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Some people believe that make money with online surveys is a scam. have no idea! What is a scam is to tell people that they will become rich taking surveys. I’m sorry if I’ve trap your bubble, but this is not the case.

But that is true that there are many people like you who gets an extra making income surveys in your spare time. I do it myself, and therefore I have prepared this guide just for you in which you explain the best ways to make money with surveys and dramatically increase your income.


Hold on! I have something important to tell you before…

Before you start this guide, I’ve registered and I made some pages to make money with surveystracked, and have proven that the most profitable are these three options that I show below.

The following pages are the ones that more surveys sent each day and have listings of companies that send more updated questionnaires. You can choose which you prefer to use, but my personal recommendation are without a doubt the first two pages.


1. earning money for surveys

I discovered this page thanks to several readers of Gananci sent me a message saying that they were very happy with her winning income all months. And I have checked that it is true and that more money is won all of them.

It is a very reliable company, where you can sign up at the moment and guide you through the processto know how to do surveys, earn more money, and the best websites where you will begin to send surveys to instantly. It is associated with multinationals from around the world need people like you and me to give them feedback about their habits and their purchases and to better develop their future products.


They will teach you also How to write reviews for gifts as small appliances, tablets, etc. so you can try them and give your opinion. Sign up on this page by email to receive more information by clicking on the button below:

2. earn money with surveys

This is another page very reliable to make money with surveys. With it you get paid questionnaires also daily, which usually have a duration of between 5 to 30 minutes, and it is certainly another good optionto take into account.


You can register on this page to start receiving surveys and get more information by clicking on the button below:


3. earn money by completing surveys

This third option is another web page which you will receive all the information necessary to be able togive the profile in the polls that send you, valuable tips on how to answer the questions, and a large list of paid survey sites that they themselves have compiled for you sites.


You can register on this page to start receiving surveys and get more information by clicking on the button below:


Guide to make money with surveys

1. Find websites of surveys and compares their structures of awards

The first step is obvious, right? Search websites legitimate to do surveys and become a member of them. But before registering, mira and compares the structures of awards offered and select which interest you to you.

Not all survey sites are the same: some offer money in Exchange for your opinion, and others give as a reward vouchers of money or checks gift to spend in certain shops, or awards such as video games, DVDs, etc.

So you think if you prefer money, gifts or coupons, or both things at the same time; If only interested in silver, he discarded those pages where the only reward are gifts.


2. sign up for multiple pages to make money with surveys

Sign up for more than one survey panel for money and so ensure you receive as many as possible. How many more surveys you receive, the greater your chances of making money.


As invitations to polls can be a bit overwhelming, I recommend a lot to create a separate email account only for the purpose of filling surveys.It is best that you do not register in polls with your personal e-mail sites. You can easily get to receive more than 100 invitations to surveys a day, and ‘m sure you don’t want that your important emails are hidden by the surveys!


3. be sure to check how each page

Be familiar with the websites in which you just submit. Sent you surveys to complete email? or must login every day to check if you have surveys available? If you will send them in an email, a reminder:don’t forget to sign up with the email you created just for surveys.

Do not use your personal email unless you can handle the large number of invitations to surveys which will you

4. Fill out your profile and start to complete surveys

Many sites require that you complete your information by filling out your profile. This will include basics such as your annual income your age, if you have pets, if you have a car or not…

Don’t worry: the survey companies will not go to your House to try to sell you something. This information need it to send you surveys that are relevant to you and your taste. When a company creates a survey, they need a kind of specific people (for example, only men, or people between 18 and 30 years old).

That way, the information they get helps them better investigation of that product or service about which is the survey. Nor do I recommend that you lie on your profile, but you see more below in the tips to make money answering surveys, it can make a small ‘trap’ in some cases…

5. Start to fill out surveys for money!

When you already have all of the above steps, you will begin receiving surveys. In the majority (i.e. not all)make you a few preliminary questions. These issues are not part of the current survey for which you will be paid.


