4 Requirements of a good pan or cast iron skillet

A few years ago the pans were a “horror” because all were knee – deep and dotted all around.
Maybe that’s why I stopped using them, whenever I could, looking for and finding other better, more comfortable, useful and efficient alternatives.
This is one of the many reasons why I use my little traditional top 2 pan .
The 4 most important requirements that must have a good skillet effective are:

1. It has a diameter sufficient to fit easily what we will normally fry.
There is nothing more distressing than cooking in a container with little diameter, that is to say with little useful surface in which the foods, when they are browned or fried, can not be moved.
Only in the case that we are going to fry eggs with tiptoes, it is preferable to use a small one in which the egg is more collected, and that will only be used for that.

2. It has high edges to splash less, very important , although for the manufacturer this detail does not matter at all.
Have you noticed that almost no brand, except the very modern, specifies this height?
The same happened with the super-fast pots that only indicated its capacity, when in addition to its volume it is very important to know its useful surface, ie its diameter .
It was enough that on the Internet we talked about this “small detail” , which as a child has nothing, so that immediately many would change and detail.

Have not you wondered why they did not clarify the height of the pans?
Because they are usually designed by people, perhaps men but not necessarily, who seek more the lineand the design than the functionality and effectiveness of them, and do not care if they are comfortable when using them, whether or not splash, if Simplify life or complicate it, ultimately if they help us or not to be more productive.
The kitchen equipment is now increasingly beautiful, so that between the eyes, but I dare say that every day less convenient both when using it as cooking or scrub.

Therefore I would not recommend any frying pan of those that appear in this link .
A good option, however, would be the one you see in this second link , because it has high edges, iscast iron, or cast, glazed inside and out is enamelled in satin black, similar to the one I have since Many years ago, very important to scrub it as you will see in another post.
But do you compensate the price , almost the same as that of a super-fast pot, the pot-frying pan of 5 liters for example, that serves for many more things?
The pans of iron ore Buyer, why a follower asked me the other day, are all planitas, and since I do not like his looks.

3. That it also has a certain price , without climbing into the stratosphere.
I do not know any cheap pan that’s good!
Even if they cost you money and you look expensive, if you fry well and clean easily, in the end you will be cheap and will last a long time in perfect condition.
This would be the prototype of cheap and poor quality pan , which will stick to you as soon as you use it because its steel is too weak, both on the walls and on its diffuser bottom.
In addition, if you have the habit of pouring its contents, in a fountain or a dish, as if it were a jar, something that should not be done as we will see in the post of the next day, you will “drip” on the outside , And if you do not wash it every day also on the outside, something that does not need as we will see, these chorreones will be fixing with the heat, then it will cost a lot to eliminate them and it will be dirty forever.
As far as height would be good, but nothing more.

4. So I advise you not to be on the outside of shiny stainless steel , because they get very dirty, they get very ugly to the very few uses, and it will cost you to clean them.
Much better if the exterior is satiny and dark.
In addition to the cast iron frying pan which you have seen previously, this could be the one that is the only one I have found in which they clarify their height, 5 centimeters, something great.
According to the manufacturer of the latter , since I have not used them because mine is new, they are built in cast aluminum at 20,000º and coated with a thin layer of nonstick titanium , which makes them extremely robust and conserve heat evenly distributed in All its surface, with the consequent saving of energy.
Its non-stick titanium coating reduces the use of oils or fats in cooking, which is always healthy.
They are manufactured in Germany with advanced technology, with products of the highest quality, and comply with all the certifications of the German Federal Institute of Health.

Special mention should be made of the well-known non- stick teflon pans.
As there is a whole controversy on the Internet where, as I have explained on several occasions is all good but also everything bad , I would like to clarify that the true miracle coating that discovered Dupont in 1938, Teflon® has to carry its logo ®, and That most of the time when talking about a teflon nonstick coating is not about authentic.
Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont.
It is a high performance fluorinated polymer similar to polyethylene whose chemical name is “polytetrafluoroethylene” or ” PTFE .
This PTFE has attracted attention in recent years due to questions that arose about PFOA, which is an additive that was used in the manufacturing process of this PTFE.
For those who do not know what PFOA is, I clarify that it is perfluoro octane acid , and that certain types of Teflon, but not all, can contain it.

DuPont began adopting a new generation of technologies in 2009 so that PTFE could be manufactured without the use of PFOA and since 1 January 2012 no longer uses PFOA to make non-stick coatings for kitchenware or baking utensils.

Finally, porcelain or ceramic coated pans , which many will have acquired by novelty, all of which I know at least, are too flat .
They may be the healthier and healthier alternative to Teflon® provided they are purchased in quality, but certified to contain no heavy metals , no PTFE, no PFOA, and no nanoparticles.
But their non-stickiness, however much they take care of, usually lasts much less and grate easily, exposing the layer of aluminum that we know is not a good surface of contact with food.
In addition, poor quality may contain even heavy metals.
In my opinion they can also be a further sophistication to provoke consumption , such as porcelain knives , which in the end end up not cutting.

You have all heard of it, because it is “the last important news” that it is not enough to buy fresh food , but it has to be superfresh …
Well, that’s … strategies to sell more … whatever!

You know that I recommend you always and for everything, raw to cook and even more to fry, our wonderful liquid gold, extra virgin olive oil.
In the post of the next day I will explain to you the most correct way to fry in a traditional frying pan and to clean it, something that also matters a lot.
The less time we are in the kitchen, the better, as long as we cook in a healthy way , and this is only achieved by employing effective “tools”.

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