How to write your CV if you are a recent graduate?

Alberto Sansores graduated a month ago with a degree in Marketing from the University of Colima. Faced with the development of your CV, it considered that there was almost nothing to write, for he had only worked in a self-serving theme returns, work performed part-time for two years.

What employer would look at your profile? How to hire a recent graduate without proven experience in your area? This is precisely where we must make a careful analysis, for surely find more than a plus. Now, Alberto worked at the table of returns, so surely he must have faced dissatisfied customers, here we can deduce that acquired skills in the area of ​​Public Relations. Likewise, became perhaps unwittingly into a “troubleshooter”, respecting company policies turnar knew the most difficult cases to a supervisor, here we find Negotiating Skills and Decision Making, powers without certainly can be a significant difference in your CV.

Like Alberto, many recent graduates are challenged to “fill” a blank. Les means a time of great tension and rarely possess the vision that is truly revealing exercise . Remember that the secret in preparing a CV is to be clear what you want (through a very specific goal), and above all, who we are and what we can offer (through a concrete description of our skills and skills).

Regarding the format, there are two approaches for recent graduates. In the first, which is the most conventionally aiming at the top, followed by education, courses or seminars, experience (if they had) and finally the skills and competencies is presented. In the second format, we suggest starting with the exhibition of skills and vocational training ( training ) to finish with education. Both formats, written very precisely, are well accepted by recruiters.

However, it must pay attention to the following points:

  1. Properly write a professional or career goal. This point should be worded in a very concrete way. For example: “Integrame as Accounting Assistant in the Department of Financial Management of a banking institution Northwest of the country”. If you create a vague goal, the impression that you will cause be just as inaccurate.Here’s an example of what should NOT be your goal: “Occupy a promising position in a company with vision”.
  2. Detail academic training, surveys and average rating. Unlike experienced candidates, who put their education at the end of CV, recent graduates who possess professional experience should NOT place to start, as in this case, is your strong card. You must include the school, specialty and especially dates. It should be noted that empaten courses with your job search, because if we are looking for a job as editor, mentioning a course in mechatronics be unnecessary. The prizes or awards will also score points. The grade point average must be written only if it is high.
  3. Examine extra-curricular activities and think about how they might relate to a job in the real world. Students often ignore their experiences if they are not presented as a formal internship or job. However, extracurricular activities such as clubs, social groups or sports, as well as cultural centers, can make a valuable experience. For example, if having worked as a fundraiser for a charity event, you can certainly impress an employer, then you will have acquired skills as a negotiator and manager. Remember that any work done must be reaffirmed with hard data, in this case, can you explain that funds increased 25% over last year.


Write your CV is certainly a very significant exercise. Through it you can realize your competencies (skills and abilities) and your areas of opportunity (formerly known as weaknesses). Resumes perth
offers a very concrete example of a resume for a recent graduate. Remember it is an exercise in self-analysis, in doing so sure well find things worth noting.

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