My favorite romantic movies

It’s the magic of cinema: manages to move us to a level that neither life itself does it. We get into the role of its protagonists, we enter their exciting stories and, inevitably, suffer and love with them up to the credit titles. And between averages, tears and more tears. If today you want to thrill you, reviewed with us these titles and prepare the scarves!

Sometimes you want to cry but you don’t get to throw a crybaby? All has happened. Live a stressful time, a bad day at work or any discussion with anyone who want can get frustrated and blocked, but it’s okay to cry once in a while, it makes us feel better. These are some romantic movies that I like most and they always make me cry everytime I watch, you can find them always available on Movie Tube Now  You only have to find the closest pad to hold you to it and a box of Kleenex. Do prepared? Here we go.

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The journal of Noah (2004)

“I want to go back to those days where just a look was needed to make us smile, where time passed while we give us account and everything else didn’t matter, just us”.

All knew that the journal of Noah would be on this list. It is the film that women love and hate men and that has the superpower to make us weep bitterly. This love story crosses the borders of social diversity, endures over time and it teaches us that if two souls are destined to stay together, they will find the way to do itIf you have not seen it and not calling you care history, is RYAN GOSLING.

Ghost (1990)

“You do not know how much love I have”.

Romantic, dramatic, fun (of course, Whoopi Goldberg is there for something). The scene you see above is a pop culture icon, and the soundtrack, Unchained Melody, one of the best love songs of all time. Although very 90′s, this film never goes out of style. And much less will fail to move us.

The bridges of Madison (1995)

“I think that places where I’ve been and the photos that I’ve done during my life I have been driving to you.”

The film, directed and starring Clint Eastwood, and backed by the prodigious Meryl Streep, tells the story of the romance between Francesca Johnson, a married woman with two children, and Robert Kincaid, a photographer who is located in Madison County for a job.Between the two will be born a passion which, while it only last 4 days, will have a great impact on their lives. Will be like putting onion under your nose.

A couple of three (2008)

“A dog wouldn’t know what to do with a luxury car or a house or designer clothes, comply with a soaked stick. Give a dog whether you’re rich or poor, ready or bobo, smart or silly… If you give him your heart will give you yours. Of how many people should you tell that? How many people can make you feel exceptional, pure and special? How many people can make you feel special?“.

Although from the outside may seem a romantic comedy more, the dramatic weight of this film is really important. It tells the story of a couple and its evolution into a Royal family. In this way, meet Marley, a farmer who adopt and which will be the most fun and adorable that you’ve seen in your life. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll love it movie.

Blue Valentine (2010)

“Always done damage to who you want to. Who should not do damage. Always take the sweetest pink and is crushed until the petals fall.Always break the kindest hearts with a hasty word that you can not even remember. And if I broke your heart last night it is because I love you more than anything”.

This film is a brutal blow of realism to any idealization of love. Part of where it would end any romantic comedy, with the couple in love (in that huge trailer), and evolves towards the deterioration of the relationship, years after having fallen in love with. A sad story that will make you feel very identified realistic, and, sadly, will make you spill some bitter tears. And all this with the incredible performance ofMichelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. A hit.

Always by your side, Hachiko

“The loyalty of a dog teaches us that the friendship can last forever…”

This film is based on real events. The story of Hachiko, a Japanese Akita dog who became famous – even has an own sculpture - by the loyalty displayed towards his masterAfter the sudden death of the latter, Hachiko was every day for ten years waiting for the train in which the teacher was going to work. And there is no need to say more: crying is assured.

A walk to remember (2002)

“Love is like the wind. You don’t see it, but you feel it”

Another film to feel real. It chronicles the relationship between two very different teenagers each other but end up falling in love. Although problems soon appear, the film shows us that love is able to do incredible things, how to change a person and which will become someone completely admirable.

In search of happiness (2006)

“Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me, ok? If you have a dream, you have to protect it. Persons who are not capable of doing something will tell you that you can not. If you want something, go for it and point”.

This film, starring Will Smith, teaches us that there is to learn from the failures and return to stand up, because there will be new opportunities for any of us. In search of happiness shows a beautiful relationship father and son makes us realize that love moves any change that we want to do in our life. And always at best.

One Day (2011)

“Emma listens, if I could make you a gift, a unique gift for a lifetime, do you know what would give you? confidence”.

Warning: This movie is to cry liters and liters of tears. The plot revolves around the relationship between Emma and Dexter, two people who, by circumstances of fate, are each 15 July for more than 20 yearsAt that time we see as their relationship grows, it weakens, it evolves… And meanwhile you will be with the heart in a fist so give all appropriate circumstances and that they will be together at last.Tip: whenever you think that the end of the movie reaches, grab the kleenex, who knows what can happen.

The Green Mile (1999)

“I’m tired of the pain I feel for the world. There is too much pain. “Are like pieces of glass that I can’t take them off”

This piece of drama, starring by (could be none other) Tom Hanks, tells the extraordinary story of a man with supernatural powers (is able to heal others) who is condemned to death in a penitentiary in Louisiana during the 1930s. The film makes us rethink something as momentous as the death penalty but, above all, why is there so much pain in the world, or why people who damage others without remorse, and with impunity. A very hard film to weep to laying mucus.

Forrest Gump (1995)

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what is going to play.”.

Forrest Gump is of those movies that everyone should see at least once in life. It shows us that no one can say ‘no’. If you want, you can, and if fights, get it. That’s what we will learn with the young Tom Hanks in one of the best moments of his career. A stunning lesson in life.

Titanic (1997)

“If you jump, I jump, do you remember?” I do not alejaré of your life not knowing that you are OK. It’s everything I want to.”

There are two reasons that can make you cry this film: tragic history itself or by the end of Leonardo DiCaprio (love of the adolescence of a generation). In any case, moving from one of the best movies of all time capacity is beyond doubt. It will leave you with a bitter taste in the mouth, odiarás vessels, those opposed to true love and, above all, odiarás to the wooden planks where clearly fit two people.

P.S. I love you (2007)

“The not talking not lasted, soon because it could not make you shut up.” But charming were trying to impress me with your big plans and William Blake. I had no idea of what talking, but could not prevent that he liked to hear from you. At that moment I fell in love with you”.

Another great movie to spoil countless handkerchiefs. In it, Holly is a young widow who tries to overcome the death of her husband when one day discovers that this has left him several letters, all with the same PostScript: “I love you”. If you are sensitive, this is your movie.

Romeo and Juliet (1996)

“Eyes, look for the last time.” Arms, give your last embrace. “And lips, that ye gates of breath, sellad with a last Kiss”.

The original version of the Shakespeare classic already speaks for itself alone. This time it’s a modern reinterpretation in which once again the binomial love and tragedy will be key to boot us the tears. what do you already know how to finish the story? Da igual, continues to be 100% effective.

500 days of summer (2009)

“I think it’s official. I am in love with Summer. I love his smile, his hair, his knees. I love the birth mark shaped heart which has on its neck, how licks his lips before speaking at times. Or the sound of her laugh, which is like when you’re asleep. I hear a love song everytime I think of it. I love how feel me. As if everything was possible, as… as if life were worth the penalty”.

We finished with the film that will make that Zooey Deschanel drop badly but that is like life itself. At times we fell in love with who should not or, simply, do not feel what we would feel towards that special someone. Sure that you’re able to get on the side of the two protagonists in this film whose most emotional moment is that expectations and reality split screenHow many times you’ve gone through that?

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