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The locksmith is one of the aspects of our home that must be taken into account because this is the basis of the security system of the entire house. So it is always good to  have on hand the number of a good locksmith company  that can help us keep the locks of the house in the best possible condition.

Many times it is taken as a service lightly, something easy to do. The only reason why you pay is not because you can do it and you do not want to, but it is a complex job that requires a certain level of expertise. That is the real reason why you pay for this service. If changing a  cylinder  was the same as changing a bulb, we could probably solve it easily, but that is not the case.

And it is not because a lock, in its most basic form, is a contraption with an engineering that not all can interpret with a little common sense. A professional lock against boom keys  , for example, is a complex puzzle and assembling and disassembling these punctual items requires an advanced level of knowledge.

Why we should have a trusted locksmith

The  ironworkers Marbella  have a motto “your house is my house, but it’s your home.” The locks are the mainstay of all home security and a locksmith with  access to your locks  will be able to circumvent them very easily, it is as if you were assigning rights in your house. However, this is still yours ethics says that they will never enter your house without your authorization, although they know how to do it.

In addition, a trusted locksmith can advise you on the solution to the methods of theft in most used homes, giving you tips to keep your home safe with the application of some  lock of the latest technology . This is very important because every time thieves are more resourceful and competent. They study in depth the mechanisms of the most modern locks to learn how to manipulate them at pleasure.

Only in Madrid, according to Antena 3, there are about 70 home robberies every month. The most disturbing is that on many occasions, the locks show no signs of having been forced. This was explained by  Mijas locksmiths , who point out that they use a locksmith master key to open the doors without damaging the cylinders. It is a pick called the magic key that can open whatever. In Spain it costs € 3,000 and you need a professional license, but you can always find it on the black market.


With this method, a thief could do much more than steal in our home. They could enter without our permission and hide illicit things in your home or make a complete inventory of all the belongings of the family to plan the perfect move.

How is it solved? Well, this magic key is virtually unstoppable, if you install an impenetrable lock, you run the risk of having to damage it if you leave the keys inside the house sometime. Therefore, the real solution, according to  locksmith heidelberg , is to install locks with  more complex cylinders  so that thieves do not have enough time to open the door without anyone noticing.

If the locksmiths were not always updated to decipher this type of methods used by thieves, there would be no way to  develop solutions  and any friend of the outsider with a little ingenuity can enter your house and take all the freedoms you want when it is find empty.

The  locksmiths Alhaurín de la Torre  even offer guided workshops to their clients in which they teach them the security measures that they should take when they leave their house a long time alone, as well as simple knowledge of locksmithing so that you understand a bit of what the work is about. In this way they educate people so that they can even develop their own solutions.

Is the locksmith expensive?

Like everything in life, there are things that have a greater value than others. In the case of the locksmith, everything depends on the complexity of the work to determine its price. However,  it should not be seen as an expense but an investment . Similarly, a lock, no matter how modern, will never cost more than an HDTV or any of the appliances that you could lose if someone enters your house without permission.

If you want to know numbers promptly, you will be surprised to know that individually  locksmith items are not that expensive . In fact, we can concentrate an anti-theft lock for just over € 200 if we know how to look for them.

In the case where you could spend more serious in the replacement of several locks in your home as that includes a workforce, but in general should not be a budget greater than € 200.

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Dogs large or small ? There are also medium ones . We are talking about 15 of the most popular medium size dogs breeds : Golden Retriever, Boxer, Bulldog, Dalmatian, Chow Chow, Pit Bull, Samoyed, Siberian Husky, Weimaraner, Basset Hound, Sheltie, Vizsla, Border Collie and Australian Shepherd Dogs ( Australian Shepherd and Australian Cattle) .

Do you want to know more about them? Each has its origin and its peculiar characteristics.

Labrador Retriever Dog breed whose origin is found in Newfoundland, in present-day Canada. Of average size, males reach 57-62 cm and 29-36 kg of weight, and females 55-60 cm and 25-32 kg. Intelligent, agile, friendly and extroverted.

Bóxer . It is a breed of Molossian dog whose origin is in Germany ( Deutscher Boxer ). Of medium size, the males reach about 60 cm in height at the withers and more than 30 kg and the females 56 cm in height and 25 kg. Active, playful, intelligent and protective.

Siberian Husky . Dog breed whose origin is in the northeast of Siberia. Of average size, its aspect keeps a great resemblance to the wolf. Of alert and intelligent, sociable and intelligent character.

Pitbull . Dog breed whose origin is in Great Britain. He is qualified as a Potentially Hazardous Dog , although with the right owner he can be very sociable. Of average size, the males can weigh 16-27 kg and the females 13-22 kg.

English Bulldog . This breed of dog has its origin in Great Britain ( English Bulldog ). Of medium size, it is short in stature but robust and muscular, males reach 25 kg and females 22 kg in weight. Of temperamental character, he is also an affectionate dog, bold, sure of himself, brave and faithful.

Chow Chow . Dog breed whose origin is found in North China. Of size edia, the males reach the 48-56 cm and 25-32 kg of weight, and the females 46-51 cm of height and 20-27 kg of weight. Reserved, loyal and somewhat independent.

Samoyed . Dog breed whose origin is found in the Samoyed peoples of northern Russia. Of average size and white coat, the males can weigh 20-33 kg and the females 17-25 kg. Nicknamed “dog smiling” by the characteristics of its snout, it is of sociable, playful, alert and vivacious character.

Border Collie . A breed of shepherd whose origin is at the borders of Scotland and England, and was used to shepherd thanks to his intelligence, agility, which also led him to be the king of agility tests . Of medium size, the males reach 48-56 cm in height and 13-20 kg in weight, the females 46-53 cm in height and 12-19 kg in weight.

Dalmatian . It is a breed of dog whose origin is found in the historic historical region of Dalmatia, located on the Adriatic coast that belongs to Croatia. Its white skin with black spots is its biggest identification, of medium size, males reach 56-61 cm in height and 27-32 kg in weight, and females about 54-59 cm in height and 24-29 kg. Of an extroverted and friendly, energetic, active and playful, sensitive and intelligent character.

Basset hound. A breed of dog that is part of the bloodhounds, its origin is in France where since the nineteenth century was a specialist in hunting for hares, foxes and pheasants. Of medium size, it is a dog of low height of cross, long body, short legs and its characteristic long ears. The males reach 23-29 kg, and the females 20-27 kg. Friendly, kind, tenacious and affectionate.

Australian Shepherd . The Australian sheep herder is a breed of herding dog whose origin is found in the ranches of the western United States. Of medium size, the males reach 51-58 cm in size and weight 25-32 kg, and the females 45-54 cm in height and 16-25 kg in weight. It has a protective, active and intelligent nature, as well as being affectionate.

Australian cattle herder. The Australian Cattle Dog (Australian Cattle Dog) is a cowherd dog originally from Australia. Of average size, males reach 46-51 cm in size and 15-16 kg, and females 43-48 cm and 14-16 kg. They are loyal, protective, courageous, obedient, energetic and at the same time cautious.

Seltie or shepherd of the Shetland Islands . The Shetland Sheepdog is a breed of sheepdog that has its origin in the Shetland Islands. Of average size, they usually weigh between 6 and 12 kg. Of loyal and playful character, gentle, vivacious, active intelligent and affectionate.

Vizsla or Hungarian Braco. The Vizsla or Hungarian Dog Braco whose origin is in Hungary, where it was used as a hunting dog. Of medium size and short hair, which can weigh between 22 and 30 kg. Of a kind and loyal, energetic and affectionate character.

Weimaraner or Weimar Braco. Medium-sized dog and short gray hair, strong and slender looking, males usually measure 61-68 cm and weigh 30-40 kg, and females 62-67 cm and weigh 25-35 kg. Alert dog, energetic and fast.

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We are currently very busy with work, children, shopping, running errands, taking time for friends, visiting family, etc., and we all want to know the easiest, fastest and most effective way to learn English. But: when do we have time to sit down and learn a language? See some tips for  learning English quickly and easily(como aprender ingles facil e rapido).

1. Dedicate a tempo per day

First and being realistic, you have to spend all your time studying English, even if it’s only a few minutes a day. My advice to learn vocabulary is very easy. Look at point 2.

2. Learn 4 English words each morning

Every morning, think four words in your language that you do not know in English and write them in a notebook. Even before you grab the coffee cup, use a dictionary or Internet to look up the meaning of the words in English. These are going to be your vocabulary of the day. You have to repeat the words throughout the day. Take the notebook with you, in the car, in your purse, on your table, keep it handy! Easy – and it will only take you a few minutes a day. Learning four new words a day in English is a total of 28 new words a week. And do not worry if you’re not totally sure that you’re using the words correctly, it’s about at least exposing yourself to new vocabulary.

3. Are you in the mornings or nights?

Do you work better at night or in the morning? Decide when you are in a better position to learn English easily, and choose the time that best suits you.

4. Find your best way of learning

Normally a child learns surrounded by their mother tongue, lives a linguistic immersion and little by little, over the years, they learn different aspects of their language. Learn to read, write, hear and speak. Some things will be easier than others, but all of them are very important. So to learn English quickly and easily, think how much it helped you learn your own language; read, write and speak and try to remember which method was easier for you. For example, if it seemed easy for you to learn by reading at school, try to find easy books in English to read and thus increase your confidence, your vocabulary and understanding. Or if you enjoyed grammar, do grammar activities online with EF English Live.

5. Look for guidelines to follow and learn English

For example in the pronunciation like  ‘what, where, when’ , ‘the cat, sat on the mat’,  or in the conjugation of the verbs like  ‘go, going, gone’.  Go from easy to difficult, although sometimes it is good to challenge you since trying to express something more complicated will motivate you to learn even more. When you are learning vocabulary, associate the word with an image in your head. For example, for  ‘flower’  imagine a beautiful plant growing, while you can think of someone using ‘ flour’  to make bread. 

6. Study before each English class easily

My next advice is to investigate on the topic of the next  class of online  or face-to-face English . Impress your teacher knowing the related vocabulary or you may have found questions you want to ask. Try to log into the computer 10 minutes before class and prepare your head for English. Reading about it in advance can help you prepare for the class and allow you to express yourself better. Of course, our EF English Live and EF English Centers teachers are there to help you understand and practice with you, but dedicating a little time before preparing you is not going to hurt you.

7. Change teachers in the EF English Live and EF English Centers classes

Speaking of accents, can you imagine speaking only with teachers from America or Australia? I know some students are comfortable with certain teachers or accents, but this may mean limiting your oral competence in the future. It’s a good idea to change teachers so you can hear the sounds in English all over the world.

8. Listen to what other classmates say

During group classes, some students lower the volume of their classmates until it is their turn to speak. It’s not a good idea! Listen to what others are saying. First, they may make mistakes that you also make and both of you can learn when the teacher corrects you. Second, English is universal. You have to get used to listening to people from all over the world. A French speaking Englishman may sound different than a Chinese. English is the language of the world, so it is important to understand the variations.

9. Review the lesson and notes after each class

At the end of the class, do not forget to review the slides and the vocabulary or re-read the notes to see the corrections. If there are words you do not know, write them and review them later. The next day try to review writing what you have learned or talking to someone about the class in English.

10. Watch movies or series and listen to music in English

Find the greatest number of opportunities to listen to the language you are learning. If you live in a country where English-speaking channels are shown on television, tune in! If you have to do some homework, leave the television on in the background. Even if you do not realize it, your brain is absorbing the language. On the other hand, on the Internet it is very easy to watch a movie as many times as you want with subtitles to check the meaning with  Netflix. Or choose action movies in which the story is easier to understand. Then, read a synopsis to see if you have understood what happened. You can even try to write a review about the movie. Listening to music in English, audiobooks or podcasts are also an excellent option. You can do it in your free time, while cleaning at home or on the way to work. Even if you do not understand everything, you will be exposed to English and little by little your capacity for understanding will be developed.

11. Use the tablet app of EF English Live and EF English Centers

Mobile technology gives us the opportunity to overcome this time deficit by converting “idle time” into “useful time”. In my case, my tablet gives me access to three or four more productive hours a week, without being subtracted from sleep, family, etc. With my tablet, I can now do something useful while I wait for the bus, I travel by train or I finish my coffee after lunch. If I have to wait around 30 minutes here or there between meetings, my tablet makes it easy for me to achieve something interesting and valuable without stress. In life there are many holes that we can fill with useful tasks if the necessary technology is portable and is always accessible. That is why we have made EF English Live portable. The number 1 goal of our online English school has always been to find ways to make the English language school easier and more learning English . That’s why now, in addition to our new improved content, the simple level progression, and the access to more group classes every day, EF English Live and EF English Centers is now available for iPad® and Android tablets.

12. Meet fellow students at EF English Live and EF English Centers

Organize every week a moment in English. Stay to chat and talk but you can only speak in English.

13. Agree one hour a week of English with your family

Or come to an agreement with your family so that the breakfast on Saturdays is your moment in English. That way everyone will learn English and benefit from your classes!

14. Try to think in English

Possibly my advice to learn English favorite, is to think in English. Yes, you heard me right, try to think in English. No matter how busy you are, before doing something you have to think, right? Why not think in English? Oblígate yourself to do it. It will be difficult at first because the brain will naturally want to think about your language. If you do not know how to say a word, write it in the notebook that you carry with you and ask it in class or look it up. I know it may seem crazy (I think that’s why I like it so much), but trust me, it will help you. Do it also out loud, but better not in public, we do not want anyone to think you’re going crazy.

15. Set weekly and monthly goals.

I like to sit every Sunday night and see what I have to finish the following week and complete at the end of the month. This is something that you should also do. Sit down once a week and decide where you want to be the next week. Do you want to finish a unit lesson? Maybe, when the month ends, you would like to be able to write about yourself with a higher level. When you have set your weekly and monthly goals, do everything you can to achieve them. Be sure to also reward yourself!

I hope you have found some of these tips useful for learning English. Follow these tips, apply them every day and learn English quickly. Any exposure to English, whether it’s in your head, in class, or in a dictionary search, is beneficial and helps you gain fluency quickly. Finally, do not forget to congratulate yourself for what you have achieved, and do not only look at what you have not achieved.

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A few years ago the pans were a “horror” because all were knee – deep and dotted all around.
Maybe that’s why I stopped using them, whenever I could, looking for and finding other better, more comfortable, useful and efficient alternatives.
This is one of the many reasons why I use my little traditional top 2 pan .
The 4 most important requirements that must have a good skillet effective are:

1. It has a diameter sufficient to fit easily what we will normally fry.
There is nothing more distressing than cooking in a container with little diameter, that is to say with little useful surface in which the foods, when they are browned or fried, can not be moved.
Only in the case that we are going to fry eggs with tiptoes, it is preferable to use a small one in which the egg is more collected, and that will only be used for that.

2. It has high edges to splash less, very important , although for the manufacturer this detail does not matter at all.
Have you noticed that almost no brand, except the very modern, specifies this height?
The same happened with the super-fast pots that only indicated its capacity, when in addition to its volume it is very important to know its useful surface, ie its diameter .
It was enough that on the Internet we talked about this “small detail” , which as a child has nothing, so that immediately many would change and detail.

Have not you wondered why they did not clarify the height of the pans?
Because they are usually designed by people, perhaps men but not necessarily, who seek more the lineand the design than the functionality and effectiveness of them, and do not care if they are comfortable when using them, whether or not splash, if Simplify life or complicate it, ultimately if they help us or not to be more productive.
The kitchen equipment is now increasingly beautiful, so that between the eyes, but I dare say that every day less convenient both when using it as cooking or scrub.

Therefore I would not recommend any frying pan of those that appear in this link .
A good option, however, would be the one you see in this second link , because it has high edges, iscast iron, or cast, glazed inside and out is enamelled in satin black, similar to the one I have since Many years ago, very important to scrub it as you will see in another post.
But do you compensate the price , almost the same as that of a super-fast pot, the pot-frying pan of 5 liters for example, that serves for many more things?
The pans of iron ore Buyer, why a follower asked me the other day, are all planitas, and since I do not like his looks.

3. That it also has a certain price , without climbing into the stratosphere.
I do not know any cheap pan that’s good!
Even if they cost you money and you look expensive, if you fry well and clean easily, in the end you will be cheap and will last a long time in perfect condition.
This would be the prototype of cheap and poor quality pan , which will stick to you as soon as you use it because its steel is too weak, both on the walls and on its diffuser bottom.
In addition, if you have the habit of pouring its contents, in a fountain or a dish, as if it were a jar, something that should not be done as we will see in the post of the next day, you will “drip” on the outside , And if you do not wash it every day also on the outside, something that does not need as we will see, these chorreones will be fixing with the heat, then it will cost a lot to eliminate them and it will be dirty forever.
As far as height would be good, but nothing more.

