My tips for Choosing the right vacuum cleaner

A combination of criteria to be taken into account

A good vacuum cleaner is primarily an efficient vacuum and  adapted to the specifics of your home .So do not lose sight of: – the nature of the surfaces you’ll suck (smooth floor, carpet, upholstery, furniture) – the Area of your home (size of the bedrooms, the presence of a floor) – the composition of your household (children, people with allergies, animals) – the primary user of the vacuum cleaner and its use (frequency of use)

Hardwood floors, carpet, tile, rug cleaner what to choose?

Of course, you can imagine that an effective cleaner on smooth floors , may be the least on a carpet or athick carpet . But how to recognize vacuums able to deep clean such surfaces? Forget the power of the unit (in Watts), it expresses energy. The real performance criteria of “a best vacuum cleaner for dog hair are away And so you can recognize them easily, each unit comes with an energy label that indicates (among other things)!dedusting performance depending on the type of soil : a pictogram indicates clearly if the vacuum is not suitable for the suction of a carpet or hard floor. According to toronto cleaning services, the cleaning efficiency is rated on a scale from A to G (A for the most efficient ). > know about the new label on all vacuum cleaners

Did you know?

A good brush is 50% of the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner!  Do not forget to check what accessories are included with the cleaner of your choice.
- dual brush use : comes with all vacuum cleaners, it allows suck smooth and not too thick carpet floors;
- Turbobrush : Recommended to overcome lint, hair and pet hair from carpets and carpet
- powerhead : particularly effective for loosening dirt from carpets and hardiest carpets, exposed to many passages
- Parquet brush : with long and soft bristles, it helps maintain smooth fragile soils;
- brush hard floor : fitted hair tightened, it optimizes the efficiency of the cleaner on tile and other irregular surfaces
- specific Brushes : crevice nozzle, crevice tool, upholstery brush …
With or without a bag?
A real question! Well, know that with equal characteristics, a vacuum with a bag and bagless are as good as one another. However, to maintain a good quality suction, a bagless vacuum requires regular maintenance(emptying of the dust + cleaning), ideally after each use. Less restrictive and more hygienic, vacuum bag with the other hand requires the purchase of bags … The choice is therefore between saving money or time!

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