My first car, dream fulfilled

I will spend once in life for that moment of euphoria when driving at last our first car. There will be some who are lucky enough to buy anything at age 18 to have a driver’s license, others settle for temporary lead of their parents or a family member. The question is to describe that feeling of freedom , having come of age fulfilled with the card and can move freely wherever you like at any time of day.Furthermore, those good feelings multiply exponentially when one is a fan of cars and, from my experience, I can say that in my case was a dream come true …

Even without completing the practices of the card, I started looking and capture of which would be my first car, second hand of course.My budget then could not exceed 5000 euros and this reduced purchasing options when going to look to dealers that had little used cars, which did not exceed those prices. Nor was easy internet search given my confidence to buy from individuals and, then, there was the wide variety of web sites dedicated to the sector that today we can find.

A few days before getting on the road test car, I found and booked in a store cars, aVolkswagen Golf 2.0 GTI 115hp . I looked at the diesel model but I found had many more kms to this unit and in the beginning I was going to move only city and surrounding areas.


Aesthetically had some scratches and dents on the body, but it was the car that I liked and I did not give more importance considering that would be my first car, and to some typical beginner would probably scraped.


Passed the test drive! , there was only me wait a week to get the temporary permit and go find my car.

I called my driving instructor the following Tuesday to tell me that I could go and collect the provisional and quickly called the insurance company to tell them that they should enlist the insurance policy starting in the next day. Everything was ready and I just was fetching  ; I hardly slept that night nerves.


Finally! It was time she’d been waiting so long, and suddenly found myself sitting in the car with the engine running

and “L” novel set on the rear window. I engage the first gear and slowly I was releasing the clutch while accelerating.

I did not think so, at last I was driving my own car for Barcelona; a sense of freedom and happiness invaded me completely.

Copilot wore my mother and my brother behind, but with the nerves can not stop the car once I sink in the boot of a traffic light. I had considered a diesel Ford Fiesta and the difference in the feel of the throttle with my car petrol was considerable.

Circulé for a good part of Barcelona, ​​even I caught my first jam and finally to my house where, luckily, I found a good place to park.During the first path you are nervous because you have little experience driving, but on the other hand the desire to drive slowly make you go sientiendo more comfortable behind the wheel.

The first few weeks with the car, looked me any excuse to go for a walk with him, sometimes bringing friends or family, other driving alone with my cd music.

Nerves to merge the first few times to freeway / highway, since you have to be aware of march also reduce spend, look no cars and speed come at the right time. Coordinate everything at the beginning is always hard; later it is something that is done almost without thinking, subconsciously. So try to be especially quiet and attentive, we’ve all been through it.

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