4. So I advise you not to be on the outside of shiny stainless steel , because they get very dirty, they get very ugly to the very few uses, and it will cost you to clean them.
Much better if the exterior is satiny and dark.
In addition to the cast iron frying pan which you have seen previously, this could be the one that is the only one I have found in which they clarify their height, 5 centimeters, something great.
According to the manufacturer of the latter , since I have not used them because mine is new, they are built in cast aluminum at 20,000º and coated with a thin layer of nonstick titanium , which makes them extremely robust and conserve heat evenly distributed in All its surface, with the consequent saving of energy.
Its non-stick titanium coating reduces the use of oils or fats in cooking, which is always healthy.
They are manufactured in Germany with advanced technology, with products of the highest quality, and comply with all the certifications of the German Federal Institute of Health.

Special mention should be made of the well-known non- stick teflon pans.
As there is a whole controversy on the Internet where, as I have explained on several occasions is all good but also everything bad , I would like to clarify that the true miracle coating that discovered Dupont in 1938, Teflon® has to carry its logo ®, and That most of the time when talking about a teflon nonstick coating is not about authentic.
Teflon® is a registered trademark of DuPont.
It is a high performance fluorinated polymer similar to polyethylene whose chemical name is “polytetrafluoroethylene” or ” PTFE .
This PTFE has attracted attention in recent years due to questions that arose about PFOA, which is an additive that was used in the manufacturing process of this PTFE.
For those who do not know what PFOA is, I clarify that it is perfluoro octane acid , and that certain types of Teflon, but not all, can contain it.

DuPont began adopting a new generation of technologies in 2009 so that PTFE could be manufactured without the use of PFOA and since 1 January 2012 no longer uses PFOA to make non-stick coatings for kitchenware or baking utensils.

Finally, porcelain or ceramic coated pans , which many will have acquired by novelty, all of which I know at least, are too flat .
They may be the healthier and healthier alternative to Teflon® provided they are purchased in quality, but certified to contain no heavy metals , no PTFE, no PFOA, and no nanoparticles.
But their non-stickiness, however much they take care of, usually lasts much less and grate easily, exposing the layer of aluminum that we know is not a good surface of contact with food.
In addition, poor quality may contain even heavy metals.
In my opinion they can also be a further sophistication to provoke consumption , such as porcelain knives , which in the end end up not cutting.

You have all heard of it, because it is “the last important news” that it is not enough to buy fresh food , but it has to be superfresh …
Well, that’s … strategies to sell more … whatever!

You know that I recommend you always and for everything, raw to cook and even more to fry, our wonderful liquid gold, extra virgin olive oil.
In the post of the next day I will explain to you the most correct way to fry in a traditional frying pan and to clean it, something that also matters a lot.
The less time we are in the kitchen, the better, as long as we cook in a healthy way , and this is only achieved by employing effective “tools”.

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Development and implementation according to MBE

Ideally, the guidelines should be developed using the EBM method. But since this requires a great deal of resource consumption, time and means a certain degree of complexity, another possible option is the local adaptation of guides already elaborated with the MBE method and validated. This process has general acceptance and serves to improve the sense of belonging that local professionals will have in front of this instrument. GPC adaptation requires valid GPC search, identification, review, and analysis before deciding which recommendations to adopt and serve as the basis for their implementation at the local level.

The process for the development and evaluation of CPGs should be oriented to results.The scope of the guide will depend on the definition of the population to which it is directed and the objectives that are pursued with the application of the guide.

The development and implementation of CPG, according to the MBE method, requires a systematic approach that considers three phases and 10 stages:

Phase I: development of the guide. Steps I to VII.
Phase II: implantation. Step VIII.
Phase III: evaluation and updating. Stages IX and X.


Importance of standardization in clinical practice

Around clinical management, we have established the importance of standardizing clinical practices. She helps to solve the problems of variability by producing documents based on available scientific evidence.

In the health culture, the importance of standardization of clinical practices has gradually been recognized as dynamic information tools that establish guidelines to optimize the care of each patient. Despite this, there is no common criterion to name them and they are under different names, such as guidelines, routes, guidelines of clinical practices, protocols.

In our environment it is important to establish the conceptual difference between Clinical Practice Guide (GPC), protocol and algorithm, for which the following definitions are presented.

Types of tools for standardization

Guide clinical practice (GPC) is a document that contains systematically developed statements to assist health personnel and patient decisions about appropriate health care for specific clinical picture.

Protocol of medical care: it is a document that describes in brief the set of technical and medical care needed for a specific health situation procedures. The protocols can be part of the CPG and are used especially in critical aspects that require total attachment to the indicated, as it happens in emergencies (resuscitation) or when there is legal regulation, as in forensic medicine.

Algorithm: is a graphical representation in the form of a flow chart of a finite set of steps, rules or logical procedures, successive and well defined, to be followed to solve a specific diagnostic or therapeutic problem. Also called an algorithm is the sequence of ordered steps that lead to solving a problem.

Clinical pathways: are care plans that apply to patients with a given disease, presenting a predictable clinical course. Clinical pathways are also known as care maps, practical guidelines, care protocols, coordinated care, integrated care pathways, care pathways, multidisciplinary, collaborative care programs, early discharge routes, pathways of care or management of clinical cases.

They are a way of adapting clinical practice guidelines or protocols to the actual and concrete exercise of a center. They are the operative version of the clinical guidelines.

The guidelines or protocols define the care or care that the patient should receive. The pathways define when, how and in what sequence the care or care should be provided and also specify the objectives of each phase.

The clinical pathway is a clinical management tool designed to facilitate the systematic and multidisciplinary care of the patient and does not replace the clinical judgment of the professional, but rather complements it.

Clinical Practice Guidelines


“They are a proposal that supports the decision of the physician in the choice of procedures and behaviors that must be followed before a patient in specific clinical circumstances, to improve the quality of medical care, to reduce the use of unnecessary, ineffective or harmful interventions, Facilitate the treatment of patients with maximum benefit and minimize the risk of harm. “Sackett DL, 1985.

“Clinical guidelines are systematic recommendations based on available scientific evidence to guide the decisions of practitioners and patients about the most appropriate and efficient health interventions in addressing a specific health-related problem in specific circumstances.” Field and Lohr, 1990.

“The Clinical Practice Guidelines are technical-medical instruments that describe standard, explicit, reproducible and objective procedures for diagnosis, useful for systematizing the behavior that must be followed in the care of certain health problems and guiding the definition of the health plan. Treatment through protocols and algorithms that allow the provision of correct and open assistance for evaluation. “Mexican Social Security Institute.

“Recommendations systematically developed to assist professionals and patients in making informed decisions about the most appropriate health care, the choice of the most appropriate diagnostic or therapeutic options in the approach to a health problem or a specific clinical picture.” Institute of Medicine, United States.

We can see in these definitions written in different moments of the decades just past, that in their origin the guides appear as orientations limited to the exclusive exercise of medicine. However, with the passage of time they have been expanding to all health care, to the current vision in which it is multiprofessional and, as we will see later, also of multiple processes.


The CPGs are intended to serve as instruments for improving quality, with the aim of:

  • Improve the quality of clinical exercise.
  • Reduce unwanted variation in the clinical exercise.
  • Systematize the focus of the main reasons for medical care that the population presents.
  • Unify within a framework of clinical flexibility, institutional health care criteria.
  • Establish the minimum indispensable criteria for the management of the main reasons for health care based on the institutional organization by levels of care.
  • Guiding clinical decision making.
  • Reordering or, as appropriate, developing and keeping up-to-date the technical-medical criteria of the reference system and against reference between the different levels of care of the organization.
  • To be a substantive element for the objective evaluation of the quality of medical care.
  • Promote the continuous and accessible updating of knowledge in all levels of care.
  • Promote the integral management of the patient with measures at all levels of care.
  • Encourage the appropriate use of medical technologies.


Because clinical guidelines are based on the best available evidence, they should be reviewed regularly to incorporate, as necessary, the results of new research, new technologies and the evaluation of results from other clinical guidelines. The need to meet specific requirements for the interpretation of clinical guidelines is not trivial.Several studies have thoroughly evaluated the quality of interpretation and implementation of clinical guidelines and the need for greater methodological rigor has been demonstrated.

If you are interested in delving into this content, we invite you to Visit us online.

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Want a vintage photo of remembrance in Florence? At the corner of Via Nazionale and Piazza della Stazione, a small vintage instant photo booth!

Just before leaving Florence, near the central railway station (Santa Maria Novella) you can take your photos in photo booth hire melbourne wonderful time. In fact, four souvenir photos in black and white!

It only costs € 2 (unless other new digital photo booths that cost 4 €!) Although it takes approximately 5 minutes and a half to get the pictures!

The results are so impressive!

This small photo booth takes four different images of you in black and white. You can do crazy wives or simply compose words with hands like I did with my boyfriend!

It is ideal for couples, for yourself, for everyone!

In fact, there is an inscription in Italian that says, “Take photos with your friends, your dog, your girlfriend, the dwarf Amélie, who want to have a souvenir of Florence, after a bad day with your brother … etc … “

Remember that everything you have is a few seconds (about 30 seconds) between one photo and the other!

Be creative! Do not think, just shoot!


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In these restaurants as well as eating drinking. These are the most outstanding cellars of the city.

palacio Duhau


Unless we talk about a local fast food or a pizzeria area, we know that to be a good restaurant today not just serve good food: the wine must also occupy a central place. There are restaurants that always have done, as the classics Oviedo or volume I, and others like La Bourgogne, have very long letters.
But the amount of wine and a history devoted not always guarantee a good letter. The service must also be the best, as well as advice and the offer, which must be in tune with the food. In the restaurants on the list then there is everything: extensive, selective, letters with very expensive and exclusive wines, and others that are proud to point to the good price/quality ratio. All different, but with a common denominator: the appreciation of wine. 1. only for connoisseurs: LA BOURGOGNE
The menu of this restaurant marked a path in our country and since its opening in 1993 was transformed into the unveiling of any wine lover. With 500 labels, the sommelier Alejandro Barrientos achieves a successful selection of national and imported wines in a ratio of 60 – 40% respectively, with special accent on French labels. That is why it is important to know the subject to choose in this letter divided by countries and denominations of origin. The data to not be mistaken: gossiping the recommendations of Sommelier, where Barrientos suggests a selection based on the station menu. 
(Ayacucho 2027, Recoleta (Hotel Alvear) / T. 4808-2100)

2. for drinking the world at a dinner: DUHAU restaurant

Sommelier Marcelo Rebolé fielded the Charter of more extensive Malbecs from the world (300 tags), but also selected the best wines from France, Italy, Spain and the new world to give his cava tenor. A dinner can start with French Champagne, follow with a Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand for entry, and major, a Premier Cru (Lafite, Latour, Haut Brion), some famous Ribera del Duero (Vega Sicilia), perhaps a Supertoscano (Ornellaia, Sassicaia). There Portos and Sauternes for desserts, while the desktop they show excellent distillates, such as the Remy Martin Louis XIII. National brands have vertical Compline from Felipe Rutini’s Ricardo Santos of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon of Carmelo Patti.
(Av. Alvear 1661, Recoleta (Palacio Duhau) / T. 5171 – 1340)

3. for modern wines: the BISTRO + wine cellar the FAENA HOTEL
Since that opened its doors in 2004 this hotel drew the Buenos Aires Court in matters of style, and the same is true with your wine: an important carpeton of white leather, that when opened tells everyone that you are choosing the beverage. There are exclusive and famous labels (Petrus, glass) but also other more modern, young and talented winemakers in Argentina, as Marcelo Pelleriti, Alejandro Vigil or Héctor Durigutti. The advice of sommeliers is very good, all trained by Aldo Graziani, a seal of quality for this House. And if they do not reach the unicorns of the walls to impress in the cellar there are other wonders. With previous reservation, also you can dine there below.
(Martha Salotti 445, Puerto Madero (Hotel Faena) / T. 4010-9200)

4. to get the corporate card: CABAÑA LAS LILAS

There is no other Grill like this to a stranger passing through the city. Cabana Las Lilas is famous for its meat and its fine selection of wines. With over 500 labels, you can try how to harmonize a bife de chorizo with a Cheval Blanc, French, or a strip with a Purple Angel Carmenere’s House roast Montes, Chile. With regard to Argentine wines, are the most prominent internationally (Catena Zapata, Achával Ferrer, Cobos) because they receive much tourist who arrives with the recommendations of the guru Robert Parker. That Yes, if not with the corporate card, better not get either order a Vieux Château de Lopez, that does not fail.
Alicia Moreau de Justo 516, Puerto Madero / T. 4313-1336

5. to go it’s molecular: MORENO restaurant 
Chef Dante Liporace seeks to excite with sophisticated and innovative, dishes from a menu of ten steps with avant-garde cuisine. And the wine also is it modern. In the glazed wine cellar which occupies the Centre of the room you will see a selection of 200 labels Argentine non-traditional (farm, Cobos, Noemia, CarinaE) that offer something new and different; Although there is also place for very good options that start at $60 (Las Perdices, winery in the desert, kids). With a little skill in the choice you can drink well without seized goods. 
(372 Moreno, San Telmo / T. 5291-2380)

6. to drink without guilt: CASA CRUZ
As soon as he gets a foot in the Hall of Casa Cruz the cava is imposed as the protagonist: 300 labels with strong emphasis on the best of Argentina, though there are also some Australian, Spanish, Chilean and French. The letter is very accurate and valuable information (Winery, origin, composition, winemaker, etc.), and the wines are sorted by strain and price. In an oversight or temptation, count can reach four figures before the main dish, but should not panic: there are good options from $50. A tip for experts: in the cellar have some vertical valuable (the Nobles Malbec Verdot from 1997 to 2004, dedicated in 2001 to 2004). 
(Uriarte 1658, Palermo – T. 4833-1112)

7. for nationalists: DON JULIO

Not only is one of the best racks of Buenos Aires for the quality of its meat and its service, but also has a wine list, with 120 tags – created with passion by Pablo Rivero, owner – in that place there for the Malbec more top (Cobos, $1500, for example) and good choices money that start at $40. But not everything is Malbec in our country and they have other options, such as Bonarda and Cabernet choice. The letter is Creole, with coverage of rawhide that describes very well the proposal to place: meat in its point and national wines.
(4691 Guatemala esq. Gurruchaga – 4831-9564 T. / 4832-6058)

8. of easy choice: BAR URONDO
The first to have a list of wines rated by styles. And that what means? It ordered the labels according to aromatic and light, intense and with body, etc. In this way, it is easy to risk and ask for a little-known brand. And even though the letter is neither extensive nor nourished in specialties, selection is impeccable, with different price ranges (start at $37) and a range of snacks and spirits. In doubt, should ask Sebastián Koncurat – sommelier and partner – your recommended; You can to offer you a wine out of the letter. And if you want to bring your own bottle, corkage costs 20 pesos.
(Beauchef 1204, Parque Chacabuco – T. 4922-9671)

9. to eat and drink at logical prices: harvest
A neighborhood barbeque with soul of folk, that surprises by its complete wine list. When you first start to haunt him, discovered the secret: his mistress, Candelaria Lighezzolo, is sommelier and puts tabs to the subject. You will find some high-end labels, but the focus this post on the value for money (southern Andes, Las Perdices for example) so don’t miss the red wine on the table. For a way out with friends or a couples dinner goes well: drink, eat and be Silver for the taxi’s return.
(Zelarrayan 995 esq Beauchef, Parque Chacabuco / T. 4926-1116)

10 for lazy: THYMUS

Disclaimer: this restaurant has closed.
The small restaurant has a varietal letter with 100 labels, where you will find all the varieties that are produced in the country, although some only have a brand. The selection is in charge of the Beto Avia sommelier and one of its owners, Julián Díaz, who seek above all diversity: in still wines only national labels, in sparkling imported. You’ll find some gems as Noemia, remote farm or the Mainqué Merlot, along with classic labels like Montchenot. But if you’re lazy or don’t like you decide wine, Avia is responsible for guiding you and open wines that are necessary. The idea is to offer you what you want to drink. 
(Lerma 525 esq. Malabia Villa Crespo / T. 4772-1936)

11. for lovers of still lifes and wedding: Vancouver patio wedding
Are you planning an event? The Dockside Brewing Company offers a range of options perfect for groups of 30 to 300. From corporate dinners, wedding parties, tour groups, private receptions or gala events, the Dockside Restaurant has several different spaces available for rental or buyouts and our expert team is fully versed in working through your plans and building menus to please and satisfy your guests while staying on budget.

