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Some people believe that make money with online surveys is a scam. have no idea! What is a scam is to tell people that they will become rich taking surveys. I’m sorry if I’ve trap your bubble, but this is not the case.

But that is true that there are many people like you who gets an extra making income surveys in your spare time. I do it myself, and therefore I have prepared this guide just for you in which you explain the best ways to make money with surveys and dramatically increase your income.


Hold on! I have something important to tell you before…

Before you start this guide, I’ve registered and I made some pages to make money with surveystracked, and have proven that the most profitable are these three options that I show below.

The following pages are the ones that more surveys sent each day and have listings of companies that send more updated questionnaires. You can choose which you prefer to use, but my personal recommendation are without a doubt the first two pages.


1. earning money for surveys

I discovered this page thanks to several readers of Gananci sent me a message saying that they were very happy with her winning income all months. And I have checked that it is true and that more money is won all of them.

It is a very reliable company, where you can sign up at the moment and guide you through the processto know how to do surveys, earn more money, and the best websites where you will begin to send surveys to instantly. It is associated with multinationals from around the world need people like you and me to give them feedback about their habits and their purchases and to better develop their future products.


They will teach you also How to write reviews for gifts as small appliances, tablets, etc. so you can try them and give your opinion. Sign up on this page by email to receive more information by clicking on the button below:

2. earn money with surveys

This is another page very reliable to make money with surveys. With it you get paid questionnaires also daily, which usually have a duration of between 5 to 30 minutes, and it is certainly another good optionto take into account.


You can register on this page to start receiving surveys and get more information by clicking on the button below:


3. earn money by completing surveys

This third option is another web page which you will receive all the information necessary to be able togive the profile in the polls that send you, valuable tips on how to answer the questions, and a large list of paid survey sites that they themselves have compiled for you sites.


You can register on this page to start receiving surveys and get more information by clicking on the button below:


Guide to make money with surveys

1. Find websites of surveys and compares their structures of awards

The first step is obvious, right? Search websites legitimate to do surveys and become a member of them. But before registering, mira and compares the structures of awards offered and select which interest you to you.

Not all survey sites are the same: some offer money in Exchange for your opinion, and others give as a reward vouchers of money or checks gift to spend in certain shops, or awards such as video games, DVDs, etc.

So you think if you prefer money, gifts or coupons, or both things at the same time; If only interested in silver, he discarded those pages where the only reward are gifts.


2. sign up for multiple pages to make money with surveys

Sign up for more than one survey panel for money and so ensure you receive as many as possible. How many more surveys you receive, the greater your chances of making money.


As invitations to polls can be a bit overwhelming, I recommend a lot to create a separate email account only for the purpose of filling surveys.It is best that you do not register in polls with your personal e-mail sites. You can easily get to receive more than 100 invitations to surveys a day, and ‘m sure you don’t want that your important emails are hidden by the surveys!


3. be sure to check how each page

Be familiar with the websites in which you just submit. Sent you surveys to complete email? or must login every day to check if you have surveys available? If you will send them in an email, a reminder:don’t forget to sign up with the email you created just for surveys.

Do not use your personal email unless you can handle the large number of invitations to surveys which will you

4. Fill out your profile and start to complete surveys

Many sites require that you complete your information by filling out your profile. This will include basics such as your annual income your age, if you have pets, if you have a car or not…

Don’t worry: the survey companies will not go to your House to try to sell you something. This information need it to send you surveys that are relevant to you and your taste. When a company creates a survey, they need a kind of specific people (for example, only men, or people between 18 and 30 years old).

That way, the information they get helps them better investigation of that product or service about which is the survey. Nor do I recommend that you lie on your profile, but you see more below in the tips to make money answering surveys, it can make a small ‘trap’ in some cases…

5. Start to fill out surveys for money!

When you already have all of the above steps, you will begin receiving surveys. In the majority (i.e. not all)make you a few preliminary questions. These issues are not part of the current survey for which you will be paid.


