Get to know the restaurants with the best of Buenos Aires wine lists

In these restaurants as well as eating drinking. These are the most outstanding cellars of the city.

palacio Duhau


Unless we talk about a local fast food or a pizzeria area, we know that to be a good restaurant today not just serve good food: the wine must also occupy a central place. There are restaurants that always have done, as the classics Oviedo or volume I, and others like La Bourgogne, have very long letters.
But the amount of wine and a history devoted not always guarantee a good letter. The service must also be the best, as well as advice and the offer, which must be in tune with the food. In the restaurants on the list then there is everything: extensive, selective, letters with very expensive and exclusive wines, and others that are proud to point to the good price/quality ratio. All different, but with a common denominator: the appreciation of wine. 1. only for connoisseurs: LA BOURGOGNE
The menu of this restaurant marked a path in our country and since its opening in 1993 was transformed into the unveiling of any wine lover. With 500 labels, the sommelier Alejandro Barrientos achieves a successful selection of national and imported wines in a ratio of 60 – 40% respectively, with special accent on French labels. That is why it is important to know the subject to choose in this letter divided by countries and denominations of origin. The data to not be mistaken: gossiping the recommendations of Sommelier, where Barrientos suggests a selection based on the station menu. 
(Ayacucho 2027, Recoleta (Hotel Alvear) / T. 4808-2100)

2. for drinking the world at a dinner: DUHAU restaurant

Sommelier Marcelo Rebolé fielded the Charter of more extensive Malbecs from the world (300 tags), but also selected the best wines from France, Italy, Spain and the new world to give his cava tenor. A dinner can start with French Champagne, follow with a Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand for entry, and major, a Premier Cru (Lafite, Latour, Haut Brion), some famous Ribera del Duero (Vega Sicilia), perhaps a Supertoscano (Ornellaia, Sassicaia). There Portos and Sauternes for desserts, while the desktop they show excellent distillates, such as the Remy Martin Louis XIII. National brands have vertical Compline from Felipe Rutini’s Ricardo Santos of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon of Carmelo Patti.
(Av. Alvear 1661, Recoleta (Palacio Duhau) / T. 5171 – 1340)

3. for modern wines: the BISTRO + wine cellar the FAENA HOTEL
Since that opened its doors in 2004 this hotel drew the Buenos Aires Court in matters of style, and the same is true with your wine: an important carpeton of white leather, that when opened tells everyone that you are choosing the beverage. There are exclusive and famous labels (Petrus, glass) but also other more modern, young and talented winemakers in Argentina, as Marcelo Pelleriti, Alejandro Vigil or Héctor Durigutti. The advice of sommeliers is very good, all trained by Aldo Graziani, a seal of quality for this House. And if they do not reach the unicorns of the walls to impress in the cellar there are other wonders. With previous reservation, also you can dine there below.
(Martha Salotti 445, Puerto Madero (Hotel Faena) / T. 4010-9200)

4. to get the corporate card: CABAÑA LAS LILAS

There is no other Grill like this to a stranger passing through the city. Cabana Las Lilas is famous for its meat and its fine selection of wines. With over 500 labels, you can try how to harmonize a bife de chorizo with a Cheval Blanc, French, or a strip with a Purple Angel Carmenere’s House roast Montes, Chile. With regard to Argentine wines, are the most prominent internationally (Catena Zapata, Achával Ferrer, Cobos) because they receive much tourist who arrives with the recommendations of the guru Robert Parker. That Yes, if not with the corporate card, better not get either order a Vieux Château de Lopez, that does not fail.
Alicia Moreau de Justo 516, Puerto Madero / T. 4313-1336

5. to go it’s molecular: MORENO restaurant 
Chef Dante Liporace seeks to excite with sophisticated and innovative, dishes from a menu of ten steps with avant-garde cuisine. And the wine also is it modern. In the glazed wine cellar which occupies the Centre of the room you will see a selection of 200 labels Argentine non-traditional (farm, Cobos, Noemia, CarinaE) that offer something new and different; Although there is also place for very good options that start at $60 (Las Perdices, winery in the desert, kids). With a little skill in the choice you can drink well without seized goods. 
(372 Moreno, San Telmo / T. 5291-2380)

6. to drink without guilt: CASA CRUZ
As soon as he gets a foot in the Hall of Casa Cruz the cava is imposed as the protagonist: 300 labels with strong emphasis on the best of Argentina, though there are also some Australian, Spanish, Chilean and French. The letter is very accurate and valuable information (Winery, origin, composition, winemaker, etc.), and the wines are sorted by strain and price. In an oversight or temptation, count can reach four figures before the main dish, but should not panic: there are good options from $50. A tip for experts: in the cellar have some vertical valuable (the Nobles Malbec Verdot from 1997 to 2004, dedicated in 2001 to 2004). 
(Uriarte 1658, Palermo – T. 4833-1112)

7. for nationalists: DON JULIO

Not only is one of the best racks of Buenos Aires for the quality of its meat and its service, but also has a wine list, with 120 tags – created with passion by Pablo Rivero, owner – in that place there for the Malbec more top (Cobos, $1500, for example) and good choices money that start at $40. But not everything is Malbec in our country and they have other options, such as Bonarda and Cabernet choice. The letter is Creole, with coverage of rawhide that describes very well the proposal to place: meat in its point and national wines.
(4691 Guatemala esq. Gurruchaga – 4831-9564 T. / 4832-6058)

8. of easy choice: BAR URONDO
The first to have a list of wines rated by styles. And that what means? It ordered the labels according to aromatic and light, intense and with body, etc. In this way, it is easy to risk and ask for a little-known brand. And even though the letter is neither extensive nor nourished in specialties, selection is impeccable, with different price ranges (start at $37) and a range of snacks and spirits. In doubt, should ask Sebastián Koncurat – sommelier and partner – your recommended; You can to offer you a wine out of the letter. And if you want to bring your own bottle, corkage costs 20 pesos.
(Beauchef 1204, Parque Chacabuco – T. 4922-9671)

9. to eat and drink at logical prices: harvest
A neighborhood barbeque with soul of folk, that surprises by its complete wine list. When you first start to haunt him, discovered the secret: his mistress, Candelaria Lighezzolo, is sommelier and puts tabs to the subject. You will find some high-end labels, but the focus this post on the value for money (southern Andes, Las Perdices for example) so don’t miss the red wine on the table. For a way out with friends or a couples dinner goes well: drink, eat and be Silver for the taxi’s return.
(Zelarrayan 995 esq Beauchef, Parque Chacabuco / T. 4926-1116)

10 for lazy: THYMUS

Disclaimer: this restaurant has closed.
The small restaurant has a varietal letter with 100 labels, where you will find all the varieties that are produced in the country, although some only have a brand. The selection is in charge of the Beto Avia sommelier and one of its owners, Julián Díaz, who seek above all diversity: in still wines only national labels, in sparkling imported. You’ll find some gems as Noemia, remote farm or the Mainqué Merlot, along with classic labels like Montchenot. But if you’re lazy or don’t like you decide wine, Avia is responsible for guiding you and open wines that are necessary. The idea is to offer you what you want to drink. 
(Lerma 525 esq. Malabia Villa Crespo / T. 4772-1936)

11. for lovers of still lifes and wedding: Vancouver patio wedding
Are you planning an event? The Dockside Brewing Company offers a range of options perfect for groups of 30 to 300. From corporate dinners, wedding parties, tour groups, private receptions or gala events, the Dockside Restaurant has several different spaces available for rental or buyouts and our expert team is fully versed in working through your plans and building menus to please and satisfy your guests while staying on budget.

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