How I make money selling Amazon products

Amazon today is one of the best known and most reputable internet shopping world. It has even overtaken the giant Ebay in number of sales. And all thanks to its formality, service and speed. Amazon was founded in 1994 and has been growing unabated. Today, selling different products, among which are: music, software, video games, electronics, apparel (Amazon BuyVip), books, apps, etc..

But however great Amazon , every company needs advertising , and that’s what we see today, how tomake money promoting products (of any kind) from Amazon at a profit by CPA (sales) ranging from 5 to10% commissions.

How can an affiliate make money from Amazon

The opportunities and ideas are endless, since Amazon can sell products of any kind from our site or from social networks. For example:
  • Technology have a site where you do reviews of mobile phones and tables?
You can earn money vendiedo phones and tablets from Amazon
  • Have a web photograph that samples the best cameras?
You can make money selling cameras Amazon
  • Kitchen have a site?
You can make money selling Amazon Electronics
  • Have a web fashion
You can make money selling clothes Amazon Buy Vip
I could write a book with ideas and opportunities to be a member of amazon we may give you, but instead I’ll show this example to understand.
  • Imagine I do a post on my website entitled “Top 5 reflex cameras.”
  • This post is very well positioned in Google and get daily visits from 10,000 people eager to buy the best SLR camera.
  • Why not, though I am an affiliate of Amazon, I strategically placed beside each house of which I have spoken in my post, a link to buy the camera on Amazon which includes my referral code in each.
  • Imagine that every day, one of those 10,000 visitors just buying a SLR camera 500 €.
  • Result: we would win, nothing more and nothing less than 50 euros, since commissions vary from 5 to 10% depending on the types of products.

How to be a seller or an affiliate of Amazon

The first thing we will do to sell Amazon products will check. We will accessing . We can check our Amazon account, or create a new
Then we have to fill the information in our websites, blog, twitter feed …
We will have to give the information true of our website or blog for us to validate our own and we can start selling Amazon products.
Once created our own, and we can begin to monetize our website through any of the Amazon products . Can we do it four ways that we will explain below.
  • Product Links
  • Links Banners Viewer
  • Links to any page
  • Amazon BuyVIP

Product Links

Links to products allow us to create text links, picture or image and text with which we can make money with any product from Amazon store , we’ll just find the product you want to sell, and click get link.
After obtaining the link, we can customize our announcement, colors, borders … to suit our taste or style of our website or blog. Then copy the code and we will stick to our site as a html code.
Links to products with image, text or both are the most common and most used among users who use Amazon to monetize the content on their websites.

Links banners

The links are advertisements banners CPA type, like the links of products you have seen, but in this case, instead of promoting a particular product, we can select different categories visible banners , advertise the checks gifts from Amazon, or an dynamic banner that will change with different products from Amazon.


In my case I selected the computer and technology, and as you can see my banner shows articles related to this category. We select different ad size formats and adapt them to fit them into our website or blog.
From Amazon We recommend placing these links on the top of our pages.

Links to any page

Links to any page allow us to link, as always with our affiliate code, any Amazon page and get the same benefit. The easiest way is with the affiliate web toolbar that appears at the top of each page you visit on Amazon. To do this you must log in with the same account you use Amazon Affiliate. To use it is as simple as getting into the Amazon site we want, categories, searches … and click on link to this page , which we will open a window similar to the one we saw earlier in links to products.
It also offers tools to easily link to a category, and our most popular selling favorite searches. We can check our links to corroborate with our affiliate ID thanks to integrated link checker.

Amazon BuyVIP

Amazon is a club BuyVIP Amazon sales where we can buy clothes and accessories from top brands, up to 70% discount in categories of Men, Women, Kids, Home & Outlet, which can bind to form independent, or main BuyVIP Amazon.


Within the Amazon affiliate BuyVIP we can earn money by links to the different categories , orbanners of the products in this shop, earning 10% of what people spend on BuyVIP.


Tracking our sales and commissions

The Amazon affiliate system to everything else we have seen, gives us a great reporting system where we can keep track of all the advertisements and links that we advertise on our sites, where we inform impressions advertisements and the different rates of clicks and impact of our links.
Do not waste the time and try Amazon Affiliates

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