My accountant is irresponsible

Some days, one of our new closest followers, wrote about this situation in our article makes about What is Depreciation

That person is “guilty” of this article. Of course he was right this annoying.What would you do if?


“Dear Dr. Enrique Nunez, am going through a difficult dilemma, which comes up as a result of your topic I just read of depreciation, where the counter when supposedly like to be consulted on this subject; adulante my first counter was very punctual, had VAT returns within the legal period but not unduly paid and appropriated money; and current leads is excellent all day, just consult him about any accounting or some vision or negotiation or step that I would like and does not understand its accounting terms and annoying, which is causing me serious difficulties Ah last accounting paid after the period and was washed face the other way, I found no mechanism to force; this part, and the other is to get a new meter but I have fear of falling with a worse professional.

Ojo, ( my brothers and I ) we make the process of decision making provided by you; unanimous decision to dispense with the Professional Bookkeeping Services of this counter but who seek?

Without further reference, says goodbye to waiting for your valuable help make the decision very carefully … “.


I understand your concern, your disappointment and your discomfort.

Glad you’re getting much out of this blog! I’ve been 30 years serving small and medium enterprises. Accounting, tax and financial controls are one of the biggest problems with these entrepreneurs and is an area in which you have little or no knowledge.

That is not a sin; but look what I’ll say:   “You and you can afford to hire only competent professionals” ; but you have to define what those criteria that allow you to measure whether a person is competent or not are.

Before you continue to read this article on Performance Evaluation

Before you answer, I want you to know that when you want you can also make your queries on our FaceBook login and give Me Gusta

Keep your query.

They did well taking the decision to dismiss this counter. From what I see supports not you, it’s not your ally. Now they must hire a competent bookkeeping blacktown .

Search your country “college” or “association” that brings these professionals. Search resumes in its database and publishes ads on your pages. These publications are free. Also advertises in the newspaper with the largest circulation, do Mondays

In another article I send you some basics about Irenas bookkeeping.

With the new hire follow these tips apply whether you want to hire a professional full time as if you hire an outside professional to take your accounting in your own office:

1) In the ads you post asking them to send a management summary of this:

→ His own explanation of why your company should hire

→ work experience.

→ Education and training.

2) Emphasize that you do not send the entire curriculum, and send copies of qualifications, etc.

3) Use an email other than you usually use in your company. Or use a PO Box, only a little slower.

4) You just have to read those emails that come with the 3 points that I mentioned Why? If you do not know how to follow instructions, input does not suit this professional. If you do not have email, you should not this person.

5) You need to check that candidates have some experience related to the activity you do.

6) Summon the candidates for interview 30 minutes, no more. You should interview at least five candidates.Do not lean by any until you’ve seen them all.

7) In the interview itself should submit curriculum with certificates and letters of reference.

8) You must have clearly defined the position, the work and the results you expect from that position.

9) Do all the questions that you feel necessary even if they are uncomfortable.

10) Of the best query all references candidates, especially those who are not family or friends.

11) When you have your chosen candidate, call him and have a second final interview, negotiate the position, provides the amount to pay and set a date.

12) From there, meet each week in the first month to assess their performance and then once a month for the next 5 months. Follow the advice of the article offered you before.

This issue is important, deserved an extended consultation response. The “guilty”: thank you very much. Here is this article because employers really quite often have problems with their accountants, some more serious than let some tax money.

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