and when it is combined with planters, it can add a splendid effect as it will appearing like an outdoor room.


Two-Level pergola

If you decide to go with the look of two levels, the look would be of mere aesthetics as opposed to acting as a stronger structure. The positive function that it does add is great shade production which can highlight with a unique shadow coverage.


Off-center Pergola

Nothing in the law of design ever cited that the house and the Pergola have to be completely in unison. Adding a small porch overhang at the entrance to the home that is offset, if done properly can add a uniquely distinctive accent to your home.


Attached Pergola

When pergola is attached it connects the indoor space to the outside area. This type of pergola is a great effect when otherwise there could very well be a less than desirable look in the arrangement of cooking area outdoors and the dining area in the back. The added function also provides a great source of shelter from the rain.

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Above-the-door pergola

Utilizing pergola that is raised above the door will add an architectural look that has a distinction which embodies the traditional style of the home we are accustomed to. The heft of the crossbeams and brackets will add support and a stability with the upper portion of the structure that will add balance to the overall scale of the home.


Expansive pergola

If the pergola stretches the entire length of the home, separate zones will be contained. A brick fireplace could sit opposite of the dining area and maybe a patchwork frame could add little character to a seating nook, if applied properly. This is would a great in the proper setting.


Sharp, white pergola

To create the perfect blend of an attached pergola with an already established home, is by adding sturdy white columns and then using a sharp white paint on on the trimming of the house will give the entire structure a look of class and also give it a look of permanence.


Rose-draped pergola

To have that romantic and classic look of draped roses over an attached pergola, always try to make sure that it can be reached for maintenance and that it has the strength to support the attractive endeavor. A rambling rose can add a shading that is simply elegant.


Pool-covering pergola

If you have a pool that is within close distance to your home, adding pergola which reaches over the pool area can create a definingly cozy and intimate area that is ideal for dining.


Entryway pergola

A great way to add a practical protection function to the entryway, guarding you and visitors from the elements. The pergola also adds a nice shading to the back of the house, enhancing a nice, cool place to relax on those extra sunny summer days.


Classic pergola

Pergola that is attached can act as the most ideal transition between the home and the outdoors. Any traditional home will receive a perfectly fitting backdrop to compliment its classic style.


Pergola Can Make the Difference

Pergola can make the world of difference to your humble abode when the perfect design is chosen and the most ideal spot is utilized for its placement. Having new pergola ideas in Brisbane, your ideal vision of pergola for your home will stop being a vision and it will soon become as real as the beauty it will accentuate your home with.

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