Rather, they serve to do surveys in which match your data with what you are looking for. Worry if you check that you say “No” or “None of the above” in those answers. In the majority of cases at the end will receive a survey although you have often said ‘No’.

After these questions Yes you see the screen to start the survey. Normally will tell you how much will pay you and the approximate time that it will take to fill it.


Complete the survey and get your reward! And do not worry if you do not qualify for any; be disqualified from a survey is something common. So you keep trying and we are sure that you will find others that you are accepted to participate.

Tips you should keep in mind if you want to be successful by filling out surveys

Ganar dinero con encuestas

If the first few days do not receive surveys, don’t worry: because your information is being processed. But meanwhile,tries to find some button type “Take a survey” or similar on the website wherever you are.

By clicking on that button will begin to appear surveys in which you can be a good candidate until your data are processed completely.

Ganar dinero con encuestas

As I said, you don’t lie in your profile or in the polls. But thatthere is something that you should never say: that you work in a media or a journalist, or who work in advertising or marketing.If you see this question, best answer ‘None of the above’.

Unfortunately these professions are closely related to advertise or promote products of any kind, andsurveys companies do not want to make people who have these jobs surveys. So if marks those options, very few times will get you admit in a survey.

Ganar dinero con encuestas

Your friends can also make you earn money with surveys!Most of these companies have affiliate programs that, if someone registers with your link, you get a small profit.

Even there are some panels that you will pay every time a referral you complete a survey! So why not tell your friends, and thus make you money and they also by filling out surveys?

Ganar dinero con encuestas

Never, you never answer questions at random or choose options in this way. I never tire of repeating this to people who ask me about surveys for money. I know, 30 minutes doing surveys gives a bit of laziness.

But in some surveys have also included security questions that you have to check to make the company look that you are paying attention. For example “tick the box that puts dog”.

If you’re tired and makes responses at random, and one of them is a question of security, probably you get not only the survey, but the page in which you are registered, and you can never return to sign up there.

These tips and guide I have prepared them for you from my own experience by filling out surveys;and believe me, it took many years to making money with surveys! So…

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As the survey of year 2000, in Columbia SC real estate and Kershaw County there were sixty thousand people, twenty thousand homes, and fourteen thousand families belong to this county. The density of population was seventy two people per square mile that will be approximately 28 per km². There were twenty two thousand six hundred eighty three (22,683) housing components at regular density of thirty one per square mile approximately 12 per km². The cultural greasepaint of the county was about 72% White, 1% Native American, 27% Black or African American, 0.5% Asian, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 1.46% from other races or two or more races.

In Columbia the population was divided with 27% people under the age of eighteen, 8% people from eighteen to twenty four years, 29% from twenty five to forty four years, 24% from forty five to sixty four years, and were sixty five years of age or older. About at hundred females, there were ninety males. According to the survey, average income for a home in Columbia was about $39,000 and the median pay for a family was $44,500.In this figures, Men had a median income of $32,246 as against to $23,000 for women. There were 20,188 homes out of which 33% had children under the age of eighteen that were living with them, 56% were married couples living together, 14% had an unaccompanied female householder and 22.60% of all families were made up of singles and 8.90% had someone living unaccompanied who was sixty five years of age or older. The average family scope was 2.58 and the average family size was 3.02.

If you are considering for rent a home in the Columbia SC Area than you have to come at the right place.  We can assist you for searching just the correct place. Many rental negotiators are conscious of all the property in the Columbia SC area and we can discovery the house that encounters your requirements and your budget.

Columbia property management apartments Columbia SC has an extensive and memorable history of serving people to find property in the Columbia area.  And whatever you are, whether a corporate manager and looking for the accurate address to entertain your customers, our property management system properly assist you for finding best suited place for your office as well as a residential place that is close to the office or whether you are forwarding to find the perfect match for your growing family’s necessities.

We can help you in all of your matter and we have unique capitals to assure we match you with exactly the right situation and provide the right home, low rent, and the right experience.

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As with any profession the most important is to have first, of course, with the certificate for the profession, but it must be vocation, natural and acquired skills, and be responsible and dedicated.