Rather, they serve to do surveys in which match your data with what you are looking for. Worry if you check that you say “No” or “None of the above” in those answers. In the majority of cases at the end will receive a survey although you have often said ‘No’.

After these questions Yes you see the screen to start the survey. Normally will tell you how much will pay you and the approximate time that it will take to fill it.


Complete the survey and get your reward! And do not worry if you do not qualify for any; be disqualified from a survey is something common. So you keep trying and we are sure that you will find others that you are accepted to participate.

Tips you should keep in mind if you want to be successful by filling out surveys

Ganar dinero con encuestas

If the first few days do not receive surveys, don’t worry: because your information is being processed. But meanwhile,tries to find some button type “Take a survey” or similar on the website wherever you are.

By clicking on that button will begin to appear surveys in which you can be a good candidate until your data are processed completely.

Ganar dinero con encuestas

As I said, you don’t lie in your profile or in the polls. But thatthere is something that you should never say: that you work in a media or a journalist, or who work in advertising or marketing.If you see this question, best answer ‘None of the above’.

Unfortunately these professions are closely related to advertise or promote products of any kind, andsurveys companies do not want to make people who have these jobs surveys. So if marks those options, very few times will get you admit in a survey.

Ganar dinero con encuestas

Your friends can also make you earn money with surveys!Most of these companies have affiliate programs that, if someone registers with your link, you get a small profit.

Even there are some panels that you will pay every time a referral you complete a survey! So why not tell your friends, and thus make you money and they also by filling out surveys?

Ganar dinero con encuestas

Never, you never answer questions at random or choose options in this way. I never tire of repeating this to people who ask me about surveys for money. I know, 30 minutes doing surveys gives a bit of laziness.

But in some surveys have also included security questions that you have to check to make the company look that you are paying attention. For example “tick the box that puts dog”.

If you’re tired and makes responses at random, and one of them is a question of security, probably you get not only the survey, but the page in which you are registered, and you can never return to sign up there.

These tips and guide I have prepared them for you from my own experience by filling out surveys;and believe me, it took many years to making money with surveys! So…

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We all hope that the lists of the best things of the year are made ​​- at least -. When the year ends Every journalist knows that December is the best month to fill the media with lists. Best of the year are the best resource to fill Christmas (when we promise, current information is limited) and also tend to be very successful content. Therefore, finding in midsummer, when the sun gets (or the sky is cloudy and generates despair, all depends on where you geographically find them), creates some confusion. How can you be – if I have not taken vacation – you already are the 10 best books of 2014?

Amazon has launched, leveraging we approach mid-year, the list of the 10 best books of 2014 so far. The editors have chosen and how the “must-read” (the required reading) of the published between January and June. “It’s never easy to choose our favorites, but after much debate and discussion, we have reached a list covering the agenda summer reading for every consumer, whether you go to the beach, if you travel the world or if you stay at home, “said in a statement Sara Nelson, Editorial Director of printed books and Kindle from Of course, like all that makes list, we should add that it is centered for the English-speaking public.

One. Updike Adam Begley. The first title in the list is curiously biography. The book is “essential” for fans of the writer and also for anyone with an interest in literature, they say.

2. To Kill a Mockingbird PDF , Harper Lee. Here is a novel centered on the experiences of migrants entering the United States from South America.

Three. Redeployment by Phil Klay. A collection of stories about the Iraq war and its consequences (from the point of view of American soldiers).

. 4 Euphoria , Lily King. A historical novel with echoes of actual history of anthropologist Margaret Mead. And has romantic touches, they say.

5. Snowden. Without a place to hide , Glenn Greenwald. The only book on this list that is translated into Castilian . It is a test in which Greenwald recounts his encounters with Edward Snowden (the man who put the NSA on the ropes and revealed to us that we are all spied) and what those games did with the rest of the world.

. 6 In Paradise: A Novel by Peter Matthiessen. Matthiessen is one of the award winning writers in the US, although it has not gotten very translated here. He won 3 times the National Book Award. This story is a novel about a 90 espitual retreat at Auschwitz and how it affects their participants.

