15 breeds of medium dogs

Dogs large or small ? There are also medium ones . We are talking about 15 of the most popular medium size dogs breeds : Golden Retriever, Boxer, Bulldog, Dalmatian, Chow Chow, Pit Bull, Samoyed, Siberian Husky, Weimaraner, Basset Hound, Sheltie, Vizsla, Border Collie and Australian Shepherd Dogs ( Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle) .

Do you want to know more about them? Each has its origin and its peculiar characteristics.

Labrador Retriever Dog breed whose origin is found in Newfoundland, in present-day Canada. Of average size, males reach 57-62 cm and 29-36 kg of weight, and females 55-60 cm and 25-32 kg. Intelligent, agile, friendly and extroverted.

Bóxer . It is a breed of Molossian dog whose origin is in Germany ( Deutscher Boxer ). Of medium size, the males reach about 60 cm in height at the withers and more than 30 kg and the females 56 cm in height and 25 kg. Active, playful, intelligent and protective.

Siberian Husky . Dog breed whose origin is in the northeast of Siberia. Of average size, its aspect keeps a great resemblance to the wolf. Of alert and intelligent, sociable and intelligent character.

Pitbull . Dog breed whose origin is in Great Britain. He is qualified as a Potentially Hazardous Dog , although with the right owner he can be very sociable. Of average size, the males can weigh 16-27 kg and the females 13-22 kg.

English Bulldog . This breed of dog has its origin in Great Britain ( English Bulldog ). Of medium size, it is short in stature but robust and muscular, males reach 25 kg and females 22 kg in weight. Of temperamental character, he is also an affectionate dog, bold, sure of himself, brave and faithful.

Chow Chow . Dog breed whose origin is found in North China. Of size edia, the males reach the 48-56 cm and 25-32 kg of weight, and the females 46-51 cm of height and 20-27 kg of weight. Reserved, loyal and somewhat independent.

Samoyed . Dog breed whose origin is found in the Samoyed peoples of northern Russia. Of average size and white coat, the males can weigh 20-33 kg and the females 17-25 kg. Nicknamed “dog smiling” by the characteristics of its snout, it is of sociable, playful, alert and vivacious character.

Border Collie . A breed of shepherd whose origin is at the borders of Scotland and England, and was used to shepherd thanks to his intelligence, agility, which also led him to be the king of agility tests . Of medium size, the males reach 48-56 cm in height and 13-20 kg in weight, the females 46-53 cm in height and 12-19 kg in weight.

Dalmatian . It is a breed of dog whose origin is found in the historic historical region of Dalmatia, located on the Adriatic coast that belongs to Croatia. Its white skin with black spots is its biggest identification, of medium size, males reach 56-61 cm in height and 27-32 kg in weight, and females about 54-59 cm in height and 24-29 kg. Of an extroverted and friendly, energetic, active and playful, sensitive and intelligent character.

Basset hound. A breed of dog that is part of the bloodhounds, its origin is in France where since the nineteenth century was a specialist in hunting for hares, foxes and pheasants. Of medium size, it is a dog of low height of cross, long body, short legs and its characteristic long ears. The males reach 23-29 kg, and the females 20-27 kg. Friendly, kind, tenacious and affectionate.

Australian Shepherd . The Australian sheep herder is a breed of herding dog whose origin is found in the ranches of the western United States. Of medium size, the males reach 51-58 cm in size and weight 25-32 kg, and the females 45-54 cm in height and 16-25 kg in weight. It has a protective, active and intelligent nature, as well as being affectionate.

Australian cattle herder. The Australian Cattle Dog (Australian Cattle Dog) is a cowherd dog originally from Australia. Of average size, males reach 46-51 cm in size and 15-16 kg, and females 43-48 cm and 14-16 kg. They are loyal, protective, courageous, obedient, energetic and at the same time cautious.

Seltie or shepherd of the Shetland Islands . The Shetland Sheepdog is a breed of sheepdog that has its origin in the Shetland Islands. Of average size, they usually weigh between 6 and 12 kg. Of loyal and playful character, gentle, vivacious, active intelligent and affectionate.

Vizsla or Hungarian Braco. The Vizsla or Hungarian Dog Braco whose origin is in Hungary, where it was used as a hunting dog. Of medium size and short hair, which can weigh between 22 and 30 kg. Of a kind and loyal, energetic and affectionate character.

Weimaraner or Weimar Braco. Medium-sized dog and short gray hair, strong and slender looking, males usually measure 61-68 cm and weigh 30-40 kg, and females 62-67 cm and weigh 25-35 kg. Alert dog, energetic and fast.

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