Expert in SEO: Myth or Reality?

Every day I find myself advising more people with the SEO of your web pages (free of charge and without considering me an “seo expert” or référencement Montréal). For those who don’t know it, SEO is the process by which we optimize our website to get more organic visitors, i.e. without paying Google or anyone else, with only exit at the first results of google when someone does a given search.

Personally I managed to position many keywords at the top of google. In the last month, I have managed to position a keyword of 1 single word with millions (Yes, millions) competitors between the 2nd and 3rd place in Google. This makes me think that I have enough experience and knowledge to be able to boast of it. However, I think that he has been and is pretty easyNot to alter the results I will not put the word here, but those who want to know, should just write me.

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On the other hand, I’ve also seen entrepreneurs in 50 or 60 years to dominate the first page of some incredible niches in a matter of months. That is why, in my opinion, there are no experts in SEO, much less gurus, or things like that. Perhaps these “experts” can teach you some things, and I think that should really be his task, but from there to have a super power special, maybe not. In any case all are potential experts in SEO with only some information. Why do I believe this? Because I believe that you to run well the SEO just 3 things are needed.

The 3 large key to dominate the front pages of Google and be an expert in SEO

Shall not bore you with stories of pain and grief as the Panda: the last batch of changes in Google’s algorithm that has slapped to many “experts” for its dark techniques. Other people complain constantly of their poor results, tend to grow impatient, changes make it demasiadoas to their websites without waiting to begin to see results or using “black hat” techniques. Personally never have been there because from the beginning I realized something very important: make good SEO is like planting a tree. Today you put the seed, put water daily, fold him the Sun when it is summer, you put in the window in the winter, and little by little you will see your small outbreak grow to become a great and magnificent tree. In the case of SEO: dominating your niche to win in your marketplace.

Now that I think better, esto is not just SEO, I think that any business, brand or idea that occurs to us should be mature enough to become something big. You have to wait to grow. The same goes for the search engine optimization. However, it is not a mathematical formula, and is for this reason that no one can make the road for us, so I think that it is madness to outsource all our SEO strategy.

The strategy must be internal and based on three simple premises, which are detailed below:

1. make you a leader in your field and be recognized by this (expert in your area, not “seo expert”)

On the Internet we compete with millions of invisible facesUsually the most recognized each market segment tend to be a dozen (vs. million!) competitors. To reach this position surely took some of these roads: to)were the first on the market; (( b) did the same thing that made others but gave a sufficiently good and interesting twist to Excel over others (example: instagram, which soon attained a global recognition and was recently acquired by facebook – by 1 billion dollars!-) or c) were constant and put into practice all what they learned about a specific topic.

Being a leader of an area specific may require much effort or not, depending on how much you know, and what are so eloquently demonstrating itYou must breathe love for what you do. No good wanting to mislead anyone – as the cluetrain manifestosaid it)-: sooner or later we will realize. Therefore you must be always sincere, explain where you know and put into practice what they preach.

You can make ti a leader in your area, personally, or you can create a web personality (brand) that is. This will give you hundreds of opportunities to take the baton of your area and show the way to those who trust in ti.Above all, it is important to know about writing for the web, as it is our first tool for when someone is looking for know about some subject matter. If yours is not to write, find someone who knows. Your audience must be captive and tell about your site – quoting my primita 5 years – “No me gusta.” Love it!“.”

That Yes, leading a niche is not talk about ti all the time (though there are those who do it), but have an open and honest relationship with everyone from your audience to your competitors. Talk about everything and everyone,know every corner of your niche.

In terms of SEO, become the leader in your area will make you a reference, by which you will gain many links relating to your topic. Every day is more important that those who link to you belong to a defined “cluster”, to a topic (see the next item). And already not to mention the “Social” Seo, that with the arrival of Google Plus is a clear sign of what is to come. So it is a must to participate in different networks to benefit them both with traffic “social” as with traffic via search engine Google.

2. have a technically correct page and not be selfish with your links (links to who deserves it!)

It is important to have a properly organized page. Not only in the face of the user, but also frames. When we have a HTML clean, a lovely css, and a UI good enough to satisfy those who read us, all the equation will work for tiThis can be something very simple. For example: installing some basic wordpress theme will give us the basics to work.

That Yes, we must understand what it is every thing: from the M1 to the bold. So I recommend you search on google for something like “internal optimization of web page”. There is a lot of information in this regard. (Yes, I confess that it bores me to talk about it.)

On the other hand, the subject of the inbound links is important, but equally important is to link our sources.There is a concept that I discovered a few months ago and after investigating enough started to use. It is not something new, but it is something of which I was not very convinced… until I started to use it. Pages clusters , like wikipedia, or other leaders in certain areas (sometimes competing) serve reference to Google for more information about ti and the field of work that you do. The semantic web requires it. For example, if you have a technology news page, it will be more useful that links to an apple news from reuters as a reference that you use the same Apple website.

The keyword of which I speak at the beginning of this article went up 5 positions with only putting a link to wikipedia.

3 speed and constant improvements

The loading speed of your website is vital. I’ve seen pages climbing positions just hours after having been changed server. And thinking about it, I am also witness to many pages in HTML to which any “wordpress” has been able to lie his positioning. Why? Because it loads faster a HTML to a dynamic website. So, not only consider the hosting where are your websites, but the technology used.

Constant improvements are important because they allow us to (forgive the redundancy) improve the user experience. Improvements in technology, types of files, texts, choice of keywords, use of tags, use of images, use of videos, etc. must be the order of the day. Without esto, and trying new things is very difficult to make changes.We have to show you, not just from Google, but to our audience, that we are striving, that our platform is “alive”.And above all, that we are up to date.

In addition, to the extent that we improve the user experience, more users spend more time on our website, which translates into a better rate of measurement so that Google knows that our website is quality.

In short

Although it is not a summary very short, or not very full, because I feel that I’m leaving hundreds of details on the outside, I think that these three factors are vital. For a web project not focusing more than on becoming leaders of the subject, have a correct web and constantly improve user experience I can guarantee, a 99.9% success would be imminent.

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