Not enough to have any of these conditions, should meet them. A good Personal injury attorney Boca Raton should be a reliable, easygoing, studious, highly interpretive and argumentative ability, someone who does not depart from conflict but who cares about solving them effectively, who likes challenges and is not afraid: to adversity. Must be witty, imaginative, to find his case “that way of seeing” that puts the client in an advantageous position; and be further convincing arguments to be credible to the judge.

The lawyer must comply with the law, but as the words are vague and ambiguous, and often the facts, you can use these legal permits to benefit your client.

Must be to know the laws, the doctrine and jurisprudence, but that knowledge must be essential and not literal; since it must be extracted from these sources its richest and pragmatic in relation to the case to be solved sense.

In short, if someone tries to be a good lawyer, not enough to know laws, leave the heart, passion and reason in the task, so that the product is successful, it does not mean they always win, but have been used in each case, the best available tools, handled the right way, without feeling resentment by the opposing lawyer, who is also fighting in defense of his client in the same way.

Lee todo en: Cómo ser un buen abogado | La guía de Derecho

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Alberto Sansores graduated a month ago with a degree in Marketing from the University of Colima. Faced with the development of your CV, it considered that there was almost nothing to write, for he had only worked in a self-serving theme returns, work performed part-time for two years.

What employer would look at your profile? How to hire a recent graduate without proven experience in your area? This is precisely where we must make a careful analysis, for surely find more than a plus. Now, Alberto worked at the table of returns, so surely he must have faced dissatisfied customers, here we can deduce that acquired skills in the area of ​​Public Relations. Likewise, became perhaps unwittingly into a “troubleshooter”, respecting company policies turnar knew the most difficult cases to a supervisor, here we find Negotiating Skills and Decision Making, powers without certainly can be a significant difference in your CV.

Like Alberto, many recent graduates are challenged to “fill” a blank. Les means a time of great tension and rarely possess the vision that is truly revealing exercise . Remember that the secret in preparing a CV is to be clear what you want (through a very specific goal), and above all, who we are and what we can offer (through a concrete description of our skills and skills).

Regarding the format, there are two approaches for recent graduates. In the first, which is the most conventionally aiming at the top, followed by education, courses or seminars, experience (if they had) and finally the skills and competencies is presented. In the second format, we suggest starting with the exhibition of skills and vocational training ( training ) to finish with education. Both formats, written very precisely, are well accepted by recruiters.

However, it must pay attention to the following points:

  1. Properly write a professional or career goal. This point should be worded in a very concrete way. For example: “Integrame as Accounting Assistant in the Department of Financial Management of a banking institution Northwest of the country”. If you create a vague goal, the impression that you will cause be just as inaccurate.Here’s an example of what should NOT be your goal: “Occupy a promising position in a company with vision”.
  2. Detail academic training, surveys and average rating. Unlike experienced candidates, who put their education at the end of CV, recent graduates who possess professional experience should NOT place to start, as in this case, is your strong card. You must include the school, specialty and especially dates. It should be noted that empaten courses with your job search, because if we are looking for a job as editor, mentioning a course in mechatronics be unnecessary. The prizes or awards will also score points. The grade point average must be written only if it is high.
  3. Examine extra-curricular activities and think about how they might relate to a job in the real world. Students often ignore their experiences if they are not presented as a formal internship or job. However, extracurricular activities such as clubs, social groups or sports, as well as cultural centers, can make a valuable experience. For example, if having worked as a fundraiser for a charity event, you can certainly impress an employer, then you will have acquired skills as a negotiator and manager. Remember that any work done must be reaffirmed with hard data, in this case, can you explain that funds increased 25% over last year.


Write your CV is certainly a very significant exercise. Through it you can realize your competencies (skills and abilities) and your areas of opportunity (formerly known as weaknesses). Resumes perth
offers a very concrete example of a resume for a recent graduate. Remember it is an exercise in self-analysis, in doing so sure well find things worth noting.