7. The Invention of Wings , by Sue Monk Kidd. His first novel is the most popular and is the only translated into Castilian, The Secret Life of Bees .This novel is about sisters who in 1830 defended the rights of women and African-American slaves. Of course, with hints of romance river, follows the plot for decades.

. 8 Red Rising , Pierce Brown. A novel and the first part of a trilogy sobe a revolution on Mars.

9. Savage Harvest: A Tale of Cannibals, Colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller’s Tragic Quest for Primitive Art, de Carl Hoffman. Esta es una de las apuestas de ensayo de la lista y es la historia de la desaparición del millonario Michael Rockefeller en 1961, uno de esos coleccionistas de arte ricos y excéntricos. La teoría existente es que fue comido por una tribu de Nueva Guinea (y sí, la historia promete mucho).

10. Hollow City: The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, de Ransom Riggs. La primera parte de esta historia, El hogar de Miss Peregrine para niños peculiares, sí está en castellano, así que es probable que esta también se traduzca. Contúa la historia del hogar para niños de Miss Peregrine, una “enigmática historia sobre niños extraordinarios y monstruos oscuros”.

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Some days, one of our new closest followers, wrote about this situation in our article makes about What is Depreciation

That person is “guilty” of this article. Of course he was right this annoying.What would you do if?


“Dear Dr. Enrique Nunez, am going through a difficult dilemma, which comes up as a result of your topic I just read of depreciation, where the counter when supposedly like to be consulted on this subject; adulante my first counter was very punctual, had VAT returns within the legal period but not unduly paid and appropriated money; and current leads is excellent all day, just consult him about any accounting or some vision or negotiation or step that I would like and does not understand its accounting terms and annoying, which is causing me serious difficulties Ah last accounting paid after the period and was washed face the other way, I found no mechanism to force; this part, and the other is to get a new meter but I have fear of falling with a worse professional.

Ojo, ( my brothers and I ) we make the process of decision making provided by you; unanimous decision to dispense with the Professional Bookkeeping Services of this counter but who seek?

Without further reference, says goodbye to waiting for your valuable help make the decision very carefully … “.


I understand your concern, your disappointment and your discomfort.

Glad you’re getting much out of this blog! I’ve been 30 years serving small and medium enterprises. Accounting, tax and financial controls are one of the biggest problems with these entrepreneurs and is an area in which you have little or no knowledge.

That is not a sin; but look what I’ll say:   “You and you can afford to hire only competent professionals” ; but you have to define what those criteria that allow you to measure whether a person is competent or not are.

Before you continue to read this article on Performance Evaluation

Before you answer, I want you to know that when you want you can also make your queries on our FaceBook login and give Me Gusta

Keep your query.

They did well taking the decision to dismiss this counter. From what I see supports not you, it’s not your ally. Now they must hire a competent bookkeeping blacktown .

Search your country “college” or “association” that brings these professionals. Search resumes in its database and publishes ads on your pages. These publications are free. Also advertises in the newspaper with the largest circulation, do Mondays

In another article I send you some basics about Irenas bookkeeping.

With the new hire follow these tips apply whether you want to hire a professional full time as if you hire an outside professional to take your accounting in your own office:

1) In the ads you post asking them to send a management summary of this:

→ His own explanation of why your company should hire

→ work experience.

→ Education and training.

2) Emphasize that you do not send the entire curriculum, and send copies of qualifications, etc.

3) Use an email other than you usually use in your company. Or use a PO Box, only a little slower.

4) You just have to read those emails that come with the 3 points that I mentioned Why? If you do not know how to follow instructions, input does not suit this professional. If you do not have email, you should not this person.

5) You need to check that candidates have some experience related to the activity you do.

6) Summon the candidates for interview 30 minutes, no more. You should interview at least five candidates.Do not lean by any until you’ve seen them all.