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Every day I find myself advising more people with the SEO of your web pages (free of charge and without considering me an “seo expert” or référencement Montréal). For those who don’t know it, SEO is the process by which we optimize our website to get more organic visitors, i.e. without paying Google or anyone else, with only exit at the first results of google when someone does a given search.

Personally I managed to position many keywords at the top of google. In the last month, I have managed to position a keyword of 1 single word with millions (Yes, millions) competitors between the 2nd and 3rd place in Google. This makes me think that I have enough experience and knowledge to be able to boast of it. However, I think that he has been and is pretty easyNot to alter the results I will not put the word here, but those who want to know, should just write me.

Foto CC de Rodrigosa

On the other hand, I’ve also seen entrepreneurs in 50 or 60 years to dominate the first page of some incredible niches in a matter of months. That is why, in my opinion, there are no experts in SEO, much less gurus, or things like that. Perhaps these “experts” can teach you some things, and I think that should really be his task, but from there to have a super power special, maybe not. In any case all are potential experts in SEO with only some information. Why do I believe this? Because I believe that you to run well the SEO just 3 things are needed.

The 3 large key to dominate the front pages of Google and be an expert in SEO

Shall not bore you with stories of pain and grief as the Panda: the last batch of changes in Google’s algorithm that has slapped to many “experts” for its dark techniques. Other people complain constantly of their poor results, tend to grow impatient, changes make it demasiadoas to their websites without waiting to begin to see results or using “black hat” techniques. Personally never have been there because from the beginning I realized something very important: make good SEO is like planting a tree. Today you put the seed, put water daily, fold him the Sun when it is summer, you put in the window in the winter, and little by little you will see your small outbreak grow to become a great and magnificent tree. In the case of SEO: dominating your niche to win in your marketplace.

Now that I think better, esto is not just SEO, I think that any business, brand or idea that occurs to us should be mature enough to become something big. You have to wait to grow. The same goes for the search engine optimization. However, it is not a mathematical formula, and is for this reason that no one can make the road for us, so I think that it is madness to outsource all our SEO strategy.

The strategy must be internal and based on three simple premises, which are detailed below:

1. make you a leader in your field and be recognized by this (expert in your area, not “seo expert”)

On the Internet we compete with millions of invisible facesUsually the most recognized each market segment tend to be a dozen (vs. million!) competitors. To reach this position surely took some of these roads: to)were the first on the market; (( b) did the same thing that made others but gave a sufficiently good and interesting twist to Excel over others (example: instagram, which soon attained a global recognition and was recently acquired by facebook – by 1 billion dollars!-) or c) were constant and put into practice all what they learned about a specific topic.

Being a leader of an area specific may require much effort or not, depending on how much you know, and what are so eloquently demonstrating itYou must breathe love for what you do. No good wanting to mislead anyone – as the cluetrain manifestosaid it)-: sooner or later we will realize. Therefore you must be always sincere, explain where you know and put into practice what they preach.

You can make ti a leader in your area, personally, or you can create a web personality (brand) that is. This will give you hundreds of opportunities to take the baton of your area and show the way to those who trust in ti.Above all, it is important to know about writing for the web, as it is our first tool for when someone is looking for know about some subject matter. If yours is not to write, find someone who knows. Your audience must be captive and tell about your site – quoting my primita 5 years – “No me gusta.” Love it!“.”

That Yes, leading a niche is not talk about ti all the time (though there are those who do it), but have an open and honest relationship with everyone from your audience to your competitors. Talk about everything and everyone,know every corner of your niche.

In terms of SEO, become the leader in your area will make you a reference, by which you will gain many links relating to your topic. Every day is more important that those who link to you belong to a defined “cluster”, to a topic (see the next item). And already not to mention the “Social” Seo, that with the arrival of Google Plus is a clear sign of what is to come. So it is a must to participate in different networks to benefit them both with traffic “social” as with traffic via search engine Google.

2. have a technically correct page and not be selfish with your links (links to who deserves it!)

It is important to have a properly organized page. Not only in the face of the user, but also frames. When we have a HTML clean, a lovely css, and a UI good enough to satisfy those who read us, all the equation will work for tiThis can be something very simple. For example: installing some basic wordpress theme will give us the basics to work.

That Yes, we must understand what it is every thing: from the M1 to the bold. So I recommend you search on google for something like “internal optimization of web page”. There is a lot of information in this regard. (Yes, I confess that it bores me to talk about it.)

On the other hand, the subject of the inbound links is important, but equally important is to link our sources.There is a concept that I discovered a few months ago and after investigating enough started to use. It is not something new, but it is something of which I was not very convinced… until I started to use it. Pages clusters , like wikipedia, or other leaders in certain areas (sometimes competing) serve reference to Google for more information about ti and the field of work that you do. The semantic web requires it. For example, if you have a technology news page, it will be more useful that links to an apple news from reuters as a reference that you use the same Apple website.

The keyword of which I speak at the beginning of this article went up 5 positions with only putting a link to wikipedia.

3 speed and constant improvements

The loading speed of your website is vital. I’ve seen pages climbing positions just hours after having been changed server. And thinking about it, I am also witness to many pages in HTML to which any “wordpress” has been able to lie his positioning. Why? Because it loads faster a HTML to a dynamic website. So, not only consider the hosting where are your websites, but the technology used.

Constant improvements are important because they allow us to (forgive the redundancy) improve the user experience. Improvements in technology, types of files, texts, choice of keywords, use of tags, use of images, use of videos, etc. must be the order of the day. Without esto, and trying new things is very difficult to make changes.We have to show you, not just from Google, but to our audience, that we are striving, that our platform is “alive”.And above all, that we are up to date.

In addition, to the extent that we improve the user experience, more users spend more time on our website, which translates into a better rate of measurement so that Google knows that our website is quality.

In short

Although it is not a summary very short, or not very full, because I feel that I’m leaving hundreds of details on the outside, I think that these three factors are vital. For a web project not focusing more than on becoming leaders of the subject, have a correct web and constantly improve user experience I can guarantee, a 99.9% success would be imminent.

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21 Aguas e infusiones frutales y naturales que deberías probar

Perhaps we think that juices, teas and waters flavored only can be eaten in summer. This is true because they are refreshing and thirst take instantly, it is also true that we need the power of the fruits, vegetables and spices throughout the year. In the winter, too, if we want to avoid getting sick because of low temperatures.

Benefits of natural teas and waters

However, the overall benefits of drinking them periodically may be inherent in all of them, every one of the recipes of flavored waters and teas have particular benefit. As a first step, we must say that us moisturizes without adding too many calories. This is perfect if we are dieting. On the other hand, give us a good nutrition according to the consumed fruits: vitamins, proteins, minerals and fibers all in a same vessel.

agua con limon DorteF
Natural juices, in addition, prevent or eliminate fluid retention, sate us appetite, us cool in summer and increase our defenses for the winter.Several times a week drinking herbal teas and flavored waters natural is good for:

  • transport oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.
  • protect organs and allow them to work correctly.
  • keep the skin young and soft.
  • delete the dehydration due to coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, medicines, heat and exercise.
  • lubricate the joints.
  • stimulating the muscles.
  • avoid constipation.
  • feel satisfied and eat less food.
  • think more clearly.
  • contribute to the body natural foods (fruits, vegetables, herbs and water).

It is good to know that flavored waters are sold in markets are not recommended for the body, because they have a lot of preservatives, artificial and other chemicals. For this reason, nothing better than prepare them at home. We will take only a few minutes and they will even be more affordable.

If you’re not drinking much water because it bores you or because you like to add a little flavor to your meals, you can take advantage of different mixtures and recipes of herbal teas and infused water. Start the morning drinking a glass of water with fruit: you’ll have much more energy and vitality to face throughout the day. You can add seeds, herbs, ice and fruit that you want or have.

Throughout the day, inside or outside meals. The ideal is to drink a glass in the morning (breakfast) other half of the morning, one at lunch, another in the afternoon and last night with dinner. You’ll be giving your body everything you need: hydration, nutrients, vitamins and natural recipes without chemical additives.

Different combinations of flavored waters and natural teas

The ingredients that you can use to prepare these waters or natural teas are:

  • Fruits: citrus (Orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit), berries (blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, cherries) tropical (granada, mango, kiwi, papaya), melon, watermelon, pear, grape, Plum, Apple, banana, peach, Nectarine.
  • Plant: cucumber, carrot, celery.
  • Aromatic herbs: Mint, Sage, basil, Rosemary, lavender, stevia, cilantro, thyme.
  • Spices: cinnamon, ginger, black pepper.

beber agua fría
The best combinations for a flavored water or natural tea are:

  • Grapefruit with Mint, Sage, Rosemary or Basil (one of these spices).
  • Lemon with mint and Basil or cilantro.
  • Lemon and coriander.
  • Lemon and ginger.
  • Lemon with Mandarin, pear and coriander.
  • Lemon with orange and ginger.
  • Orange Ginger and basil.
  • Cucumber with lemon or lime, mint or Basil.
  • Cucumber with grapefruit and Sage or Rosemary.
  • Cucumber with watermelon and Mint.
  • Carrot with Apple, lemon and ginger.
  • Carrot with granada and Sage.
  • Melon with watermelon and Sage or Mint.
  • Watermelon with mint and Basil or Rosemary.
  • Melon with orange and lemon.
  • PEAR with Rosemary or Sage.
  • Nectarine with banana and basil.
  • Mora with raspberry, strawberry and Mint.
  • Strawberry with grapefruit and Sage.
  • Apple with plum, Blueberry and Mint or Sage.
  • Cherry with lemon and Mint.

Steps to make flavored water or natural teas

Agua saborizada de jengibre

Once you’ve chosen the best combinations between those indicated above, either taking into account the available ingredients, you must know how to prepare delicious infusions and natural flavored waters:

  • First, Add fruit or vegetable to a bowl and crush with a mortar or wooden spoon, crushing as possible. If needed, remove the skin or seeds.
  • Then, placed a bit of herb or spice chosen. If it is an aromatic, better place the leaf of the plant natural. In that case, squeeze it a little to release its aromas and juices, as well as natural extracts and oils.
  • Finally, Add mineral water tap and if you want to be cool, a few ice cubes. You can only enjoy its flavor and all of its properties.
  • To store, if it is that you’ve done in great quantity and like to drink several times, placed in a jar of glass with lid airtight in the refrigeratorYou can also use a pitcher, wherever glass. It stays for a week.
  • It recalls that trafficking in an infusion and not of a juice or a smoothie, therefore, the quantities of the ingredients should be few. Does not require use of sugar or other sweetener. If it’s too sour for you, you can add some fresh leaves of Stevia or even a small spoonful of honey, but it will not be necessary.
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If you suspect that your boyfriend is cheating, it is likely that your relationship has become unstable. But maybe you don’t want to charge him until you have evidence or testing an adventure. Here you will be provided several methods that you can use to gather information, instant checkmate review and determine if your intuition is correct.


Method 1 of 3: perceived changes in their behavior

  1. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 1 Version 3.jpg
    Determines if more than usual is concerned about their physical appearance.Has it begun to exercise more, dressing better, preen with more care, or use a new pleasant perfume? While improving his own person exercising and grooming are are choices for a healthy life, determines if you are trying to improve their appearance by someone else. [1]


  2. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 2 Version 3.jpg
    If your dream or your daily schedule habits begin to change. If your boyfriend is usually go to bed at 9, and suddenly you are away from home overnight or circling in the House late at night, this could be a sign of unfaithfulness.

    • Similarly, if usually follow a set routine of going to the gym in the morning or leaving the office and get home at 5 o’clock, but now sleeps or stays at the office late, these changes in your daily schedule may sr one track that spend time in another place, possibly in the company of another person. [2]
  3. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 3 Version 3.jpg
    Ask yourself whether it looks more distracted or distant. If it tends to be a very attentive and helpful couple who asks you how goes your day and enjoys having long conversations with you at dinner, and suddenly looks uninterested by what happened in your day or bored when you have long conversations with you, this may be a sign that your interest and commitment are focused on another person , not in you. [3]

    • Your partner could also lose interest in the activities of the home, how to spend time with their children, fix the House, mowing the lawn, etc.
    • You could also spend more time on the phone texting text or on the computer, in private chat rooms or social networking pages. If you start to use your phone or computer much more frequently, or if it becomes very secretive with their use, this could be a warning signal. [4]
  4. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 4 Version 3.jpg
    Identifies all changes or changes in your sex life. Perhaps they have sex less frequently or there is an increase in sudden and strange sexual activity with new preferences or sexual tastes you not experienced with him previously. [5] [6]

    • You might begin to wonder where she learned some sexual movement or what was causing it to develop some preference in the bed. One possible reason is that you are trying new moves with another person.
    • It is also likely to have less sexual desire or to reject your attempts to have intimacy with excuses like “I’m tired” or “maybe another night”. [7]
  5. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 5 Version 3.jpg
    Identifies if he gets defensive or angry with you easily and more frequently. If it seems that it starts many fights, it bother you for something small so that normally it is not angry or is put on the defensive when you ask how it was the night in which went out with his friends, these may be signs of infidelity. [8]

    • Changes in their usual behavior involving anger to you could be a reflection of the guilt he feels for being you infidel or from fear of their adventure to discover.
  6. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 6 Version 3.jpg
    Pay attention to the handling of the consequences of a fight. Will be looking for some space and then returns to apologize? Or refuses to apologize or show remorse for the hurtful words that you said? If you used to forgive and forget after a fight and is no longer so, this could be a warning signal. [9] [10]

    • It is important to remember that the interior of your boyfriend confusion has nothing to do with you and is a reflection of their own anxiety and fears. Tries to not take this anger towards you as something personal or pressure you to try to forgive you or feel better, since this could also mean that he feels guilty for an adventure.
  7. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 7 Version 3.jpg
    Writes down any suspicious changes in the behavior of your boyfriend. This will help you to collect evidence of his infidelity and determine the hours, dates and excuses, etc., that lied you about your adventure. [11]

    • If your partner will lie, it is likely that he change his story, question your memory or deny your accusations, so keep a record of your activity is essential.
  8. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 8 Version 3.jpg
    Read the article “How to know if someone lies”. This article will provide you with the skills to determine if your boyfriend is lying. Most of the people are bad lying, so if you are using the proper technique to detect their lies, you could achieve that he confess you your adventure.

    • Keep in mind that once you know to suspect your behavior, it could start to work overtime to cover up the tracks. If so, you will have to be more vigilant and strive more to obtain evidence of his infidelity.
  9. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 9.jpg
    Considers to talk with him about your suspicions. If you perceive changes or changes in their behavior, it is possible that you are dealing in this way not because he is being unfaithful, but because it is dealing with other problems of Interior like depression, sadness, intense anxiety, etc. Talk with him about your suspicions rather than resorting to drastic measures, as flip or invade their privacy, will show that you care for the relationship and make it work.



Method 2 of 3: check your things

  1. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 10.jpg
    Writes the activity being carried out in your cell phone. Find out if it has been making long phone calls at unusual hours of the night or if he receives text from other women. It is also likely that it has developed new manners for the phone, where you need privacy or space to talk to someone, and hangs up as soon as you walk into the room or ignores you when you ask her who spoke by telephone. 

    • If you can access your cell phone bill (either physical or virtual), you can check each call made in that month, allowing you to check if unusual hour long talks were or if he made many calls to a number in particular that you don’t know. [13]
    • You can also try to check the messages on your phone and your mailbox voice, but in this way it is easy to catch snooping. A time appropriate to check your phone is when in the shower or when it came out a walk and let your phone charging. [14]
    • If your boyfriend often misplace your phone, you can simply take it and leave to assume that you missed it. In this way, you can see who called or sent text messages daily.
  2. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 11.jpg
    Find out if you changed all the passwords on your computer or if you moved it to an area or private room. Be cautious if their activity on the computer becomes secret or stealthy, and if he gets defensive or becomes distant when you use your computer or ask what is seeing on the screen. [15]

    • This may be a sign that it is trying to restrict your access to your computer and hide something from your hard disk or history of navigation.
    • It is to your computer when you are not at home and check the hard drive in search of hidden folders that contain pictures of other women or couples, as well as love letters. Check out the article “How to find hidden in Windows files” to learn how to do it.
  3. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 12.jpg
    Check your social network accounts. This can be your email, Facebook, Instagram, and instant messaging accounts. Many times, Heathens used the Internet to carry out their secret Affairs, especially if that checked their phones or to handle your calls are concerned.