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If you have a property and rent for extra income you want, take your time and analyze what would be the lease terms. This way, you avoid losing money and reduce the chances of being scammed.

1. Have warranty. If you rent an apartment or a house, ask at least get paid two months in advance. If it is a shop, requiring at least six months.

2. Research. Refer to credit bureaus what the credit record of who will occupy your home. You can also request information on Warehouse To Let Bellville.

3. All paper. Write a contract and ask the tenant to sign. In of docu- ment, detail the conditions under which delivery and set how property should be returned.

4. Beware permissions. If the tenant plans to use the premises for a business, ask that processes the respective permits the municipality to avoid fines.

5. Payments registered. It is preferable to open an account at a financial institution for the tenant to deposit the payments each month.This will allow you to have a record.

6. At day with tax. The rental of a property is considered first category income indicates the Sunat. The owner must pay 5% of the rental amount each month, the precise entity.

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With the great bond that has formed between the Internet and almost everything that involves our daily life, the “boom” has also reached the world of jewelry.Nowadays sell online different jewelry items, as well as buy, it’s something that can be done easily, for two main reasons: abound both buyers and sellers, and also because there are many websites reputation that serve platform for such transactions with jewels and with confidence, which is important when you are involved and valuable items to be listed on large sums of money. The two most common types of websites to buy and sell jewelry are divided into two groups: online jewelry websites, usually limited only to selling jewelry, and web sitesonline auctions , in which bring together buyers and sellers, so you them. both can look for deals and buy jewelry as well as offer for sale their own. Some of the most popular items are the engagement rings , the gold coins , chains and evil eye bracelets Agency , among others.

In today’s installment, we will offer a complete list of tips that will enable you to operate in the online market for jewelry and precious metals with confidence, so that your experience is always satisfying and avoid those bad shots that sometimes you can be when involved in something that is not so much knowledge and ends up being scammed or losing money:

Tip # 1: Not all that glitters is gold

It is common knowledge that exists in the world of jewelry counterfeiting. Although a seasoned and experienced person might discover an imitation of gold or platinum for example only lay his eyes a couple of seconds on a piece for someone who is still a novice in this topic not so simple, so the best way to avoid being deceived is trying to prevent rather than cure. By this we mean that for our first purchases should always try to operate on websites whose reputation is popularly known. Avoid jewelry websites that are very new, little known and / or do not have a physical branch. For sites online auctions , opt for those few big name who always side with the buyer in the event that things do not go well, and offer different types of warranty and money-back policies.

Tip # 2: Be aware of the prices of different metals

Buying an engagement ring online is easy and safe if you do it responsibly and informing.

The price of a gem depends largely on the price of the metal from which it is made. So, engagement rings gold will have a different those made ​​from silver eg value, since gold is trading at a higher price. But besides the obvious difference in price between different metals jewelry should also be aware of individual market value of each of these precious metals as this will also influence the final price of the gem.The price of gold, for example, has the characteristic of being relatively constant in the long term, but can be observed price variations over short periods of time. These small changes in your listing is moved to the cost of jewelery made ​​from it, so being aware of them, you. Might have greater certainty about the right price of different pieces of gold. Similarly, if you buy or sell online parts other metals such as silver, platinum or diamond, always check the current price before proceeding to later make the transaction to the correct and accurate price.

Tip # 3: Learn about sales

The better you learn to sell your jewelry, more successful you will sell fast and at better prices. Be sure to include in its publications sales all the details of your item of jewelry; while details include, the more likely you convince your potential buyers. Do not care much if you want to sell silver , sell gold jewelry or other metal; Sales and marketing are universal and apply to all transactions, even small ones.

Do not be afraid of trying to sell your jewelry to a little higher than the right according to the price of the particular metal or compared to those jurisdiction (other vendors that publish their prices jewelry sites online auctions ) use.Always remember that publications attractively developed in terms of sales tactics and jewels listen to a little higher prices have more chances to draw attention to the potential buyer that those where prices are lower, but publications themselves unattractive.

