How to build a roof over a mobile home

Build a roof over a mobile home will not only improve the aesthetic quality of the house, but also reduce the costs of heating and cooling. The roof can also prevent damage from falling trees and branches while decreasing the unbearable noise of heavy rain falling on the roof.Anyone with basic carpentry skills can build the ceiling. However, the roof construction will be easier if two people working together on it.

  1. It’s a good idea to determine what will your roof. Want a roof tip or a plane? If you want one tip, How high would the point? Make a quick sketch of how you want to look at the ceiling. Remember that the higher the ceiling, more 2×4′ll need.

  2. Build beams into the ground and then raise them to the ceiling. The beams should have triangular shape with an additional piece of 2×4 to go straight up the center. The number of beams necessary depend on the size of the roof. The beams should be placed every 2-4 inches for roof support itself.

  3. Once the beams have been placed on top of the roof, they are ready to be attached with nails. 2×4 wood to be assembled at each end of the ceilings for mobile homes. The beams will be attached with nails to wood 2×4.

  4. A 2×4 is attached with nails to the top of each beam after they have been joined with nails and correctly located. The 2×4 plywood lid provide additional roof strength. Add plywood to joists using nails or screws.

  5. Enter tiles on wood, starting at the bottom and working up. Using this method allows to prevent cracks in the rows of tiles or pebbles. The final step is to add the channel to the highest point of the new roof. The channel can also be used to terminate the last layers along the entire ceiling.

If these steps are too hard you can hire a best roofing company to do these for you.

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