We all hope that the lists of the best things of the year are made ​​- at least -. When the year ends Every journalist knows that December is the best month to fill the media with lists. Best of the year are the best resource to fill Christmas (when we promise, current information is limited) and also tend to be very successful content. Therefore, finding in midsummer, when the sun gets (or the sky is cloudy and generates despair, all depends on where you geographically find them), creates some confusion. How can you be – if I have not taken vacation – you already are the 10 best books of 2014?

Amazon has launched, leveraging we approach mid-year, the list of the 10 best books of 2014 so far. The editors have chosen and how the “must-read” (the required reading) of the published between January and June. “It’s never easy to choose our favorites, but after much debate and discussion, we have reached a list covering the agenda summer reading for every consumer, whether you go to the beach, if you travel the world or if you stay at home, “said in a statement Sara Nelson, Editorial Director of printed books and Kindle from Of course, like all that makes list, we should add that it is centered for the English-speaking public.

One. Updike Adam Begley. The first title in the list is curiously biography. The book is “essential” for fans of the writer and also for anyone with an interest in literature, they say.

2. To Kill a Mockingbird PDF , Harper Lee. Here is a novel centered on the experiences of migrants entering the United States from South America.

Three. Redeployment by Phil Klay. A collection of stories about the Iraq war and its consequences (from the point of view of American soldiers).

. 4 Euphoria , Lily King. A historical novel with echoes of actual history of anthropologist Margaret Mead. And has romantic touches, they say.

5. Snowden. Without a place to hide , Glenn Greenwald. The only book on this list that is translated into Castilian . It is a test in which Greenwald recounts his encounters with Edward Snowden (the man who put the NSA on the ropes and revealed to us that we are all spied) and what those games did with the rest of the world.

. 6 In Paradise: A Novel by Peter Matthiessen. Matthiessen is one of the award winning writers in the US, although it has not gotten very translated here. He won 3 times the National Book Award. This story is a novel about a 90 espitual retreat at Auschwitz and how it affects their participants.

7. The Invention of Wings , by Sue Monk Kidd. His first novel is the most popular and is the only translated into Castilian, The Secret Life of Bees .This novel is about sisters who in 1830 defended the rights of women and African-American slaves. Of course, with hints of romance river, follows the plot for decades.

. 8 Red Rising , Pierce Brown. A novel and the first part of a trilogy sobe a revolution on Mars.

9. Savage Harvest: A Tale of Cannibals, Colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller’s Tragic Quest for Primitive Art, de Carl Hoffman. Esta es una de las apuestas de ensayo de la lista y es la historia de la desaparición del millonario Michael Rockefeller en 1961, uno de esos coleccionistas de arte ricos y excéntricos. La teoría existente es que fue comido por una tribu de Nueva Guinea (y sí, la historia promete mucho).

10. Hollow City: The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, de Ransom Riggs. La primera parte de esta historia, El hogar de Miss Peregrine para niños peculiares, sí está en castellano, así que es probable que esta también se traduzca. Contúa la historia del hogar para niños de Miss Peregrine, una “enigmática historia sobre niños extraordinarios y monstruos oscuros”.

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