How do I manage online reputation

The online reputation management is a series of actions in order to improve your reputation or your company on the net. Sometimes, dissatisfied customers, competitors or others are responsible for speaking ill of the company. Properly manage the online reputation can be an asset to maintain the good image of the company.

The first thing to do to manage online reputation is seeking information and comments about the company in Internet, offering the opportunity to comment on certain key sites that must be controlled. This requires making frequent searches, request e-mail alerts and have controlled certain sites important comments.

To find information about the company should make a work of exhaustive research , so that no important information is not passed. Also should see all the major sites of reviews, manage social media and search, Google alerts and ask the name of the company or related services that may be of interest. Every so often must make further searches, although some of them are controlled with alerts.

Monitoring is to monitor what is said at the time, to handle the online resputación faster, it’s a good way to learn current way of what happens and react better.

A good way to get a good online reputation is to have and promote a presence on social networks , so that they can inform customers and others, earn a better reputation and control the reviews about the company and users of networks social may tend to put their complaints or concerns on the website of the company, and thus can more easily answer the negative comments.

The online reputation management is another important step that aims to improve the image of the company, and this can best be done by positioning the good reviews and comments from the company, or pages that are created for this purpose, above reviews and bad reviews, a strategy should be complemented with a reply to the criticism and bad reviews trying to improve the image of the company with a convincing answer and then see who is interested in the opinions of people.

It should be noticed by users, especially in the corporate website and social media company, heard thecomments from customers or anyone, so they can make their comments both negative and positive networks social and so be easier to manage online reputation. Respond to all negative and positive comments the best way is one of the functions of managing online reputation, thanking the good reviews and bad explaining. It’s good to incite customers happy to discuss good about the company.

The creation of content on the internet is a good way to improve the online reputation, so that through a blog and working with various media by offering comprehensive and interesting information can enhance the reputation of the company as it shows that you have knowledge of sector and also cares for sharing this information. It is a good way to have a presence in various media and further enhance its reputation. This should make interesting content that encourage reading, well written, well maintained, preferably with an image, without advertising masked as just behind the signature item offered.

Offer press releases and interesting news about the company, offer something that speak well of the company, a promotion, a good action, a contest, something interesting that makes internet is full of this type of information and not others. No press releases should offer indiscriminate but must say something that is of interest both for the preacher as to who is going to read. To do this it is best to promote change and developments in the company from time to time you should not be let to fall into oblivion, or little, not overwhelm customers.

Positioning the business web site. The first information to appear on the Internet when the company is looking for business web page, preferably followed your blog and presence on social networks, so that should make a web site positioning company with presence in directories, search engines, web 2.0 and many more resources. Also ideal position the web for search terms related to the sector of the company.

Another strategy is to buy alternative domains for web pages that offer business presence can be blogs, websites, landing pages or whatever it takes. It should also position these sites to complete the strategy.

Do not forget that the first phase of online reputation marketing, according to  online advertising and marketing blog, is as important as the last and that information is power. We must use all the tools available to achieve the objectives sought in this case an unblemished reputation and beyond that a good reputation, knowledge and action are going to be strategies that offer the best results in this case.

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