How to discover a cheating man

If you suspect that your boyfriend is cheating, it is likely that your relationship has become unstable. But maybe you don’t want to charge him until you have evidence or testing an adventure. Here you will be provided several methods that you can use to gather information, instant checkmate review and determine if your intuition is correct.


Method 1 of 3: perceived changes in their behavior

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    Determines if more than usual is concerned about their physical appearance.Has it begun to exercise more, dressing better, preen with more care, or use a new pleasant perfume? While improving his own person exercising and grooming are are choices for a healthy life, determines if you are trying to improve their appearance by someone else. [1]


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    If your dream or your daily schedule habits begin to change. If your boyfriend is usually go to bed at 9, and suddenly you are away from home overnight or circling in the House late at night, this could be a sign of unfaithfulness.

    • Similarly, if usually follow a set routine of going to the gym in the morning or leaving the office and get home at 5 o’clock, but now sleeps or stays at the office late, these changes in your daily schedule may sr one track that spend time in another place, possibly in the company of another person. [2]
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    Ask yourself whether it looks more distracted or distant. If it tends to be a very attentive and helpful couple who asks you how goes your day and enjoys having long conversations with you at dinner, and suddenly looks uninterested by what happened in your day or bored when you have long conversations with you, this may be a sign that your interest and commitment are focused on another person , not in you. [3]

    • Your partner could also lose interest in the activities of the home, how to spend time with their children, fix the House, mowing the lawn, etc.
    • You could also spend more time on the phone texting text or on the computer, in private chat rooms or social networking pages. If you start to use your phone or computer much more frequently, or if it becomes very secretive with their use, this could be a warning signal. [4]
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    Identifies all changes or changes in your sex life. Perhaps they have sex less frequently or there is an increase in sudden and strange sexual activity with new preferences or sexual tastes you not experienced with him previously. [5] [6]

    • You might begin to wonder where she learned some sexual movement or what was causing it to develop some preference in the bed. One possible reason is that you are trying new moves with another person.
    • It is also likely to have less sexual desire or to reject your attempts to have intimacy with excuses like “I’m tired” or “maybe another night”. [7]
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    Identifies if he gets defensive or angry with you easily and more frequently. If it seems that it starts many fights, it bother you for something small so that normally it is not angry or is put on the defensive when you ask how it was the night in which went out with his friends, these may be signs of infidelity. [8]

    • Changes in their usual behavior involving anger to you could be a reflection of the guilt he feels for being you infidel or from fear of their adventure to discover.
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    Pay attention to the handling of the consequences of a fight. Will be looking for some space and then returns to apologize? Or refuses to apologize or show remorse for the hurtful words that you said? If you used to forgive and forget after a fight and is no longer so, this could be a warning signal. [9] [10]

    • It is important to remember that the interior of your boyfriend confusion has nothing to do with you and is a reflection of their own anxiety and fears. Tries to not take this anger towards you as something personal or pressure you to try to forgive you or feel better, since this could also mean that he feels guilty for an adventure.
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    Writes down any suspicious changes in the behavior of your boyfriend. This will help you to collect evidence of his infidelity and determine the hours, dates and excuses, etc., that lied you about your adventure. [11]

    • If your partner will lie, it is likely that he change his story, question your memory or deny your accusations, so keep a record of your activity is essential.
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    Read the article “How to know if someone lies”. This article will provide you with the skills to determine if your boyfriend is lying. Most of the people are bad lying, so if you are using the proper technique to detect their lies, you could achieve that he confess you your adventure.

    • Keep in mind that once you know to suspect your behavior, it could start to work overtime to cover up the tracks. If so, you will have to be more vigilant and strive more to obtain evidence of his infidelity.
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    Considers to talk with him about your suspicions. If you perceive changes or changes in their behavior, it is possible that you are dealing in this way not because he is being unfaithful, but because it is dealing with other problems of Interior like depression, sadness, intense anxiety, etc. Talk with him about your suspicions rather than resorting to drastic measures, as flip or invade their privacy, will show that you care for the relationship and make it work.



Method 2 of 3: check your things

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    Writes the activity being carried out in your cell phone. Find out if it has been making long phone calls at unusual hours of the night or if he receives text from other women. It is also likely that it has developed new manners for the phone, where you need privacy or space to talk to someone, and hangs up as soon as you walk into the room or ignores you when you ask her who spoke by telephone. 