In their publications should always try to look as professional as possible; people feel more comfortable buying from people who show knowledge on the subject, as it gives them the unconscious certainty that they are purchasing the right product at the right price.

Tip No. 4: A picture is worth a thousand words

This tip is related to the previous one, in which we explained as an attractive text and highlight the important points of the article of jewelry for sale can be even more powerful than a low price. It is also important to include attractive and descriptive images of the piece of jewelry we want to sell. If you need to sell gold coins for example, would be a good idea to clean and polish them well, and then get them out a few photos that look flashy and shiny. Although it may seem unimportant details such visual impact positively on the mind of the potential buyer, and may even end up buying determining the gem or jewelry.

We recommend using HD cameras for more sexy pictures. Unless your cell phone camera has 10 or more megapixels, we recommend using cameras; if you have a professional camera, or you can get a borrowed, much better. It also helps to take pictures in bright environments to avoid using flash as the light of this may reflect on the metal of the jewelry, which would produce not so clear pictures.

Tip # 5: Beware of shipping costs

To sell an engagement ring online, we will give you a few tips that will help sales.

Depending on the price and weight of the piece or pieces of jewelry, whether to buy or sell long distance and will be handled by mail, it is important to consider shipping costs. In the case ofgold coins for example, if we have to send only a few our buyer, the shipping costs will be reduced. But if we also send heavy silver jewelry, costs would be higher, due to the greater weight of the parcel. Therefore, it is important to compute this cost, we are a buyer or seller, and jewelry are metals, and heavy metals are in considerable quantities.

The tips described above will be of great help when buying or selling jewelry via the Internet. Following our suggestions may make your transactions with security, confidence and peace of mind. The world of online jewelry is too attractive to be missed for fear of making things worse. With this information you can do them well and make the most of the platform for buying and selling jewelry online.


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The story behind the story


I love to tell “the story behind the story” Who Moved My Cheese PDF?, because that means the book is already written and we can approach him to read it, enjoy it and discuss it with others.

This is something I had always wanted to happen, since the first time what Spencer Johnson, years ago, I told her fantastic story of “cheese” before we wrote together FI Minute Manager. *

I remember thinking how good it was the story and how useful it would be for me ever since.

Who Moved My Cheese PDF? It is a story about the change that takes place in a maze where four amusing characters look “cheese”. Cheese is a metaphor for what one wants in life, be it a job, a relationship, money, a big house, freedom, health, recognition, peace, or even an activity like running or playing golf.

Each of us has their own idea of ​​what is cheese, and go after it because he thinks it makes you happy. If successful, almost always fond of him.And if lost or removed, the experience is often traumatic.

In the story, the “maze” represents where you spend your time looking for what you want. May be the organization in which you work, the community in which you live or relationships you hold in your life.

In my lectures worldwide narrate the history of cheese, and many times people tell me how much it has changed their lives.

Believe it or not, this story has saved careers, marriages and even lives.

One of many examples is real Charlie Janes, the respected broadcaster NBC, who confessed to hear the story Who has taken my cheese saved his career.

What happened was this: Charlie had worked hard and did a good job relaying the athletics events of the Olympic Games. So when his boss told him he had been away from the sports field and in the following games would have to handle retransmissions swimming and diving, he was surprised and angry.

Not knowing these sports as well, he got frustrated. The failure to recognize that he had done a good job I get irritated. It seemed unfair, and anger began to affect everything he did.

Then they told the story Who Moved My Cheese?

After hearing it, he laughed at himself and changed his attitude. He warned that all that had happened was that his boss “had shaken the cheese” and was adapted. He learned about these two new sports and, in the process, he discovered something new so rejuvenated.

His boss was quick to recognize his attitude and new energy and increasing their salaries. He enjoyed more success than ever and became an excellent reputation as a commentator.

This is one of the many real stories I’ve heard about the impact that has had this story in many people in all walks of life, from the professional to the loving.