    • Some unfaithful people may be using web pages of infidelity as meet2cheat or ihookup[16]Check the computer browsing history to know if he visited any of these web pages of infidelity.
    • It is also likely that some infidels think different Facebook profiles to find other people online and send them messages or meet with them to have an adventure. So check if you saved in bookmarks or if he saw any page or Facebook profile many times. [17]
    • You can also find hidden Internet profiles of your partner using a service like Spokeo or Rapleaf. [18]
    • These are web pages that are used to reveal the “liars, infidels and bastards” publishing stories about men unfaithful to warning mode so that others do not commit the same. [19]
  4. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 13.jpg
    Check your department or your side of the bed to verify if there are love letters, gifts and photos. Think of where it could hide their personal items or things that do not want you to see.

    • Carefully examine all physical evidence of infidelity to make sure not to misunderstand a letter or an object that has a sentimental value, rather than romantic. The fact that keep the picture of your ex-girlfriend or his first love letter does not necessarily mean that you are being unfaithful.
    • It is important to obtain irrefutable evidence of his infidelity before confronting it, so check out the cards, gifts or photographs with much insight. 



Method 3 of 3: monitors your activity

  1. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 14.jpg
    Placed a hidden camera or a recording in your room and your car device.You can get a secret Chamber or a small recording in most espionage shops or Internet device. Place it in an area that your frequent boyfriend or that spend much time, especially when he speaks by phone or surfing the Internet.

    • You can also download an application called Night Recorder on your phone, which will record the sounds of the room in which you let your phone, including all secret calls or sounds of sex that are not yours. [21]
  2. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 15.jpg
    Download a spyware on your computer. You can download Internet software keys (keylogger) recorder, as SpyPal spy, and you can install it on a computer without that person knows that it is running in the background. [22]

    • These types of programs can record information such as passwords and emails typed pages visited, even can record a video of the screen when your boyfriend uses the computer. [23]
  3. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 16.jpg
    Placed a GPS monitor in his car or track it with your phone. If you want to catch your boyfriend red-handed, placed a GPS device on the bottom of your car and track its movements to be able to find out if it ends with his pants down in a cheap motel off the highway. [24]

    • You can also use the application “Find my phone” to “find your Cheating boyfriend”. If you have access to your boyfriend iCloud account, you can enter and observe how your phone moves in real time, directly to the location of another person. [25]
  4. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 17.jpg
    Create a false profile of a social network. You can use this profile to access web pages that promote infidelity in couples to find out if your boyfriend has a profile on the page or if you are using any of these pages to see with someone. [26]

    • You can also catch your boyfriend if you are using the fake account to add it to your friends on Facebook. You can then start to flirt him for awhile and see how you respond. If it starts to send pictures I naked to your fake profile or if it suggests you find in a hotel, it is clear that you do not think to be monogamous.
  5. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 18.jpg
    Gun the ideal opportunity so that it can be you Infidel. Although this may be the most complex option, since it requires some planning and organization on your part, it is another way to catch red-handed your boyfriend. Give an excuse as an appointment at the hairdresser or a meeting with a friend, and then observe it from another street or in your car a block away to verify if use your absence as an opportunity to meet someone.

    • Keep in mind that this is also the most risky option, since it implies to lie to your partner in a convincing way and then monitor their movements until you take a step in false.
  6. Catch a Cheating Boyfriend Step 19.jpg
    Considered hiring a private detective. Private detectives have license to monitor and know the best and most legitimate tactics to discover evidence of infidelity. 

    • If you have a relationship long on which your financial situation is involved, or if you are married, by which your financial situation is committed legally, is a good idea hiring a private detective.
    • Looking for a detective who specializes in cases of infidelity.



  • If you’re not 100% sure that your partner is you being unfaithful, but have suspicions and are committed to the relationship, it may be better to confront him about the possible infidelity. In this way, you won’t have to sneak or Flip on its back and you try to have a mature conversation about trust and loyalty in the relationship, which will be sincere and direct.



  • Avoid follow your boyfriend all the time or check your phone or your computer every day, since it is likely that you caught spying on him. If not you being unfaithful, these actions may be counterproductive, since it is likely that dude your confidence to him and may be considered to end the relationship.
  • It’s not you become obsessed with finding evidence of infidelity, since most infidelity is discovered by accident and not a confrontation or dramatic accusation.
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Become a certified forklift driver requires much more than the simple ability to manage and operate a vehicle. Operate any type of machinery requires skill and experience to allow the operating conditions to be safe. There is a large number of ways in which you can obtain certification to become a forklift operator. Some employers will give you the training and you will send a qualified Centre for your test and get your operator’s license. Here are the steps recommended by  forklift certification atlanta that you must follow to obtain this certification.


  1. Become a Certified Forklift Driver Step 1 Version 2.jpg
    You should know everything that involves operating forklifts. This will help you know which types of work require this certification in order to find employment.Paying for any certification instruction is money badly spent if you’re not sure of what you want to do.


  2. Become a Certified Forklift Driver Step 2 Version 2.jpg
    Looking for a qualified school that can teach you to operate heavy machinery and offer the type of certification you need. If you are employed by a company that needs to learn how to operate a forklift to be able to climb or that they get a pay rise, they probably know a certification course that meets this requirement.
  3. Become a Certified Forklift Driver Step 3 Version 2.jpg
    Once you have completed your forklift driver training and you have received your certificate, you must also register in a safety course approved by OSHA (“Association of occupational health and safety” for its acronym in English). This helps to ensure that you not only have the ability to operate a forklift properly, but to check that you know the security requirements to operate this machinery according to OSHA safety standards.
  4. Become a Certified Forklift Driver Step 4 Version 2.jpg
    After finalize the OSHA-approved safety course, you are ready to be engaged as a certified forklift driver.
  5. Become a Certified Forklift Driver Step 5.jpg
    It is also important that during training are discussed topics your workplace policies and security. You can take a general class online to meet some of the requirements of OSHA, but the specific equipment and the rules of the place should be discussed in a class assigned by the company or by the employer once you’ve fulfilled the general class.
  6. Become a Certified Forklift Driver Step 6.jpg
    Operators should be evaluated on the computer which will operate by what a general evaluation in a remote area does not satisfy this requirement.



  • Be sure to comply with the requirements of licensing and insurance which provides for your state.
  • At some point you will need to take a refresher course in safe operation as part of the OSHA standards and because the laws can change.
  • Once you have received your certification, you’ll find a wide variety of employment opportunities. You can work full-time at a hardware store or at a construction site.You can also work part-time and jobs when you need the money.
  • You’ll also find job opportunities in the Government sector, although you can also work on your own offering your services on the basis of a contract.



  • You must perform this training seriously. The operation of heavy machinery can be very dangerous and misuse will result in injury or even death or that of a coworker.
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Trafficking in persons can include forced labour, forced prostitution and other sex-related jobs as work in massage parlours and agence d’escorte Montréal services.


After almost a decade since it came into force a law designed to catch traffickers, they manage to escape convictions in Canada, complain the defenders against trafficking in persons.

So far 35 convictions have posted by trafficking in persons since new laws to combat it have entered into force in 2005, according to the latest report from public safety Canada.

Among those cases, at least nine of the victims were under 18 years of age, and two of those 35 cases were for the purpose of forced labor.


When it comes to fees, data from Statistics Canada show that 125 people were accused in Canada between 2005 and 2012 in incidents in which trafficking in persons was the most serious crime.

Under a provision of the Penal Code established in November 2005, persons can be charged with human trafficking if they recruit, they hide or exert control over a person for the purpose of exploiting it.

Exploitation, in accordance with the law, means that the victim believes that disobey the dealer puts your safety or the safety of their loved ones at risk.

Trafficking in persons can include forced labour, forced prostitution and other sex-related as the work in massage parlours and escort services.

“Too many people coming out with their own ‘”

The Member of the conservative party Joy Smith of the city of Winnipeg, a leader in the fight against human trafficking, said that more charges and sentences are needed.

“I think that many are coming out with it,” he said. “Basically because the police were not trained to deal with the problem of trafficking in persons.”

Joy Smith, a Conservative Member of Parliament from Winnipeg, Manitoba, says she is not satisfied with the current amounts of funding and education aimed at combating trafficking in persons. (CBC) © CBC

Smith said that this situation is now changing, but while the police is being trained, the courts also have to assume their responsibility.

“When the cases reach the courts, the judges would have to understand what is trafficking in persons.The problem is that they also allow that makers out in freedom, and you wonder, ‘How is this?’ 

The Conservative Government has invested much money and resources to combat trafficking in persons. One of the campaign promises of Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2011 was to establish a national action plan.

The Government pledged 25 million dollars spread over four years. All this in addition to the millions of dollars earmarked for provinces such as Manitoba, which dedicated $ 10 million a year for its strategy of sexual exploitation.

Despite all efforts to combat the problem, Smith says that he is needed to do more.

“I am not satisfied with the amount of funding, and I am not satisfied with the lack of education,” he said.

Victim of human trafficking.

“Christine”, whose identity was not disclosed, is a woman of Winnipeg, in the province of Manitoba, in 30 years. She says that the law not protected her, and that the justice system sees women trafficked as victims of a crime.

‘Christine’, a Winnipeg woman in their 30s, says that she was taken to tricked into the sex trade a decade ago, when she became addicted to crack. © CBC

“Nobody bothers to find out beyond and ask, ‘ why are you here?” What is it that has led you to that? “”, she says. “

Christine escaped from his home in the suburbs of Winnipeg a decade ago and was introduced to the world of the crack by the man who frequented.

“I left my house, went to clubs, consumed crack on weekends, and began selling the drug,” he said, adding that she finally met her trafficker after becoming addicted.

He went to live with him and his family, and over time it threatened to throw it if it not began to prostitution to keep their drug habits.

Feeling trapped, Christine accepted. All the money that was going at the hands of their trafficker.

“I became their possession,” he added.

Trafficking in persons is not denounced, says fiscal

Jennifer Mann, a Prosecutor in the Crown of highest level in the province of Manitoba, said that there is no doubt that human trafficking is happening, but that it is a crime that is not denounced.

“Very few cases come to our attention in the trials,” he said. “The victims of this crime are seldom go to the police and report what is happening to them.”

Sergeant Darryl Ramkissoon of the Winnipeg police service is agreed that few victims are presented.

“Many times girls don’t want to go through the process of the Court and everything ends up there,” he said.

“Some will say you are forced to do so.”

The Prosecutor Mann adds that the penalties for traffic can be severe, up to 14 years in prison and even imprisonment if other factors, such as sexual assault and forced confinement, are present in the case.

“These are significant convictions,” he said. “They sent message to criminals that if they are involved in this type of behavior, the sentence can be very serious.”

The penalties for the 35 convictions obtained in Canada ranged between one day to nine years in prison. A company was fined more than $200,000.

About half of all victims of trafficking are Aboriginal

The lack of convictions in the provinces with a high proportion of Aboriginal people worries to Diane Redsky, Director of the Canadian women’s Foundation on the trafficking of women and girls in Canada.

Acepta says that its research reveals that about 50 per cent of all victims of trafficking are Aboriginal.

“It is clear that an over – representation of indigenous women. We know that most of the women and girls who are trafficked in Canada are marginalized, are Aboriginal, immigrant and refugee women as well as women living in poverty. 

Diane Acepta of the Canada women’s Foundation says that its research shows that about 50 percent of all victims of trafficking in Canada are Aboriginal. © (CBC)

More than 90 percent of the convictions in Canada involve the national human trafficking; the remaining cases involve people brought to Canada from other countries.

That is a gap that the expert of trafficking and author Benjamin Perrin said that it was “highly disturbing”, since their research shows that there are a large number of international victims in Canada from Eastern Europe and Asia.

“Their traffickers have never been prosecuted or paid accounts,” he said.

“This suggests that the criminals behind these companies work with impunity, making highly lucrative profits, and why we should be very concerned.”

But not all experts believe that international sex trafficking is so out of control.

John Ferguson, a Superintendent of the Royal Mounted Police, says that the lack of convictions in all international sex trafficking in Canada may indicate that it is not so widespread.

“After so many years, after a decade of implementation of laws when you have so few charges”, said, “only you can conjecture that efforts by the Government have gone in the wrong direction.”

Ferguson said that trafficking for forced labour is the main form of trafficking in the country.

“I think there is sex trafficking on the international scene in Canada, but not in an important way,” he said.

Too few questions asked

The expert in trafficking and author Benjamin Perrin said that women are trafficked in living rooms of massage and other industries related to sex, with very few questions asked about how they got there and who is controlling them.

“We have documented cases in Canada massage parlors that used essentially to women slaves to pay its debts ,” he said.

Debt slavery refers to women who come to Canada and are told that they cannot leave the sex industry until they pay a debt inflated by the dealer that can reach more than $50,000.

Kellie Leitch, Minister of State for women told CBC that the federal Government is very concerned about trafficking in persons.

“It’s atrocious crimes. Individuals who are perpetrating these crimes must be brought to trial”, he said.

It puts in evidence the plan of public safety Canada national action and more than $ 25 million in federal funds that has been invested in the development of a national strategy to combat trafficking in persons.

He added that more than 2.5 million in funds from his Department have been destined to the programming to help identify the challenges and act accordingly against trafficking in persons in the country.

“We have funded local community projects to raise awareness among Canadians about what is happening and that can deal with it. “More than 52 000 Canadians have been educated about how identify the victims of these tragedies.”

“My goal is to ensure that the most vulnerable in society, the victims of trafficking in persons – mostly children and women are protected,” he said. “This has to be stopped.”

Approximately 80 cases against trafficking in persons are currently before the courts.

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It’s the magic of cinema: manages to move us to a level that neither life itself does it. We get into the role of its protagonists, we enter their exciting stories and, inevitably, suffer and love with them up to the credit titles. And between averages, tears and more tears. If today you want to thrill you, reviewed with us these titles and prepare the scarves!

Sometimes you want to cry but you don’t get to throw a crybaby? All has happened. Live a stressful time, a bad day at work or any discussion with anyone who want can get frustrated and blocked, but it’s okay to cry once in a while, it makes us feel better. These are some romantic movies that I like most and they always make me cry everytime I watch, you can find them always available on Movie Tube Now  You only have to find the closest pad to hold you to it and a box of Kleenex. Do prepared? Here we go.

© One Day.

The journal of Noah (2004)

“I want to go back to those days where just a look was needed to make us smile, where time passed while we give us account and everything else didn’t matter, just us”.

All knew that the journal of Noah would be on this list. It is the film that women love and hate men and that has the superpower to make us weep bitterly. This love story crosses the borders of social diversity, endures over time and it teaches us that if two souls are destined to stay together, they will find the way to do itIf you have not seen it and not calling you care history, is RYAN GOSLING.

Ghost (1990)

“You do not know how much love I have”.

Romantic, dramatic, fun (of course, Whoopi Goldberg is there for something). The scene you see above is a pop culture icon, and the soundtrack, Unchained Melody, one of the best love songs of all time. Although very 90′s, this film never goes out of style. And much less will fail to move us.

The bridges of Madison (1995)

“I think that places where I’ve been and the photos that I’ve done during my life I have been driving to you.”

The film, directed and starring Clint Eastwood, and backed by the prodigious Meryl Streep, tells the story of the romance between Francesca Johnson, a married woman with two children, and Robert Kincaid, a photographer who is located in Madison County for a job.Between the two will be born a passion which, while it only last 4 days, will have a great impact on their lives. Will be like putting onion under your nose.

A couple of three (2008)

“A dog wouldn’t know what to do with a luxury car or a house or designer clothes, comply with a soaked stick. Give a dog whether you’re rich or poor, ready or bobo, smart or silly… If you give him your heart will give you yours. Of how many people should you tell that? How many people can make you feel exceptional, pure and special? How many people can make you feel special?“.

Although from the outside may seem a romantic comedy more, the dramatic weight of this film is really important. It tells the story of a couple and its evolution into a Royal family. In this way, meet Marley, a farmer who adopt and which will be the most fun and adorable that you’ve seen in your life. If you’re an animal lover, you’ll love it movie.

Blue Valentine (2010)

“Always done damage to who you want to. Who should not do damage. Always take the sweetest pink and is crushed until the petals fall.Always break the kindest hearts with a hasty word that you can not even remember. And if I broke your heart last night it is because I love you more than anything”.

