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With the great bond that has formed between the Internet and almost everything that involves our daily life, the “boom” has also reached the world of jewelry.Nowadays sell online different jewelry items, as well as buy, it’s something that can be done easily, for two main reasons: abound both buyers and sellers, and also because there are many websites reputation that serve platform for such transactions with jewels and with confidence, which is important when you are involved and valuable items to be listed on large sums of money. The two most common types of websites to buy and sell jewelry are divided into two groups: online jewelry websites, usually limited only to selling jewelry, and web sitesonline auctions , in which bring together buyers and sellers, so you them. both can look for deals and buy jewelry as well as offer for sale their own. Some of the most popular items are the engagement rings , the gold coins , chains and evil eye bracelets Agency , among others.

In today’s installment, we will offer a complete list of tips that will enable you to operate in the online market for jewelry and precious metals with confidence, so that your experience is always satisfying and avoid those bad shots that sometimes you can be when involved in something that is not so much knowledge and ends up being scammed or losing money:

Tip # 1: Not all that glitters is gold

It is common knowledge that exists in the world of jewelry counterfeiting. Although a seasoned and experienced person might discover an imitation of gold or platinum for example only lay his eyes a couple of seconds on a piece for someone who is still a novice in this topic not so simple, so the best way to avoid being deceived is trying to prevent rather than cure. By this we mean that for our first purchases should always try to operate on websites whose reputation is popularly known. Avoid jewelry websites that are very new, little known and / or do not have a physical branch. For sites online auctions , opt for those few big name who always side with the buyer in the event that things do not go well, and offer different types of warranty and money-back policies.

Tip # 2: Be aware of the prices of different metals

Buying an engagement ring online is easy and safe if you do it responsibly and informing.

The price of a gem depends largely on the price of the metal from which it is made. So, engagement rings gold will have a different those made ​​from silver eg value, since gold is trading at a higher price. But besides the obvious difference in price between different metals jewelry should also be aware of individual market value of each of these precious metals as this will also influence the final price of the gem.The price of gold, for example, has the characteristic of being relatively constant in the long term, but can be observed price variations over short periods of time. These small changes in your listing is moved to the cost of jewelery made ​​from it, so being aware of them, you. Might have greater certainty about the right price of different pieces of gold. Similarly, if you buy or sell online parts other metals such as silver, platinum or diamond, always check the current price before proceeding to later make the transaction to the correct and accurate price.

Tip # 3: Learn about sales

The better you learn to sell your jewelry, more successful you will sell fast and at better prices. Be sure to include in its publications sales all the details of your item of jewelry; while details include, the more likely you convince your potential buyers. Do not care much if you want to sell silver , sell gold jewelry or other metal; Sales and marketing are universal and apply to all transactions, even small ones.

Do not be afraid of trying to sell your jewelry to a little higher than the right according to the price of the particular metal or compared to those jurisdiction (other vendors that publish their prices jewelry sites online auctions ) use.Always remember that publications attractively developed in terms of sales tactics and jewels listen to a little higher prices have more chances to draw attention to the potential buyer that those where prices are lower, but publications themselves unattractive.

In their publications should always try to look as professional as possible; people feel more comfortable buying from people who show knowledge on the subject, as it gives them the unconscious certainty that they are purchasing the right product at the right price.

Tip No. 4: A picture is worth a thousand words

This tip is related to the previous one, in which we explained as an attractive text and highlight the important points of the article of jewelry for sale can be even more powerful than a low price. It is also important to include attractive and descriptive images of the piece of jewelry we want to sell. If you need to sell gold coins for example, would be a good idea to clean and polish them well, and then get them out a few photos that look flashy and shiny. Although it may seem unimportant details such visual impact positively on the mind of the potential buyer, and may even end up buying determining the gem or jewelry.

We recommend using HD cameras for more sexy pictures. Unless your cell phone camera has 10 or more megapixels, we recommend using cameras; if you have a professional camera, or you can get a borrowed, much better. It also helps to take pictures in bright environments to avoid using flash as the light of this may reflect on the metal of the jewelry, which would produce not so clear pictures.

Tip # 5: Beware of shipping costs

To sell an engagement ring online, we will give you a few tips that will help sales.

Depending on the price and weight of the piece or pieces of jewelry, whether to buy or sell long distance and will be handled by mail, it is important to consider shipping costs. In the case ofgold coins for example, if we have to send only a few our buyer, the shipping costs will be reduced. But if we also send heavy silver jewelry, costs would be higher, due to the greater weight of the parcel. Therefore, it is important to compute this cost, we are a buyer or seller, and jewelry are metals, and heavy metals are in considerable quantities.

The tips described above will be of great help when buying or selling jewelry via the Internet. Following our suggestions may make your transactions with security, confidence and peace of mind. The world of online jewelry is too attractive to be missed for fear of making things worse. With this information you can do them well and make the most of the platform for buying and selling jewelry online.


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