I have so much faith in the power of Who was

Moved My Cheese? that recently I gave her a ejempIar a previous edition of the book to all people (about 200) working in our company. Why?

Because, as any company that aspires not only to survive but to be competitive, Blanchard Training & Development is constantly changing. We move “cheese” nonstop. While in the past wanted loyal employees, today we need flexible people who are not possessive of “the way we do things here.”

And, as we all know, living in a permanent waterfall of updates often stressful, unless people have a way of seeing the change to help them understand. And this is precisely where the story comes in the “cheese”.

When I told my friends the story and read it, I noticed almost beginning to shed negative energy. One after another, everyone in the company came to thank me for the book and to tell me how much he had helped them look from a different perspective the changes that occur in our company. This brief parable is read very quickly, but its impact can be profound.

The book is divided into three parts. In the first, “The Meeting”, a former high school classmates talk about how to face the changes that occur in their lives. The second part is the story itself, “The Tale: Who Moved My Cheese PDF book” and forms the core of the book. In the third part, “The debate”, people say what the story has meant to her and how you will use it in your work and in your life.

Some readers of the manuscript preferred to stop at the end of the story and not read “Debate”, in order to interpret the meaning for themselves.Others enjoyed reading it because it stimulated to think about how to implement in your situation what had taught the story.

In any case, I hope that every time you reread Who Moved My Cheese? find something new and useful in the story, as I happen to me, and that help you deal with change and succeed, whatever it is success for you.

With best wishes, I hope you enjoy what you find. Oh, and remember: when the cheese move move!


In Chicago, a sunny Sunday, men and women who went to high school together they met for lunch after attending an official ceremony in the center last night. They wanted to know more about the life of his former classmates. After many jokes and great food, they engaged in an interesting conversation.

Angela, who had been one of the most popular class people, said:

-Life Has followed a very different path than I thought when we went to school. Many things have changed.

It’s true ‘agreed Nathan.

The others knew that Nathan had continued the family business, operating as usual, and since they remembered was integrated into the community. So surprised to see him worried.

But have you noticed that when things

change we do not want to change? he continued.

I think we resist change because change frightens us jabbed Carlos.

‘You’re the captain of the football team, Carlos said Jessica. I never thought that one day’d get to talk about fear.

Everyone laughed to note that, although they had taken different directions (from being a housewife to working executive in a company), experienced similar senlsaciones.

Each of them tried to cope with unexpected changes that were producien do in your life in recent years. And almost all participants admitted that they had not found a good way.

‘Me too frightened me the changes’ said Michael. When there was a great change in our company, we did not know what to do. We continue as always and almost lost everything. But then I was told a story that changed everything.

‘Really? Nathan asked.

-Yup. The story changed the way I looked at the changes, and from that moment things improved rapidly … In my work and in my life.

“Then I reported the story among some people in my company who did the same

with others outside it, and then things started to work much better because we all adapt better to change. And many say the same as me: who has helped with privacy.

‘What story about? Angela asked.

He called Who Moved My Cheese?

Everyone laughed.

I’d like to hear it said Charles. Why do not you tell us now?

‘Of course’ said Michael. It will be a pleasure for me … Not too long.

And Michael began to tell the tale.






ONCE UPON A TIME a faraway country in which they lived four characters. Everyone was running through a maze in search of cheese that fed and made them happy.

Two were mice, and called Smelling and Running (Oli and I ran to his friends); the other two were little people, loved the size of mice, but had a look and a way of acting much like those of modern humans. Their names were Kif and Kof.

Because of its small size, it was difficult to see what they were doing, but if you looked closely you discovered amazing things.

Both mice and the little people spent the day in the maze looking for their favorite cheese.

Oli and Corri, mice, although only possessed rodent brain, had good instincts and sought the dry cheese and cured so beloved of those animals.

Kif and Kof, the little people, used a brain full belief to find a very different kind of cheese with a capital, they thought that would be happy and successful.

For different they were mice and little people, had something in common: every morning his tracksuit and sneakers became, out of his house and rushed ran into the maze looking for their favorite cheese.