This film is a brutal blow of realism to any idealization of love. Part of where it would end any romantic comedy, with the couple in love (in that huge trailer), and evolves towards the deterioration of the relationship, years after having fallen in love with. A sad story that will make you feel very identified realistic, and, sadly, will make you spill some bitter tears. And all this with the incredible performance ofMichelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. A hit.

Always by your side, Hachiko

“The loyalty of a dog teaches us that the friendship can last forever…”

This film is based on real events. The story of Hachiko, a Japanese Akita dog who became famous – even has an own sculpture - by the loyalty displayed towards his masterAfter the sudden death of the latter, Hachiko was every day for ten years waiting for the train in which the teacher was going to work. And there is no need to say more: crying is assured.

A walk to remember (2002)

“Love is like the wind. You don’t see it, but you feel it”

Another film to feel real. It chronicles the relationship between two very different teenagers each other but end up falling in love. Although problems soon appear, the film shows us that love is able to do incredible things, how to change a person and which will become someone completely admirable.

In search of happiness (2006)

“Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something. Not even me, ok? If you have a dream, you have to protect it. Persons who are not capable of doing something will tell you that you can not. If you want something, go for it and point”.

This film, starring Will Smith, teaches us that there is to learn from the failures and return to stand up, because there will be new opportunities for any of us. In search of happiness shows a beautiful relationship father and son makes us realize that love moves any change that we want to do in our life. And always at best.

One Day (2011)

“Emma listens, if I could make you a gift, a unique gift for a lifetime, do you know what would give you? confidence”.

Warning: This movie is to cry liters and liters of tears. The plot revolves around the relationship between Emma and Dexter, two people who, by circumstances of fate, are each 15 July for more than 20 yearsAt that time we see as their relationship grows, it weakens, it evolves… And meanwhile you will be with the heart in a fist so give all appropriate circumstances and that they will be together at last.Tip: whenever you think that the end of the movie reaches, grab the kleenex, who knows what can happen.

The Green Mile (1999)

“I’m tired of the pain I feel for the world. There is too much pain. “Are like pieces of glass that I can’t take them off”

This piece of drama, starring by (could be none other) Tom Hanks, tells the extraordinary story of a man with supernatural powers (is able to heal others) who is condemned to death in a penitentiary in Louisiana during the 1930s. The film makes us rethink something as momentous as the death penalty but, above all, why is there so much pain in the world, or why people who damage others without remorse, and with impunity. A very hard film to weep to laying mucus.

Forrest Gump (1995)

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what is going to play.”.

Forrest Gump is of those movies that everyone should see at least once in life. It shows us that no one can say ‘no’. If you want, you can, and if fights, get it. That’s what we will learn with the young Tom Hanks in one of the best moments of his career. A stunning lesson in life.

Titanic (1997)

“If you jump, I jump, do you remember?” I do not alejaré of your life not knowing that you are OK. It’s everything I want to.”

There are two reasons that can make you cry this film: tragic history itself or by the end of Leonardo DiCaprio (love of the adolescence of a generation). In any case, moving from one of the best movies of all time capacity is beyond doubt. It will leave you with a bitter taste in the mouth, odiarás vessels, those opposed to true love and, above all, odiarás to the wooden planks where clearly fit two people.

P.S. I love you (2007)

“The not talking not lasted, soon because it could not make you shut up.” But charming were trying to impress me with your big plans and William Blake. I had no idea of what talking, but could not prevent that he liked to hear from you. At that moment I fell in love with you”.

Another great movie to spoil countless handkerchiefs. In it, Holly is a young widow who tries to overcome the death of her husband when one day discovers that this has left him several letters, all with the same PostScript: “I love you”. If you are sensitive, this is your movie.

Romeo and Juliet (1996)

“Eyes, look for the last time.” Arms, give your last embrace. “And lips, that ye gates of breath, sellad with a last Kiss”.

The original version of the Shakespeare classic already speaks for itself alone. This time it’s a modern reinterpretation in which once again the binomial love and tragedy will be key to boot us the tears. what do you already know how to finish the story? Da igual, continues to be 100% effective.

500 days of summer (2009)

“I think it’s official. I am in love with Summer. I love his smile, his hair, his knees. I love the birth mark shaped heart which has on its neck, how licks his lips before speaking at times. Or the sound of her laugh, which is like when you’re asleep. I hear a love song everytime I think of it. I love how feel me. As if everything was possible, as… as if life were worth the penalty”.

We finished with the film that will make that Zooey Deschanel drop badly but that is like life itself. At times we fell in love with who should not or, simply, do not feel what we would feel towards that special someone. Sure that you’re able to get on the side of the two protagonists in this film whose most emotional moment is that expectations and reality split screenHow many times you’ve gone through that?

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Some people believe that make money with online surveys is a scam. have no idea! What is a scam is to tell people that they will become rich taking surveys. I’m sorry if I’ve trap your bubble, but this is not the case.

But that is true that there are many people like you who gets an extra making income surveys in your spare time. I do it myself, and therefore I have prepared this guide just for you in which you explain the best ways to make money with surveys and dramatically increase your income.


Hold on! I have something important to tell you before…

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1. earning money for surveys

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Guide to make money with surveys

1. Find websites of surveys and compares their structures of awards

The first step is obvious, right? Search websites legitimate to do surveys and become a member of them. But before registering, mira and compares the structures of awards offered and select which interest you to you.

Not all survey sites are the same: some offer money in Exchange for your opinion, and others give as a reward vouchers of money or checks gift to spend in certain shops, or awards such as video games, DVDs, etc.

So you think if you prefer money, gifts or coupons, or both things at the same time; If only interested in silver, he discarded those pages where the only reward are gifts.


2. sign up for multiple pages to make money with surveys

Sign up for more than one survey panel for money and so ensure you receive as many as possible. How many more surveys you receive, the greater your chances of making money.


As invitations to polls can be a bit overwhelming, I recommend a lot to create a separate email account only for the purpose of filling surveys.It is best that you do not register in polls with your personal e-mail sites. You can easily get to receive more than 100 invitations to surveys a day, and ‘m sure you don’t want that your important emails are hidden by the surveys!


3. be sure to check how each page

Be familiar with the websites in which you just submit. Sent you surveys to complete email? or must login every day to check if you have surveys available? If you will send them in an email, a reminder:don’t forget to sign up with the email you created just for surveys.

Do not use your personal email unless you can handle the large number of invitations to surveys which will you

4. Fill out your profile and start to complete surveys

Many sites require that you complete your information by filling out your profile. This will include basics such as your annual income your age, if you have pets, if you have a car or not…

Don’t worry: the survey companies will not go to your House to try to sell you something. This information need it to send you surveys that are relevant to you and your taste. When a company creates a survey, they need a kind of specific people (for example, only men, or people between 18 and 30 years old).

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When you already have all of the above steps, you will begin receiving surveys. In the majority (i.e. not all)make you a few preliminary questions. These issues are not part of the current survey for which you will be paid.


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Tips you should keep in mind if you want to be successful by filling out surveys

Ganar dinero con encuestas

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Ganar dinero con encuestas

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Unfortunately these professions are closely related to advertise or promote products of any kind, andsurveys companies do not want to make people who have these jobs surveys. So if marks those options, very few times will get you admit in a survey.

Ganar dinero con encuestas

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Ganar dinero con encuestas

Never, you never answer questions at random or choose options in this way. I never tire of repeating this to people who ask me about surveys for money. I know, 30 minutes doing surveys gives a bit of laziness.

But in some surveys have also included security questions that you have to check to make the company look that you are paying attention. For example “tick the box that puts dog”.

If you’re tired and makes responses at random, and one of them is a question of security, probably you get not only the survey, but the page in which you are registered, and you can never return to sign up there.

These tips and guide I have prepared them for you from my own experience by filling out surveys;and believe me, it took many years to making money with surveys! So…

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Repainting a chairDoing – Paint: I just discovered that it was possible as you: yes, it is possible to paint the fabric of a chair with a brush!

It is feared that the paint is cracking or everything is screwed up after a few days …

Repaint his chair

But no! No, no! Here is the chair I bought from hire chairs after fifteen month!

(To be sure (-e), take the test on a small cushion, for example.)

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My Tips for Cooking with WineI always loved watching my mother while cooking. Seeing all his creations looked very simple. As I got older, I went to meet her help her cook. Especially during the holidays I delegated more responsibility to help prepare the snacks . But still I loved watching her as she cooked entrees and my favorite was the leg of lamb was preparing for Easter. In my parents’ house mint jelly was not used, but it did not hurt, and it was almost a ritual, was the addition of a glass of cognac on lamb, half hour before it was ready. “Why did you do that, Mom?” I asked. “Because this is done,” he answered.And so I started cooking with wine.

Now as an adult and amateur chef, I love cooking with seattle liquor
. I like to try different varieties and I think that wine can transform ordinary dishes on incredible journeys worldwide. As I usually just drink wine with dinner over the weekend, most Sundays spare me at least half a bottle in the refrigerator.Therefore, use the wine is left to cook for me next week and plan to cook dishes according to the type of wine you have.

Cooking with wine is no mystery or have to be complicated. No need to have a degree from the Culinary Institute of EE. UU. to appreciate what a glass of red wine can do to enhance a grilled dish. I like using bodied red wines in the tomato sauce and ribs, and Spanish chorizo to prepare wine and other typical dishes of Spain wines. Use white wine for chicken , pork and seafood. When I prepare an ethnic dish, the basic rule I follow is to use a wine that comes from the same region as that dish. I think the taste of wine depends mainly on the type of soil in which the grapes grew, therefore, there is nothing better than using wine country whence that food! If I prepare your plate … Use your wine.While it is not a fixed rule, as it has worked very well.

Use cooking wine should not be reserved exclusively for meat. I tried to use it in everything from salad dressings, sauces and desserts. One of my favorite desserts are Spain strawberries with white wine.It’s simple and fast, and probably other countries have their own variation of this dessert. Another of my favorites are the toast to wine, very typical in Spain during Lent.

These are some of my basic rules for cooking with wine:

• Kitchen with a wine that will drink well.
• If you use more wine at a meal, that does not mean that the dish improvement. When in doubt, use a recipe.
• Do not use wine that has been opened long ago, and it tastes may have changed.
• Dare to try and experiment with several wines, including wines for appetizer. They are excellent for cooking!

Like cooking with wine?

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As the survey of year 2000, in Columbia SC real estate and Kershaw County there were sixty thousand people, twenty thousand homes, and fourteen thousand families belong to this county. The density of population was seventy two people per square mile that will be approximately 28 per km². There were twenty two thousand six hundred eighty three (22,683) housing components at regular density of thirty one per square mile approximately 12 per km². The cultural greasepaint of the county was about 72% White, 1% Native American, 27% Black or African American, 0.5% Asian, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 1.46% from other races or two or more races.

In Columbia the population was divided with 27% people under the age of eighteen, 8% people from eighteen to twenty four years, 29% from twenty five to forty four years, 24% from forty five to sixty four years, and were sixty five years of age or older. About at hundred females, there were ninety males. According to the survey, average income for a home in Columbia was about $39,000 and the median pay for a family was $44,500.In this figures, Men had a median income of $32,246 as against to $23,000 for women. There were 20,188 homes out of which 33% had children under the age of eighteen that were living with them, 56% were married couples living together, 14% had an unaccompanied female householder and 22.60% of all families were made up of singles and 8.90% had someone living unaccompanied who was sixty five years of age or older. The average family scope was 2.58 and the average family size was 3.02.

If you are considering for rent a home in the Columbia SC Area than you have to come at the right place.  We can assist you for searching just the correct place. Many rental negotiators are conscious of all the property in the Columbia SC area and we can discovery the house that encounters your requirements and your budget.

Columbia property management apartments Columbia SC has an extensive and memorable history of serving people to find property in the Columbia area.  And whatever you are, whether a corporate manager and looking for the accurate address to entertain your customers, our property management system properly assist you for finding best suited place for your office as well as a residential place that is close to the office or whether you are forwarding to find the perfect match for your growing family’s necessities.

We can help you in all of your matter and we have unique capitals to assure we match you with exactly the right situation and provide the right home, low rent, and the right experience.

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I will spend once in life for that moment of euphoria when driving at last our first car. There will be some who are lucky enough to buy anything at age 18 to have a driver’s license, others settle for temporary lead of their parents or a family member. The question is to describe that feeling of freedom , having come of age fulfilled with the card and can move freely wherever you like at any time of day.Furthermore, those good feelings multiply exponentially when one is a fan of cars and, from my experience, I can say that in my case was a dream come true …

Even without completing the practices of the card, I started looking and capture of which would be my first car, second hand of course.My budget then could not exceed 5000 euros and this reduced purchasing options when going to look to dealers that had little used cars, which did not exceed those prices. Nor was easy internet search given my confidence to buy from individuals and, then, there was the wide variety of web sites dedicated to the sector that today we can find.

A few days before getting on the road test car, I found and booked in a store cars, aVolkswagen Golf 2.0 GTI 115hp . I looked at the diesel model but I found had many more kms to this unit and in the beginning I was going to move only city and surrounding areas.


Aesthetically had some scratches and dents on the body, but it was the car that I liked and I did not give more importance considering that would be my first car, and to some typical beginner would probably scraped.


Passed the test drive! , there was only me wait a week to get the temporary permit and go find my car.

I called my driving instructor the following Tuesday to tell me that I could go and collect the provisional and quickly called the insurance company to tell them that they should enlist the insurance policy starting in the next day. Everything was ready and I just was fetching  ; I hardly slept that night nerves.


Finally! It was time she’d been waiting so long, and suddenly found myself sitting in the car with the engine running

and “L” novel set on the rear window. I engage the first gear and slowly I was releasing the clutch while accelerating.

I did not think so, at last I was driving my own car for Barcelona; a sense of freedom and happiness invaded me completely.

Copilot wore my mother and my brother behind, but with the nerves can not stop the car once I sink in the boot of a traffic light. I had considered a diesel Ford Fiesta and the difference in the feel of the throttle with my car petrol was considerable.

Circulé for a good part of Barcelona, ​​even I caught my first jam and finally to my house where, luckily, I found a good place to park.During the first path you are nervous because you have little experience driving, but on the other hand the desire to drive slowly make you go sientiendo more comfortable behind the wheel.

The first few weeks with the car, looked me any excuse to go for a walk with him, sometimes bringing friends or family, other driving alone with my cd music.

Nerves to merge the first few times to freeway / highway, since you have to be aware of march also reduce spend, look no cars and speed come at the right time. Coordinate everything at the beginning is always hard; later it is something that is done almost without thinking, subconsciously. So try to be especially quiet and attentive, we’ve all been through it.

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Build a roof over a mobile home will not only improve the aesthetic quality of the house, but also reduce the costs of heating and cooling. The roof can also prevent damage from falling trees and branches while decreasing the unbearable noise of heavy rain falling on the roof.Anyone with basic carpentry skills can build the ceiling. However, the roof construction will be easier if two people working together on it.

  1. It’s a good idea to determine what will your roof. Want a roof tip or a plane? If you want one tip, How high would the point? Make a quick sketch of how you want to look at the ceiling. Remember that the higher the ceiling, more 2×4′ll need.

  2. Build beams into the ground and then raise them to the ceiling. The beams should have triangular shape with an additional piece of 2×4 to go straight up the center. The number of beams necessary depend on the size of the roof. The beams should be placed every 2-4 inches for roof support itself.

  3. Once the beams have been placed on top of the roof, they are ready to be attached with nails. 2×4 wood to be assembled at each end of the ceilings for mobile homes. The beams will be attached with nails to wood 2×4.

  4. A 2×4 is attached with nails to the top of each beam after they have been joined with nails and correctly located. The 2×4 plywood lid provide additional roof strength. Add plywood to joists using nails or screws.

  5. Enter tiles on wood, starting at the bottom and working up. Using this method allows to prevent cracks in the rows of tiles or pebbles. The final step is to add the channel to the highest point of the new roof. The channel can also be used to terminate the last layers along the entire ceiling.

If these steps are too hard you can hire a best roofing company to do these for you.

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As with any profession the most important is to have first, of course, with the certificate for the profession, but it must be vocation, natural and acquired skills, and be responsible and dedicated.

Not enough to have any of these conditions, should meet them. A good Personal injury attorney Boca Raton should be a reliable, easygoing, studious, highly interpretive and argumentative ability, someone who does not depart from conflict but who cares about solving them effectively, who likes challenges and is not afraid: to adversity. Must be witty, imaginative, to find his case “that way of seeing” that puts the client in an advantageous position; and be further convincing arguments to be credible to the judge.