7) In the interview itself should submit curriculum with certificates and letters of reference.

8) You must have clearly defined the position, the work and the results you expect from that position.

9) Do all the questions that you feel necessary even if they are uncomfortable.

10) Of the best query all references candidates, especially those who are not family or friends.

11) When you have your chosen candidate, call him and have a second final interview, negotiate the position, provides the amount to pay and set a date.

12) From there, meet each week in the first month to assess their performance and then once a month for the next 5 months. Follow the advice of the article offered you before.

This issue is important, deserved an extended consultation response. The “guilty”: thank you very much. Here is this article because employers really quite often have problems with their accountants, some more serious than let some tax money.

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The online reputation management is a series of actions in order to improve your reputation or your company on the net. Sometimes, dissatisfied customers, competitors or others are responsible for speaking ill of the company. Properly manage the online reputation can be an asset to maintain the good image of the company.

The first thing to do to manage online reputation is seeking information and comments about the company in Internet, offering the opportunity to comment on certain key sites that must be controlled. This requires making frequent searches, request e-mail alerts and have controlled certain sites important comments.

To find information about the company should make a work of exhaustive research , so that no important information is not passed. Also should see all the major sites of reviews, manage social media and search, Google alerts and ask the name of the company or related services that may be of interest. Every so often must make further searches, although some of them are controlled with alerts.

Monitoring is to monitor what is said at the time, to handle the online resputación faster, it’s a good way to learn current way of what happens and react better.

A good way to get a good online reputation is to have and promote a presence on social networks , so that they can inform customers and others, earn a better reputation and control the reviews about the company and users of networks social may tend to put their complaints or concerns on the website of the company, and thus can more easily answer the negative comments.

The online reputation management is another important step that aims to improve the image of the company, and this can best be done by positioning the good reviews and comments from the company, or pages that are created for this purpose, above reviews and bad reviews, a strategy should be complemented with a reply to the criticism and bad reviews trying to improve the image of the company with a convincing answer and then see who is interested in the opinions of people.

It should be noticed by users, especially in the corporate website and social media company, heard thecomments from customers or anyone, so they can make their comments both negative and positive networks social and so be easier to manage online reputation. Respond to all negative and positive comments the best way is one of the functions of managing online reputation, thanking the good reviews and bad explaining. It’s good to incite customers happy to discuss good about the company.

The creation of content on the internet is a good way to improve the online reputation, so that through a blog and working with various media by offering comprehensive and interesting information can enhance the reputation of the company as it shows that you have knowledge of sector and also cares for sharing this information. It is a good way to have a presence in various media and further enhance its reputation. This should make interesting content that encourage reading, well written, well maintained, preferably with an image, without advertising masked as just behind the signature item offered.

Offer press releases and interesting news about the company, offer something that speak well of the company, a promotion, a good action, a contest, something interesting that makes internet is full of this type of information and not others. No press releases should offer indiscriminate but must say something that is of interest both for the preacher as to who is going to read. To do this it is best to promote change and developments in the company from time to time you should not be let to fall into oblivion, or little, not overwhelm customers.

Positioning the business web site. The first information to appear on the Internet when the company is looking for business web page, preferably followed your blog and presence on social networks, so that should make a web site positioning company with presence in directories, search engines, web 2.0 and many more resources. Also ideal position the web for search terms related to the sector of the company.

Another strategy is to buy alternative domains for web pages that offer business presence can be blogs, websites, landing pages or whatever it takes. It should also position these sites to complete the strategy.

Do not forget that the first phase of online reputation marketing, according to  online advertising and marketing blog, is as important as the last and that information is power. We must use all the tools available to achieve the objectives sought in this case an unblemished reputation and beyond that a good reputation, knowledge and action are going to be strategies that offer the best results in this case.

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Amazon today is one of the best known and most reputable internet shopping world. It has even overtaken the giant Ebay in number of sales. And all thanks to its formality, service and speed. Amazon was founded in 1994 and has been growing unabated. Today, selling different products, among which are: music, software, video games, electronics, apparel (Amazon BuyVip), books, apps, etc..