    • If you can access your cell phone bill (either physical or virtual), you can check each call made in that month, allowing you to check if unusual hour long talks were or if he made many calls to a number in particular that you don’t know. [13]
    • You can also try to check the messages on your phone and your mailbox voice, but in this way it is easy to catch snooping. A time appropriate to check your phone is when in the shower or when it came out a walk and let your phone charging. [14]
    • If your boyfriend often misplace your phone, you can simply take it and leave to assume that you missed it. In this way, you can see who called or sent text messages daily.
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    Find out if you changed all the passwords on your computer or if you moved it to an area or private room. Be cautious if their activity on the computer becomes secret or stealthy, and if he gets defensive or becomes distant when you use your computer or ask what is seeing on the screen. [15]

    • This may be a sign that it is trying to restrict your access to your computer and hide something from your hard disk or history of navigation.
    • It is to your computer when you are not at home and check the hard drive in search of hidden folders that contain pictures of other women or couples, as well as love letters. Check out the article “How to find hidden in Windows files” to learn how to do it.
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    Check your social network accounts. This can be your email, Facebook, Instagram, and instant messaging accounts. Many times, Heathens used the Internet to carry out their secret Affairs, especially if that checked their phones or to handle your calls are concerned.

    • Some unfaithful people may be using web pages of infidelity as meet2cheat or ihookup[16]Check the computer browsing history to know if he visited any of these web pages of infidelity.
    • It is also likely that some infidels think different Facebook profiles to find other people online and send them messages or meet with them to have an adventure. So check if you saved in bookmarks or if he saw any page or Facebook profile many times. [17]
    • You can also find hidden Internet profiles of your partner using a service like Spokeo or Rapleaf. [18]
    • These are web pages that are used to reveal the “liars, infidels and bastards” publishing stories about men unfaithful to warning mode so that others do not commit the same. [19]
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    Check your department or your side of the bed to verify if there are love letters, gifts and photos. Think of where it could hide their personal items or things that do not want you to see.

    • Carefully examine all physical evidence of infidelity to make sure not to misunderstand a letter or an object that has a sentimental value, rather than romantic. The fact that keep the picture of your ex-girlfriend or his first love letter does not necessarily mean that you are being unfaithful.
    • It is important to obtain irrefutable evidence of his infidelity before confronting it, so check out the cards, gifts or photographs with much insight. 



Method 3 of 3: monitors your activity

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    Placed a hidden camera or a recording in your room and your car device.You can get a secret Chamber or a small recording in most espionage shops or Internet device. Place it in an area that your frequent boyfriend or that spend much time, especially when he speaks by phone or surfing the Internet.

    • You can also download an application called Night Recorder on your phone, which will record the sounds of the room in which you let your phone, including all secret calls or sounds of sex that are not yours. [21]
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    Download a spyware on your computer. You can download Internet software keys (keylogger) recorder, as SpyPal spy, and you can install it on a computer without that person knows that it is running in the background. [22]

    • These types of programs can record information such as passwords and emails typed pages visited, even can record a video of the screen when your boyfriend uses the computer. [23]
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    Placed a GPS monitor in his car or track it with your phone. If you want to catch your boyfriend red-handed, placed a GPS device on the bottom of your car and track its movements to be able to find out if it ends with his pants down in a cheap motel off the highway. [24]

    • You can also use the application “Find my phone” to “find your Cheating boyfriend”. If you have access to your boyfriend iCloud account, you can enter and observe how your phone moves in real time, directly to the location of another person. [25]
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    Create a false profile of a social network. You can use this profile to access web pages that promote infidelity in couples to find out if your boyfriend has a profile on the page or if you are using any of these pages to see with someone. [26]

    • You can also catch your boyfriend if you are using the fake account to add it to your friends on Facebook. You can then start to flirt him for awhile and see how you respond. If it starts to send pictures I naked to your fake profile or if it suggests you find in a hotel, it is clear that you do not think to be monogamous.
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    Gun the ideal opportunity so that it can be you Infidel. Although this may be the most complex option, since it requires some planning and organization on your part, it is another way to catch red-handed your boyfriend. Give an excuse as an appointment at the hairdresser or a meeting with a friend, and then observe it from another street or in your car a block away to verify if use your absence as an opportunity to meet someone.

    • Keep in mind that this is also the most risky option, since it implies to lie to your partner in a convincing way and then monitor their movements until you take a step in false.
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    Considered hiring a private detective. Private detectives have license to monitor and know the best and most legitimate tactics to discover evidence of infidelity. 

    • If you have a relationship long on which your financial situation is involved, or if you are married, by which your financial situation is committed legally, is a good idea hiring a private detective.
    • Looking for a detective who specializes in cases of infidelity.



  • If you’re not 100% sure that your partner is you being unfaithful, but have suspicions and are committed to the relationship, it may be better to confront him about the possible infidelity. In this way, you won’t have to sneak or Flip on its back and you try to have a mature conversation about trust and loyalty in the relationship, which will be sincere and direct.



  • Avoid follow your boyfriend all the time or check your phone or your computer every day, since it is likely that you caught spying on him. If not you being unfaithful, these actions may be counterproductive, since it is likely that dude your confidence to him and may be considered to end the relationship.
  • It’s not you become obsessed with finding evidence of infidelity, since most infidelity is discovered by accident and not a confrontation or dramatic accusation.

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