The lawyer must comply with the law, but as the words are vague and ambiguous, and often the facts, you can use these legal permits to benefit your client.

Must be to know the laws, the doctrine and jurisprudence, but that knowledge must be essential and not literal; since it must be extracted from these sources its richest and pragmatic in relation to the case to be solved sense.

In short, if someone tries to be a good lawyer, not enough to know laws, leave the heart, passion and reason in the task, so that the product is successful, it does not mean they always win, but have been used in each case, the best available tools, handled the right way, without feeling resentment by the opposing lawyer, who is also fighting in defense of his client in the same way.

Lee todo en: Cómo ser un buen abogado | La guía de Derecho

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Alberto Sansores graduated a month ago with a degree in Marketing from the University of Colima. Faced with the development of your CV, it considered that there was almost nothing to write, for he had only worked in a self-serving theme returns, work performed part-time for two years.

What employer would look at your profile? How to hire a recent graduate without proven experience in your area? This is precisely where we must make a careful analysis, for surely find more than a plus. Now, Alberto worked at the table of returns, so surely he must have faced dissatisfied customers, here we can deduce that acquired skills in the area of ​​Public Relations. Likewise, became perhaps unwittingly into a “troubleshooter”, respecting company policies turnar knew the most difficult cases to a supervisor, here we find Negotiating Skills and Decision Making, powers without certainly can be a significant difference in your CV.

Like Alberto, many recent graduates are challenged to “fill” a blank. Les means a time of great tension and rarely possess the vision that is truly revealing exercise . Remember that the secret in preparing a CV is to be clear what you want (through a very specific goal), and above all, who we are and what we can offer (through a concrete description of our skills and skills).

Regarding the format, there are two approaches for recent graduates. In the first, which is the most conventionally aiming at the top, followed by education, courses or seminars, experience (if they had) and finally the skills and competencies is presented. In the second format, we suggest starting with the exhibition of skills and vocational training ( training ) to finish with education. Both formats, written very precisely, are well accepted by recruiters.

However, it must pay attention to the following points:

  1. Properly write a professional or career goal. This point should be worded in a very concrete way. For example: “Integrame as Accounting Assistant in the Department of Financial Management of a banking institution Northwest of the country”. If you create a vague goal, the impression that you will cause be just as inaccurate.Here’s an example of what should NOT be your goal: “Occupy a promising position in a company with vision”.
  2. Detail academic training, surveys and average rating. Unlike experienced candidates, who put their education at the end of CV, recent graduates who possess professional experience should NOT place to start, as in this case, is your strong card. You must include the school, specialty and especially dates. It should be noted that empaten courses with your job search, because if we are looking for a job as editor, mentioning a course in mechatronics be unnecessary. The prizes or awards will also score points. The grade point average must be written only if it is high.
  3. Examine extra-curricular activities and think about how they might relate to a job in the real world. Students often ignore their experiences if they are not presented as a formal internship or job. However, extracurricular activities such as clubs, social groups or sports, as well as cultural centers, can make a valuable experience. For example, if having worked as a fundraiser for a charity event, you can certainly impress an employer, then you will have acquired skills as a negotiator and manager. Remember that any work done must be reaffirmed with hard data, in this case, can you explain that funds increased 25% over last year.


Write your CV is certainly a very significant exercise. Through it you can realize your competencies (skills and abilities) and your areas of opportunity (formerly known as weaknesses). Resumes perth
offers a very concrete example of a resume for a recent graduate. Remember it is an exercise in self-analysis, in doing so sure well find things worth noting.

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The gesture of José María Terán is angled and its prominent features. Square, gray-haired, white or black, as her memories, more good than bad, deduce. This ‘Titan’ hospitality has closed the doors of his restaurant in Cabezon de la Sal, La Villa, like someone shut up after spending an hour talking and then his silence is heard. The white and empty cups that are still on the shelves seem to talk to each other in the language of nostalgia. Full bar alcohol bottles and memories, and people and menus to suit the times with the identity of the word mastery. “The Villa has been my dream,” he says, and decorate these words with eyes rocked by a halo of real shame.

Is this the José María what else?

Terán Gonzalez and María Jesús García [his wife].

How old is La Villa?

The Villa is 24 years and seven months. We decided to open it because at the time I tried to buy the Fonda Athanasius and did not fix me, and the money I had to invest in what I invested here. I was 11 years old at the Fonda with Rubin de Celis and Antonio Sanchez Adelita and then here, where I came on March 1, 1979.

Why did The iconic private villas Mauritius?

Because we have sought above all things to make things right. Sometimes we have gone well and others not, but people generally adopted us.

How do things right?

With much love and great affection. It is very easy. Getting started was very difficult.We were in two months Fonda giving only two meals and two daily dinner two guests who stayed at the inn, who were Aristides Quijano, the notary, and a Portuguese editor was in the Textile Santanderina.Then people started to come and work and after three years I had to do a work and expand the dining room, because I was small. We removed two rooms to the dining room and so stayed until we open the Villa.

Why then decides to open his own restaurant?

Because I tried to buy the Fonda Athanasius, but it did not work. So I bought the bass and I rode the business here.

How to start a business like this?

Very difficult and complicated. I started with three people in the kitchen, two waiters and six people. From day people came. Until six years ago, the crisis has affected us all.

Is the menu is as important as dealing with customers?

It’s all extremely important. You have to give quality, price and customer relations. If you do not have that bad. This is achieved over time. When I started it was much more impulsive than I am now. The years go by appeasing and they’ll removing.

Once television wine

Television has come three times. A year on Mother did a whole program of Spain Direct afternoon. Four hours of program and four dishes: baked mountain, leek pie and shrimp stuffed hake and pasiega cake. The other two times has been as a result of the conference pig.

Has fame leek and shrimp pate …

Yes, and not only that. Also tripe, sweetbreads, handyman, brains, tongue … the mountain stew, shoulder of lamb and fish from San Vicente de la Barquera. You must buy quality and therein lies part of the secret of success.

Six years ago the crisis began to affect …

The meals we took down 50% or maybe more. I removed one person from the kitchen and one of the dining room, but I have survived perfectly. That has not been our problem. My wife worked in the kitchen and another waitress, here. In 2007 I had an accident and decided to close for weeknights. Furthermore, in 2009 my wife also had another accident and for some time been suffering health problems. Although well now, we have said that so far we’ve come. We have taken the decision to close.

Does the restaurant has been your life?

Yes, it has been the dream of my life. I started with 12 years in this huh? I am now retired. Many years and much customer appreciation and friends.

Would you show customers that thanks to you?

Look, the last day we opened, November 30, did not have enough tables in the dining room and not everyone knew we were leaving. Wine journalist close friend of mine, Ignacio, Bilbao Courier, who had already been here and had told him that it would close for eight days. Wine and half past three p.m. there was one free table. He got up from the table and saw him talking to people in the dining room. At one point stung a bottle, everyone was silent and made a speech in which he was more excited than me. In the end he could not finish. Very grateful people.

What has been the hardest thing he has lived here?

The illness of my wife, very hard. That would not wish it on anyone.

And the happiest times they have been led here too?

Yes, all, all, all. Here was born my youngest and most came four years. Here I am married and I had my grandchildren.

What has given the Villa Cabezon de la Sal?

That people have to say, not me.

¿Gastronomic Category?


Now what will happen to the Villa?

The Villa will follow. It is closed because José María Jesús María and have stayed at home, but La Villa will be opened once it has been sold or has leased, but I hope it continues. I wish it were a restaurant and help to come, teach him and tell him how I did. Here came many outsiders. We have special mention in the Repsol Guide and the Michelin Guide and that attracts foreigners. It is very important.

The illusion of his life. You now need to find new illusions

Now I love the mountains, I will go to mushrooms whenever the time, eat mushrooms with friends. I have many commitments. Well, we must look forhobby and go walking, which I like, because so far had little time. The hospitality is a slave and you have to like much to make, but is nice and very grateful. And there are very good people, far more good people than people think.

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The Cricket world cup 2015 is a massive cricket tournament in the history of t20 cricket. As you all know that cricket is a sport which is watched and followed be millions of people around the globe and the sole reason behind this is that everyone is emotionally attached to this because of their teams representing their country. However, with the passage of time everything around us have been changed so is the pattern of cricket. This was one of the best events people have witnessed. There were teams from around the world and everyone did their best to win this Cup. In India cricket is considered to be their religion people are extremely attached to this sport in a very different way, similarly every country participating takes such events in a very different manner in as to do anything to win it. However, Sri Lanka was the team who managed to beat West Indies in this nail biting event and it was a very big day for them as they played with most dedication and managed to win the Cup for the their country. Winning such an event is like a dream come true and Sri Lanka managed it. The team was being praised by all the cricket legends around the globe and was welcomed to their country with tears of joy and extreme happiness. They played very well throughout the event regardless of enormous pressure by brilliant teams that participated in the event. cricket

As mentioned above, cricket has changed over the years and since the inception of this t20 format people have started to follow it more because the level is different and so is the excitement. The format was fundamentally introduced by the cricket board of England and Wales and also considered as a short form of cricket. This format gained popularity with a very short span of time and managed to be a permanent format, and then ICC decided to have World Cups according to this format. The teams and the players went on practicing for this new format and they also started to enjoy this format and the time came when big events started to take place based on this pattern of game. Famous teams like Australia, Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka has won this Cup. Sri Lankans are the defending champions now and will be facing other teams in the future. As of today people are extremely excited about the usual World Cup 2015 which is just round the corner.

Cricket world cup official is a sport with numerous factors that makes it unique from other sports and also considered to be one of the most popular sports followed by the people around the globe. A lot of developments was made in the countries that hosted the Cricket world cup 2015which turned out to be one of the economic benefits and people had time of their lives seeing their favorite teams participating and battling in the ground to win.

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If you have a property and rent for extra income you want, take your time and analyze what would be the lease terms. This way, you avoid losing money and reduce the chances of being scammed.

1. Have warranty. If you rent an apartment or a house, ask at least get paid two months in advance. If it is a shop, requiring at least six months.

2. Research. Refer to credit bureaus what the credit record of who will occupy your home. You can also request information on Warehouse To Let Bellville.

3. All paper. Write a contract and ask the tenant to sign. In of docu- ment, detail the conditions under which delivery and set how property should be returned.

4. Beware permissions. If the tenant plans to use the premises for a business, ask that processes the respective permits the municipality to avoid fines.

5. Payments registered. It is preferable to open an account at a financial institution for the tenant to deposit the payments each month.This will allow you to have a record.

6. At day with tax. The rental of a property is considered first category income indicates the Sunat. The owner must pay 5% of the rental amount each month, the precise entity.

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Have a high fever, dry cough, runny nose, sore find yourself / a with discomfort in both joints and muscles, your throat hurts to swallow and also feel a horrible ringing in his head. Right! The flu has already caught you. But let’s back, not two days before is the time between infection and the onset of the disease, but a few months earlier period. Did you know that you can easily prevent it?

Although vaccination is the most effective way to prevent infection (essential for risk groups), the reality is that however much you’ve vaccinated if you do not follow minimum hygiene and a healthy lifestyle will soon be served.

Tips to prevent influenza

In this sense, I follow the advice you indicated below flu has not dared to say hello. And that I’ve seen happen closely !. It is, as you will see, in a very simple form of active health with which you getclose doors flu .

Tips to Prevent Flu Naturally

The flu prevention can be done on several fronts. One of the basic recommendations for preventing influenza and any other type of infection is to maintain good hygiene: wash your hands always go to eat when you sneeze or cough do it in the crook of the elbow and if you are out prevents put hands in mouth .

Nor can miss the physical exercise, preferably for at least 30 minutes. Yes, wrap up, stretches and warms up properly.

On the other hand, food is equally basic, and stands out as the basis of our health. And is that as Hippocrates said “that food is your best medicine, and your medicine be your food better” . For that matter, I recommend:

  • Fruits : citrus fruits like orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit and tangerines. They have the ability to boost our immune system. Also the red fruits such as currants, cherries and strawberries rich in carotene and vitamin A.
  • Vegetables : like onions or garlic. Act as natural antibiotics, thanks to its antiviral and antibacterial qualities. Also highlighted red peppers, tomatoes and beets for its richness in vitamin A.
  • Yoghurt Probiotics : help raise our defenses thanks to its content of Kamagra ausprobieren andStreptococcus thermophylus .
  • Energy foods : such as nuts, dried fruits, legumes, seeds and root vegetables (such as carrots, turnip or radish). Help to warm our body from the inside.

Besides food also opt for the following natural supplements:

  • Royal jelly : rich in vitamins B, A, C and E and minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and copper. Activates the immune system, helping to prevent and fight infections.
  • Propolis : is rich in trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, bioflavonoids and essential oils. Helps prevent the spread of infections and is ideal when our defenses are low.

Nor could miss Homeopathy, which helps me strengthen defenses jointly with food. I recommendOscillococcinum effective to prevent and relieve flu symptoms. I also advise:

  • Aconitum : useful as a treatment for colds and flu with sore throat and / or fever.
  • Bryonia : ideal in cases of flu with headache and ears, dry cough, fever, sweating and thirst.
  • Gelsemium : help in case of flu with headaches, ear and throat inflammation.

If you follow these tips, you enjoy a quiet life, close the door to the flu and health sum !.

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We like a lot and here are 10 best zombie movies you must see before it the time it comes to you and you have to play your part. Because it is not the same to be one or other side of the Canyon of the cropped, chain saw or the injection with the antidote.

Whether they be resurrected or infected, from our selection, we hope you to be so kind as to add your Favorites. Total, are less than two hours of offal and questions about the fate of humanity, which do not have to answer why. Are you one of those people who goes to see them because they are scary, so it raised about our essence or is that the zombies are in fashion? Go, forget the questions and deals well your brain. All movies presented in the list were released and can be watched on movie4k for free online. Just them we have ordered and listed to be able to present to our readers.

I walked with a zombie (I Walked with a Zombie, 1943)

Nuestras 10 mejores películas de zombies empiezan con un poco de vudú.

Be a trigger, help open the veda of the fever that reaches to the present day and have some of the characters more ojiplaticos, I walked with a zombie deserves open the selection. Originated in the rites, Voodoo, the information coming from Africa, through the slave trade and that fear was not yet a factory in Hollywood, us enough. Jacques Tourneur was able to give it a sinister air that is still interesting. But calm, which makes a whopping 71 years which premiered and things have changed a lot since then. That Yes, the sorcerer who raises an army’s never go out of style, right?

Night of the living dead (Night of the Living Dead, 1968)

George a. Romero got many half-day sessions, with a film not recommended for minors. However, it was the premiere of many of us in horror movies. Those were other times. And what made the night of the living deadAs the zombies romerianos, which is how we met those slow ones that come out of their graves and offer a varied State of decomposition. Its main weapon is the number and die with a shot in the head or something that causes a similar injury.

La noche de los muertos vivientes nos marcó con su retrato social.

As for the film, there is still much to do in it. The characters are varied, the situations are still nervous who sees it for the first time… with good eyes and interest, clear. But the conflicts that go beyond action, racism, classes and an image of the society which is still valid, give us a lesson in these days of infectious diseases that monopolize the front pages of newspapers.

The Walking Dead (TV series)

Ảnh bìa

The Walking Dead is an American horror drama television series developed by Frank Darabont, based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. Andrew Lincoln plays the show’s lead character, sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes, who awakens from a months-long coma to confront a new, apocalyptic world overrun by flesh-eating zombies.

Grimes reunites with his family and becomes the leader of a group he forms with some of the many other survivors whom he encounters in his quest for a safe haven. Together they are forced to survive in a world filled with zombies  and certain humans who are even more dangerous than the zombies themselves. The first season takes place in the Atlanta metropolitan area, and the second through fourth seasons are set in the surrounding countryside of northern Georgia. You will have the realest feeling when you watch the walking dead online.

Not desecrate the sleep of the dead (1974)

No profanar el sueño de los muertos tampoco se nos olvida.

An experiment of the Government is responsible for the resurrection of the dead. In this film by Jorge Grau note the evolution of the grounds to trigger the threat. For many years that the public was no longer fear the witches, so only needed to take a look at the news of the moment to find an undisputed head. But if there is something worth highlighting in this film it is the festival of gore, with scenes that have been an example for any subsequent director gender self-respecting. Well, also social criticism own Grau Solà, although in not desecrate the dead dream costs a bit more see it in other of his works.