But however great Amazon , every company needs advertising , and that’s what we see today, how tomake money promoting products (of any kind) from Amazon at a profit by CPA (sales) ranging from 5 to10% commissions.

How can an affiliate make money from Amazon

The opportunities and ideas are endless, since Amazon can sell products of any kind from our site or from social networks. For example:
  • Technology have a site where you do reviews of mobile phones and tables?
You can earn money vendiedo phones and tablets from Amazon
  • Have a web photograph that samples the best cameras?
You can make money selling cameras Amazon
  • Kitchen have a site?
You can make money selling Amazon Electronics
  • Have a web fashion
You can make money selling clothes Amazon Buy Vip
I could write a book with ideas and opportunities to be a member of amazon we may give you, but instead I’ll show this example to understand.
  • Imagine I do a post on my website entitled “Top 5 reflex cameras.”
  • This post is very well positioned in Google and get daily visits from 10,000 people eager to buy the best SLR camera.
  • Why not, though I am an affiliate of Amazon, I strategically placed beside each house of which I have spoken in my post, a link to buy the camera on Amazon which includes my referral code in each.
  • Imagine that every day, one of those 10,000 visitors just buying a SLR camera 500 €.
  • Result: we would win, nothing more and nothing less than 50 euros, since commissions vary from 5 to 10% depending on the types of products.

How to be a seller or an affiliate of Amazon

The first thing we will do to sell Amazon products will check. We will accessing . We can check our Amazon account, or create a new
Then we have to fill the information in our websites, blog, twitter feed …
We will have to give the information true of our website or blog for us to validate our own and we can start selling Amazon products.
Once created our own, and we can begin to monetize our website through any of the Amazon products . Can we do it four ways that we will explain below.
  • Product Links
  • Links Banners Viewer
  • Links to any page
  • Amazon BuyVIP

Product Links

Links to products allow us to create text links, picture or image and text with which we can make money with any product from Amazon store , we’ll just find the product you want to sell, and click get link.
After obtaining the link, we can customize our announcement, colors, borders … to suit our taste or style of our website or blog. Then copy the code and we will stick to our site as a html code.
Links to products with image, text or both are the most common and most used among users who use Amazon to monetize the content on their websites.

Links banners

The links are advertisements banners CPA type, like the links of products you have seen, but in this case, instead of promoting a particular product, we can select different categories visible banners , advertise the checks gifts from Amazon, or an dynamic banner that will change with different products from Amazon.


In my case I selected the computer and technology, and as you can see my banner shows articles related to this category. We select different ad size formats and adapt them to fit them into our website or blog.
From Amazon We recommend placing these links on the top of our pages.

Links to any page

Links to any page allow us to link, as always with our affiliate code, any Amazon page and get the same benefit. The easiest way is with the affiliate web toolbar that appears at the top of each page you visit on Amazon. To do this you must log in with the same account you use Amazon Affiliate. To use it is as simple as getting into the Amazon site we want, categories, searches … and click on link to this page , which we will open a window similar to the one we saw earlier in links to products.
It also offers tools to easily link to a category, and our most popular selling favorite searches. We can check our links to corroborate with our affiliate ID thanks to integrated link checker.

Amazon BuyVIP

Amazon is a club BuyVIP Amazon sales where we can buy clothes and accessories from top brands, up to 70% discount in categories of Men, Women, Kids, Home & Outlet, which can bind to form independent, or main BuyVIP Amazon.


Within the Amazon affiliate BuyVIP we can earn money by links to the different categories , orbanners of the products in this shop, earning 10% of what people spend on BuyVIP.


Tracking our sales and commissions

The Amazon affiliate system to everything else we have seen, gives us a great reporting system where we can keep track of all the advertisements and links that we advertise on our sites, where we inform impressions advertisements and the different rates of clicks and impact of our links.
Do not waste the time and try Amazon Affiliates