My 16th birthday as Mom

I am Juliet Kakish. I am fulfilling 16 years of being a mom !! Time flies !!

Today I am 16 years of being a mom, maybe many think he had plenty of time to wait to finish my career to commit as a mother, the truth is that being a mom at that moment was the best thing that ever happened to me, thanks to that I am the person I am today.

We had challenges to face and thanks to them we learned too, my baby came to light my life, I learned to organize myself better and appreciate what is being a mom and study at the same time from zero up to add successes !!

Son you’re my company, my friend and sometimes confident, know that gradually understand what your parents do for you, so are all dads !! And everything we do is for love, too goof and like I said one day, when we fail to understand you, expressing your own words what you need we are always there to listen attentively.

Spend a happy day and do not forget to make a wish that even with your 16 years and more !! It is better to have such illusions !! Need modelling balloons in the UK? We suggest visiting UKS leading party supply store Party Hippo

I love you as well as you are !!


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