New York under the terror of the zombies (zombie 2, 1979)

Who lived the explosion of video stores in the mid-1980′s will know what’s happening. Among the Bronx films and series B, Lucio Fulci became a site with another classic of the 1970s. In New York under the terror of the zombies we have a city of fashion, though nothing having to do with what we know today.Fear is lived all the heights by those times, that of bands, the brokers, the crisis and that few seem to love the Big Apple by then. That Yes, assemble a movie of zombies seemed logical.

En Zombi 2 teníamos un New York infectado, pero sin CGI por ordenador.

Aside from having New York in the Spanish title, the original zombie 2era, what we offer is a festival of scenes to each which further rise of repellent. The origin of infection is an island, which becomes a boat with an undead, which unleashes the party. The script is the least, seriously, but it is also true that we must see with eyes of eighties teenager. With this premise it may seem like the best film in the history… Although not so far.

Infernal and following possession (Evil Dead 1981)

We are fans of Bruce CampbellSo we cannot skip the Evil Deadtrilogy. Although perhaps the second want it to see more as a remake. But, well, with Sam Raimi and his very first close-ups or camera “eyes” of the very evil, we surrender with each viewing.

Hay un remake de Evil Dead, pero Ash solo hay uno y no es el de Pokémon.

The problem of Evil Dead, any of the “three”, is to reach them with the wrong point of view. But you must recognize that not lack arguments to be on the list, at least one, that have inspired many of those who have come after. As a bonus, if you see the false shots you will discover what is search resources and mislead the public. $90,000 cost first. And, above all, we gave AshWilliams. An immortal character whereby some jurarían that ma-tan.

Re-Animator (1985)

Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna became demigods for a youth in search of experiences that link in the back of the cinema. Society, Re-sonator, Dolls… and above all re-animator, were calling the public.Although who remember them, perhaps to pay tribute to the couple with the dentist, especially if before choose the right partner.

Re-Animator tiene sexo, sustos, tripas y cerebros... todo salpicado de humor.

The point of the fluorescent liquid, which any body can return to life and bad milk that is checked, make re-animator one of those experiences of worship which are never deleted. Although, of course, as in most of the cases, who saw it at the time play with advantage. The downside of these films is that we always want more and better, which tend to try to overcome the previous and any that do not exceed test. In this case, we reaffirm in that it does with a loose-approved. Over, with this title to see who can resist… would refrain from its continuations? It depends on.

The Serpent and the Rainbow (Serpent and the rainbow, 1988)

Bill Pullman’s cintifico of Harvard that goes to Haiti to investigate a substance which… Yes, this actor helps us all and up to 60 years is still there, now with Independence Day 2, on top of the wave. But, though remember you more insane history of galaxies from Mel Brooks (father of Max Brooks, with his World War Z and others), in this film the thing you are rarities.

Bill Pulman va de listo en La serpiente y el arco iris.

The Serpent and the Rainbow is of those movies that really only a few enjoy. It has magic and Voodoo, which breaks from the trend of the time. But, of course, with Wes Craven as director there are scenes with hallucinations. Although we remain with the protagonist, the plot and that recover the origins of zombies.

Braindead: your mother has eaten my dog (1992)

When a monkey of Sumatra bites a man and we see what is the solution that will apply the natives, we already know that this is going to be big. Peter Jackson, before bundling with hobbits and Elf, made this type of film that earned him the recognition of an entire sector. That dedicated to find offal and motives to scare the children before going to sleep.

Los quilos que perdió Peter Jackson desde Braindead los ha ganado por otro lado.

Who has investigated or were very much in the front line during the late 1980s will know well your Bad taste (Bad Taste, 1987) or the delusional world of the Feebles (Meet the Feebles 1989). The life of Peter Jackson as director has softened much since then. With a humor that has been replaced by big budgets and special effects from their own harvest. In Braindead, it was a surprise. Not just because will it take New Zealand Diana PeñalverSpanish, but by the rhythm, mood and how we discover how dangerous that is a poor digestion.

28 days later (28 Days Later 2002)

From United Kingdom, we find one of these films that revisit the classic and moved it to the present day.Well, the of who saw it premiere, because things have changed a bit since then. That’s the smart mobile everywhere, more than one decade ago, it was not usual. But we put some rationality, because this story only started with 28 days laterPoised to become a prized saga, with 28 weeks later better valued than the first and a future 28 months later, which can be the perfect culmination is… Unless producers are filled with greed and continue with 28 years later, 28 years, decades, centuries…

28 días después y sus infectados nos tienen pendientes de la tercera entrega.

The first got Danny Boyle to resurge as a curing infected more. Attention, here those affected are fast and almost shared stage with another masterpiece, Dead SetAlthough the latter was a miniseries for Television.

Dawn of the dead (Dawn of the dead, 2004)

¿Los zombies corren en Amanecer de los muertos? Estos infectados es lo que tienen.

When a genre takes up what worked in its time and update it, can be easy to forget Dr. But we have what we wanted to teach our children, in some cases with dawn of the dead. A tribute that gets at the height of the original. With Mall included, this film repeats with strokes of genius what should already be seen until exhaustion. It was, in addition, a resurrection which returned to frontline… Although it was already more also to George A. Romero, for according to what.

Brains for all

The list of movies that any fan of zombies should watch series online is so extensive that we never stopped. They’re not over, get new adventures where search brains or fresh arteries becomes an obsession. Criticism from the Cuban Juan of the dead (2011) until Zombies Party (Shaun of the Dead 2004), the list extends as an infection. But, of course, with this favorite or that they meant something special, it is clear that our list is good. What, that you agree? Do you think we have rotten brains? So don’t put your list here below.

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I am Juliet Kakish. I am fulfilling 16 years of being a mom !! Time flies !!

Today I am 16 years of being a mom, maybe many think he had plenty of time to wait to finish my career to commit as a mother, the truth is that being a mom at that moment was the best thing that ever happened to me, thanks to that I am the person I am today.

We had challenges to face and thanks to them we learned too, my baby came to light my life, I learned to organize myself better and appreciate what is being a mom and study at the same time from zero up to add successes !!

Son you’re my company, my friend and sometimes confident, know that gradually understand what your parents do for you, so are all dads !! And everything we do is for love, too goof and like I said one day, when we fail to understand you, expressing your own words what you need we are always there to listen attentively.

Spend a happy day and do not forget to make a wish that even with your 16 years and more !! It is better to have such illusions !! Need modelling balloons in the UK? We suggest visiting UKS leading party supply store Party Hippo

I love you as well as you are !!


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javier güenechea is one of the individuals who recently has sold your home through internet . güenechea, professional human resources sector and commercial experience, noted all his movements during the sales process at the end of the process to analyze their successes, mistakes and to develop a list of tips to Sell my house fast Nottingham. its main recommendation: accept immediate offers that are somewhat lower than the price

güenechea is a professional who has spent five years working in careernet consulting , a company dedicated to attracting talented professionals to companies. previously worked in the banking sector (barclays e ing) and also in commercial activities in real estate ( profile allows you to treasure significant experience in the banking, internet and real estate sector and negotiating skills

in addition to his work in recent months has had as its mission to sell your home , a terraced chalet. the process has not been easy and has taken numerous teachings, data and experiences he has now chosen to share

the situation has been:

a) initial price: 400,000 euros b) insert date: 17 months ago c) notice: 18 photos with full and clear description

güenechea explains that the announcement had a good quality and also the “spoiled” for example, changing the pictures and especially the cover of form continues

the statistics of sale of housing have been:

d) contact by mail: 37 e) calls for sale: about 40 approximately f) visits received: 21

experience selling first-person

at the beginning – and against my view an offer of 370,000 euros was rejected .? the reason you know, they send “replies with a smile. “subsequently had not choice but to go down the price . i was curious, as most potential buyers, comparing the price per square meter (m2) through idealist. was a chalet saved it 79 times ”

“a few weeks ago we decided to buy a pack to also announce rental housing . got a good price (800 euros) and here there was no mails, were dozens of calls. the last published price was 350,000 euros (went down the price gradually and became very noticeable in contacts) because people are fully aware of what is happening on the site, your zone and favorite listings. finally, three weeks ago, the sale of the floor has been closed in 332,000 euros ” judgment the advice that güenechea offers are:
1) accept offers immediate to be around 15% less than what you ask

2) announces the total price that you’re willing to sell

3) change the cover photo , people you think a different floor and floors catch the eye

4) checks the mail daily . most potential buyers initiates contact by mail and some that even if you take two days, they get angry. must do when they are excited and “wanting to buy”

5) spend enough time teaching the floor , if furnished, invite them for a drink, or sit at home and enjoy

6) prepared ten planes of the house , take 3/4 days to provide them means they can see other floors, the desire to buy cool and see where there are problems. do not be barriers yourself

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We all hope that the lists of the best things of the year are made ​​- at least -. When the year ends Every journalist knows that December is the best month to fill the media with lists. Best of the year are the best resource to fill Christmas (when we promise, current information is limited) and also tend to be very successful content. Therefore, finding in midsummer, when the sun gets (or the sky is cloudy and generates despair, all depends on where you geographically find them), creates some confusion. How can you be – if I have not taken vacation – you already are the 10 best books of 2014?

Amazon has launched, leveraging we approach mid-year, the list of the 10 best books of 2014 so far. The editors have chosen and how the “must-read” (the required reading) of the published between January and June. “It’s never easy to choose our favorites, but after much debate and discussion, we have reached a list covering the agenda summer reading for every consumer, whether you go to the beach, if you travel the world or if you stay at home, “said in a statement Sara Nelson, Editorial Director of printed books and Kindle from Of course, like all that makes list, we should add that it is centered for the English-speaking public.

One. Updike Adam Begley. The first title in the list is curiously biography. The book is “essential” for fans of the writer and also for anyone with an interest in literature, they say.

2. To Kill a Mockingbird PDF , Harper Lee. Here is a novel centered on the experiences of migrants entering the United States from South America.

Three. Redeployment by Phil Klay. A collection of stories about the Iraq war and its consequences (from the point of view of American soldiers).

. 4 Euphoria , Lily King. A historical novel with echoes of actual history of anthropologist Margaret Mead. And has romantic touches, they say.

5. Snowden. Without a place to hide , Glenn Greenwald. The only book on this list that is translated into Castilian . It is a test in which Greenwald recounts his encounters with Edward Snowden (the man who put the NSA on the ropes and revealed to us that we are all spied) and what those games did with the rest of the world.

. 6 In Paradise: A Novel by Peter Matthiessen. Matthiessen is one of the award winning writers in the US, although it has not gotten very translated here. He won 3 times the National Book Award. This story is a novel about a 90 espitual retreat at Auschwitz and how it affects their participants.

7. The Invention of Wings , by Sue Monk Kidd. His first novel is the most popular and is the only translated into Castilian, The Secret Life of Bees .This novel is about sisters who in 1830 defended the rights of women and African-American slaves. Of course, with hints of romance river, follows the plot for decades.

. 8 Red Rising , Pierce Brown. A novel and the first part of a trilogy sobe a revolution on Mars.

9. Savage Harvest: A Tale of Cannibals, Colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller’s Tragic Quest for Primitive Art, de Carl Hoffman. Esta es una de las apuestas de ensayo de la lista y es la historia de la desaparición del millonario Michael Rockefeller en 1961, uno de esos coleccionistas de arte ricos y excéntricos. La teoría existente es que fue comido por una tribu de Nueva Guinea (y sí, la historia promete mucho).

10. Hollow City: The Second Novel of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children, de Ransom Riggs. La primera parte de esta historia, El hogar de Miss Peregrine para niños peculiares, sí está en castellano, así que es probable que esta también se traduzca. Contúa la historia del hogar para niños de Miss Peregrine, una “enigmática historia sobre niños extraordinarios y monstruos oscuros”.

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A combination of criteria to be taken into account

A good vacuum cleaner is primarily an efficient vacuum and  adapted to the specifics of your home .So do not lose sight of: – the nature of the surfaces you’ll suck (smooth floor, carpet, upholstery, furniture) – the Area of your home (size of the bedrooms, the presence of a floor) – the composition of your household (children, people with allergies, animals) – the primary user of the vacuum cleaner and its use (frequency of use)

Hardwood floors, carpet, tile, rug cleaner what to choose?

Of course, you can imagine that an effective cleaner on smooth floors , may be the least on a carpet or athick carpet . But how to recognize vacuums able to deep clean such surfaces? Forget the power of the unit (in Watts), it expresses energy. The real performance criteria of “a best vacuum cleaner for dog hair are away And so you can recognize them easily, each unit comes with an energy label that indicates (among other things)!dedusting performance depending on the type of soil : a pictogram indicates clearly if the vacuum is not suitable for the suction of a carpet or hard floor. According to toronto cleaning services, the cleaning efficiency is rated on a scale from A to G (A for the most efficient ). > know about the new label on all vacuum cleaners

Did you know?

A good brush is 50% of the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner!  Do not forget to check what accessories are included with the cleaner of your choice.
- dual brush use : comes with all vacuum cleaners, it allows suck smooth and not too thick carpet floors;
- Turbobrush : Recommended to overcome lint, hair and pet hair from carpets and carpet
- powerhead : particularly effective for loosening dirt from carpets and hardiest carpets, exposed to many passages
- Parquet brush : with long and soft bristles, it helps maintain smooth fragile soils;
- brush hard floor : fitted hair tightened, it optimizes the efficiency of the cleaner on tile and other irregular surfaces
- specific Brushes : crevice nozzle, crevice tool, upholstery brush …
With or without a bag?
A real question! Well, know that with equal characteristics, a vacuum with a bag and bagless are as good as one another. However, to maintain a good quality suction, a bagless vacuum requires regular maintenance(emptying of the dust + cleaning), ideally after each use. Less restrictive and more hygienic, vacuum bag with the other hand requires the purchase of bags … The choice is therefore between saving money or time!
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Some days, one of our new closest followers, wrote about this situation in our article makes about What is Depreciation

That person is “guilty” of this article. Of course he was right this annoying.What would you do if?


“Dear Dr. Enrique Nunez, am going through a difficult dilemma, which comes up as a result of your topic I just read of depreciation, where the counter when supposedly like to be consulted on this subject; adulante my first counter was very punctual, had VAT returns within the legal period but not unduly paid and appropriated money; and current leads is excellent all day, just consult him about any accounting or some vision or negotiation or step that I would like and does not understand its accounting terms and annoying, which is causing me serious difficulties Ah last accounting paid after the period and was washed face the other way, I found no mechanism to force; this part, and the other is to get a new meter but I have fear of falling with a worse professional.

Ojo, ( my brothers and I ) we make the process of decision making provided by you; unanimous decision to dispense with the Professional Bookkeeping Services of this counter but who seek?

Without further reference, says goodbye to waiting for your valuable help make the decision very carefully … “.


I understand your concern, your disappointment and your discomfort.

Glad you’re getting much out of this blog! I’ve been 30 years serving small and medium enterprises. Accounting, tax and financial controls are one of the biggest problems with these entrepreneurs and is an area in which you have little or no knowledge.

That is not a sin; but look what I’ll say:   “You and you can afford to hire only competent professionals” ; but you have to define what those criteria that allow you to measure whether a person is competent or not are.

Before you continue to read this article on Performance Evaluation

Before you answer, I want you to know that when you want you can also make your queries on our FaceBook login and give Me Gusta

Keep your query.

They did well taking the decision to dismiss this counter. From what I see supports not you, it’s not your ally. Now they must hire a competent bookkeeping blacktown .

Search your country “college” or “association” that brings these professionals. Search resumes in its database and publishes ads on your pages. These publications are free. Also advertises in the newspaper with the largest circulation, do Mondays

In another article I send you some basics about Irenas bookkeeping.

With the new hire follow these tips apply whether you want to hire a professional full time as if you hire an outside professional to take your accounting in your own office:

1) In the ads you post asking them to send a management summary of this:

→ His own explanation of why your company should hire

→ work experience.

→ Education and training.

2) Emphasize that you do not send the entire curriculum, and send copies of qualifications, etc.

3) Use an email other than you usually use in your company. Or use a PO Box, only a little slower.

4) You just have to read those emails that come with the 3 points that I mentioned Why? If you do not know how to follow instructions, input does not suit this professional. If you do not have email, you should not this person.

5) You need to check that candidates have some experience related to the activity you do.

6) Summon the candidates for interview 30 minutes, no more. You should interview at least five candidates.Do not lean by any until you’ve seen them all.

7) In the interview itself should submit curriculum with certificates and letters of reference.

8) You must have clearly defined the position, the work and the results you expect from that position.

9) Do all the questions that you feel necessary even if they are uncomfortable.

10) Of the best query all references candidates, especially those who are not family or friends.

11) When you have your chosen candidate, call him and have a second final interview, negotiate the position, provides the amount to pay and set a date.

12) From there, meet each week in the first month to assess their performance and then once a month for the next 5 months. Follow the advice of the article offered you before.

This issue is important, deserved an extended consultation response. The “guilty”: thank you very much. Here is this article because employers really quite often have problems with their accountants, some more serious than let some tax money.

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With the great bond that has formed between the Internet and almost everything that involves our daily life, the “boom” has also reached the world of jewelry.Nowadays sell online different jewelry items, as well as buy, it’s something that can be done easily, for two main reasons: abound both buyers and sellers, and also because there are many websites reputation that serve platform for such transactions with jewels and with confidence, which is important when you are involved and valuable items to be listed on large sums of money. The two most common types of websites to buy and sell jewelry are divided into two groups: online jewelry websites, usually limited only to selling jewelry, and web sitesonline auctions , in which bring together buyers and sellers, so you them. both can look for deals and buy jewelry as well as offer for sale their own. Some of the most popular items are the engagement rings , the gold coins , chains and evil eye bracelets Agency , among others.

In today’s installment, we will offer a complete list of tips that will enable you to operate in the online market for jewelry and precious metals with confidence, so that your experience is always satisfying and avoid those bad shots that sometimes you can be when involved in something that is not so much knowledge and ends up being scammed or losing money:

Tip # 1: Not all that glitters is gold

It is common knowledge that exists in the world of jewelry counterfeiting. Although a seasoned and experienced person might discover an imitation of gold or platinum for example only lay his eyes a couple of seconds on a piece for someone who is still a novice in this topic not so simple, so the best way to avoid being deceived is trying to prevent rather than cure. By this we mean that for our first purchases should always try to operate on websites whose reputation is popularly known. Avoid jewelry websites that are very new, little known and / or do not have a physical branch. For sites online auctions , opt for those few big name who always side with the buyer in the event that things do not go well, and offer different types of warranty and money-back policies.

Tip # 2: Be aware of the prices of different metals

Buying an engagement ring online is easy and safe if you do it responsibly and informing.

The price of a gem depends largely on the price of the metal from which it is made. So, engagement rings gold will have a different those made ​​from silver eg value, since gold is trading at a higher price. But besides the obvious difference in price between different metals jewelry should also be aware of individual market value of each of these precious metals as this will also influence the final price of the gem.The price of gold, for example, has the characteristic of being relatively constant in the long term, but can be observed price variations over short periods of time. These small changes in your listing is moved to the cost of jewelery made ​​from it, so being aware of them, you. Might have greater certainty about the right price of different pieces of gold. Similarly, if you buy or sell online parts other metals such as silver, platinum or diamond, always check the current price before proceeding to later make the transaction to the correct and accurate price.

Tip # 3: Learn about sales

The better you learn to sell your jewelry, more successful you will sell fast and at better prices. Be sure to include in its publications sales all the details of your item of jewelry; while details include, the more likely you convince your potential buyers. Do not care much if you want to sell silver , sell gold jewelry or other metal; Sales and marketing are universal and apply to all transactions, even small ones.

Do not be afraid of trying to sell your jewelry to a little higher than the right according to the price of the particular metal or compared to those jurisdiction (other vendors that publish their prices jewelry sites online auctions ) use.Always remember that publications attractively developed in terms of sales tactics and jewels listen to a little higher prices have more chances to draw attention to the potential buyer that those where prices are lower, but publications themselves unattractive.

In their publications should always try to look as professional as possible; people feel more comfortable buying from people who show knowledge on the subject, as it gives them the unconscious certainty that they are purchasing the right product at the right price.

Tip No. 4: A picture is worth a thousand words

This tip is related to the previous one, in which we explained as an attractive text and highlight the important points of the article of jewelry for sale can be even more powerful than a low price. It is also important to include attractive and descriptive images of the piece of jewelry we want to sell. If you need to sell gold coins for example, would be a good idea to clean and polish them well, and then get them out a few photos that look flashy and shiny. Although it may seem unimportant details such visual impact positively on the mind of the potential buyer, and may even end up buying determining the gem or jewelry.

We recommend using HD cameras for more sexy pictures. Unless your cell phone camera has 10 or more megapixels, we recommend using cameras; if you have a professional camera, or you can get a borrowed, much better. It also helps to take pictures in bright environments to avoid using flash as the light of this may reflect on the metal of the jewelry, which would produce not so clear pictures.

Tip # 5: Beware of shipping costs

To sell an engagement ring online, we will give you a few tips that will help sales.

Depending on the price and weight of the piece or pieces of jewelry, whether to buy or sell long distance and will be handled by mail, it is important to consider shipping costs. In the case ofgold coins for example, if we have to send only a few our buyer, the shipping costs will be reduced. But if we also send heavy silver jewelry, costs would be higher, due to the greater weight of the parcel. Therefore, it is important to compute this cost, we are a buyer or seller, and jewelry are metals, and heavy metals are in considerable quantities.

The tips described above will be of great help when buying or selling jewelry via the Internet. Following our suggestions may make your transactions with security, confidence and peace of mind. The world of online jewelry is too attractive to be missed for fear of making things worse. With this information you can do them well and make the most of the platform for buying and selling jewelry online.


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The online reputation management is a series of actions in order to improve your reputation or your company on the net. Sometimes, dissatisfied customers, competitors or others are responsible for speaking ill of the company. Properly manage the online reputation can be an asset to maintain the good image of the company.

The first thing to do to manage online reputation is seeking information and comments about the company in Internet, offering the opportunity to comment on certain key sites that must be controlled. This requires making frequent searches, request e-mail alerts and have controlled certain sites important comments.

To find information about the company should make a work of exhaustive research , so that no important information is not passed. Also should see all the major sites of reviews, manage social media and search, Google alerts and ask the name of the company or related services that may be of interest. Every so often must make further searches, although some of them are controlled with alerts.

Monitoring is to monitor what is said at the time, to handle the online resputación faster, it’s a good way to learn current way of what happens and react better.

A good way to get a good online reputation is to have and promote a presence on social networks , so that they can inform customers and others, earn a better reputation and control the reviews about the company and users of networks social may tend to put their complaints or concerns on the website of the company, and thus can more easily answer the negative comments.

The online reputation management is another important step that aims to improve the image of the company, and this can best be done by positioning the good reviews and comments from the company, or pages that are created for this purpose, above reviews and bad reviews, a strategy should be complemented with a reply to the criticism and bad reviews trying to improve the image of the company with a convincing answer and then see who is interested in the opinions of people.

It should be noticed by users, especially in the corporate website and social media company, heard thecomments from customers or anyone, so they can make their comments both negative and positive networks social and so be easier to manage online reputation. Respond to all negative and positive comments the best way is one of the functions of managing online reputation, thanking the good reviews and bad explaining. It’s good to incite customers happy to discuss good about the company.

The creation of content on the internet is a good way to improve the online reputation, so that through a blog and working with various media by offering comprehensive and interesting information can enhance the reputation of the company as it shows that you have knowledge of sector and also cares for sharing this information. It is a good way to have a presence in various media and further enhance its reputation. This should make interesting content that encourage reading, well written, well maintained, preferably with an image, without advertising masked as just behind the signature item offered.

Offer press releases and interesting news about the company, offer something that speak well of the company, a promotion, a good action, a contest, something interesting that makes internet is full of this type of information and not others. No press releases should offer indiscriminate but must say something that is of interest both for the preacher as to who is going to read. To do this it is best to promote change and developments in the company from time to time you should not be let to fall into oblivion, or little, not overwhelm customers.

Positioning the business web site. The first information to appear on the Internet when the company is looking for business web page, preferably followed your blog and presence on social networks, so that should make a web site positioning company with presence in directories, search engines, web 2.0 and many more resources. Also ideal position the web for search terms related to the sector of the company.

Another strategy is to buy alternative domains for web pages that offer business presence can be blogs, websites, landing pages or whatever it takes. It should also position these sites to complete the strategy.

Do not forget that the first phase of online reputation marketing, according to  online advertising and marketing blog, is as important as the last and that information is power. We must use all the tools available to achieve the objectives sought in this case an unblemished reputation and beyond that a good reputation, knowledge and action are going to be strategies that offer the best results in this case.

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Amazon today is one of the best known and most reputable internet shopping world. It has even overtaken the giant Ebay in number of sales. And all thanks to its formality, service and speed. Amazon was founded in 1994 and has been growing unabated. Today, selling different products, among which are: music, software, video games, electronics, apparel (Amazon BuyVip), books, apps, etc..

But however great Amazon , every company needs advertising , and that’s what we see today, how tomake money promoting products (of any kind) from Amazon at a profit by CPA (sales) ranging from 5 to10% commissions.

How can an affiliate make money from Amazon

The opportunities and ideas are endless, since Amazon can sell products of any kind from our site or from social networks. For example:
  • Technology have a site where you do reviews of mobile phones and tables?
You can earn money vendiedo phones and tablets from Amazon
  • Have a web photograph that samples the best cameras?
You can make money selling cameras Amazon
  • Kitchen have a site?
You can make money selling Amazon Electronics
  • Have a web fashion
You can make money selling clothes Amazon Buy Vip
I could write a book with ideas and opportunities to be a member of amazon we may give you, but instead I’ll show this example to understand.
  • Imagine I do a post on my website entitled “Top 5 reflex cameras.”
  • This post is very well positioned in Google and get daily visits from 10,000 people eager to buy the best SLR camera.
  • Why not, though I am an affiliate of Amazon, I strategically placed beside each house of which I have spoken in my post, a link to buy the camera on Amazon which includes my referral code in each.
  • Imagine that every day, one of those 10,000 visitors just buying a SLR camera 500 €.
  • Result: we would win, nothing more and nothing less than 50 euros, since commissions vary from 5 to 10% depending on the types of products.

How to be a seller or an affiliate of Amazon

The first thing we will do to sell Amazon products will check. We will accessing . We can check our Amazon account, or create a new
Then we have to fill the information in our websites, blog, twitter feed …
We will have to give the information true of our website or blog for us to validate our own and we can start selling Amazon products.
Once created our own, and we can begin to monetize our website through any of the Amazon products . Can we do it four ways that we will explain below.
  • Product Links
  • Links Banners Viewer
  • Links to any page
  • Amazon BuyVIP

Product Links

Links to products allow us to create text links, picture or image and text with which we can make money with any product from Amazon store , we’ll just find the product you want to sell, and click get link.
After obtaining the link, we can customize our announcement, colors, borders … to suit our taste or style of our website or blog. Then copy the code and we will stick to our site as a html code.
Links to products with image, text or both are the most common and most used among users who use Amazon to monetize the content on their websites.

Links banners

The links are advertisements banners CPA type, like the links of products you have seen, but in this case, instead of promoting a particular product, we can select different categories visible banners , advertise the checks gifts from Amazon, or an dynamic banner that will change with different products from Amazon.


In my case I selected the computer and technology, and as you can see my banner shows articles related to this category. We select different ad size formats and adapt them to fit them into our website or blog.
From Amazon We recommend placing these links on the top of our pages.

Links to any page

Links to any page allow us to link, as always with our affiliate code, any Amazon page and get the same benefit. The easiest way is with the affiliate web toolbar that appears at the top of each page you visit on Amazon. To do this you must log in with the same account you use Amazon Affiliate. To use it is as simple as getting into the Amazon site we want, categories, searches … and click on link to this page , which we will open a window similar to the one we saw earlier in links to products.
It also offers tools to easily link to a category, and our most popular selling favorite searches. We can check our links to corroborate with our affiliate ID thanks to integrated link checker.

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Published July 5th, 2014 by

There was no turning back. I took the card from my wallet and slid by Ecobici reader. This was the first time I went I bike to work. Commonly you know riding a bike since childhood, when he goes to the park and after hours of practice, love handles spend four to two. You feel the master of the universe, invincible, which does not reach anything, not the wind.

Screenshot 05.21.2014 to 18.31.11But one thing is dust off the bike each year for use in the park, or go to Reformation Sunday and join the people who like to enjoy their Sunday walk, and quite another to be an urban cyclist. Cycling between cars in congested streets, usually when not given a respected place for cyclists. Perhaps many experienced cyclists can contradict me and think that no bike lanes or streets adapted to the bike spaces are needed, but again, it was my first time as urban cyclist – and experience in a more friendly city best hybrid bikes would have been much easier.

Well Andrea you’re ready. It should not be that difficult. Very coiffed and formal, beige jacket and black dress. Ready to be on time to chamba.The sun was shining and the man who sells flowers every morning had opened his post, so a strong smell of gardenias filled the sidewalk. He was accompanied picturesque panorama of noisy and heavy trucks that stopped traffic, like shopping the “Oaxacan tamales” advertising their products. Ahhhh had to be Mexico City. 

I took the bike you gave me the machine and settled in my seat measure. Then I got in the car and started pedaling. It took me a few seconds to remember how to do it, and suddenly, I jumped into the street. There were few cars, a plus for me. Within minutes a red truck passed me. Close. Very close. I felt I was losing balance but not let him. He knew better and continue orillarme a little more towards the sidewalk. I think any cyclist who happen to me would think I was a turtle.I was barely holding mode.

I had been told that the most common accidents for cyclists is that a parked car opened the door as you go past. I kept watching parked cars. I did not want to be part of the statistic.

Little by little I was grabbing trust, however, the first time you grab the bike in the city feel that cars do not see it. I felt vulnerable. And what about pedestrians being amateur on the bike, the fear that you are to cross soon. Fear of being hit, afraid to run over. Fear to be taking over as one goes from his vehicle. And one of the most common mistakes when you think that the less bother to cars, and the more to the side of the road you are, the better. Grave mistake. It is best to be visible to the motorist.

I recently started working in an organization that promotes sustainable mobility in cities around the world, and I’m glad I learned about the rights and responsibilities of the urban cyclist. In the city, one is entitled to occupy a lane. Hand, the importance of being visible (especially at night) with a vest or flashy clothes. And what about the reasons  to decide to wear or not wear a helmet , which is not mandatory but it is important. 

I also learned why he should be preferred rather pedestrian. The good cyclist should always let people pass. Not one of those arrogant cyclists who think they own the road.

And perhaps most interesting for me was discovering the concept of intermodality transport integration and cooperation using multiple media in one journey-concepts that should be considered by motorists and cyclists. For a cyclist can ride a car and also be pedestrian, like a motorist who wants to take the bike occasionally. That is, we are no different teams: all people are looking for more efficient ways to move around the city.

 You guys are saying? Do you remember the first time I took the bike in your city? How did it go? Share your experience in the comments section!

(Andrea Arzaba, Mexico City, May 21, 2014).

Published July 5th, 2014 by
A few days ago that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 came to our office, but as many people are until I could touch with my hands and hold it for more than a few hours spent time. At first I could use it for a while. At that time I had time to write an article about the tricks you can do with the S-Pen . Now, after a few days and nights with this smartphone, I can tell you my experience with the Samsung phablet.

Before we begin, we have to enter Examples: I am possessing a Samsung Galaxy S3 . I think this point is important and must be taken into account to understand my point of view. Now we continue with the analysis based on the exterior, interior and of course, the S-Pen.


The Samsung Galaxy Note is slightly larger than the original Note, but have managed to increase pantlla perfectly and make it lighter. So much so that I think the Note 2 presents a good value size – weight. Thanks to that screen I was unable to enjoy a comfortable and long read. It’s perfect to read documents and watch videos.

samsung galaxy note 2 phablet 2

The first Note with his successor Note 2

samsung galaxy note 2 3 phablet

See the difference in the width of both and the corners

On the outside is covered with the same plastic housing having S3 and also to also have the same user interface quickly I felt familiar. Yes, at first I was struck by its size and thickness. The first note I always find a large device, so that I maintain the same opinion with your successor. Of course, to have more rounded corners feel a lot size decrease.

samsung galaxy note 2 phablet 4

The S-Pen of Note 2 is much larger

Another thing I wanted to compare both Notes, for those who are in possession of the first version is the S-Pen. In the first Note is considerably smaller. Personally, I liked more the stylus in Note 2. Largest win Being firmly and feels better in the hand. Moreover, the new S-Pen offers many more features than the last.

S-Pen – Where is the profit?

Looking at the evolution of the smartphone app marketing, I understand that in the past where there were the stylus capacitive screens necessary. In those days the S-Pen became really annoying. Now, Samsung has managed to integrate perfectly into the device, so much so that one does not realize that he is. Anyway, I do not think this accessory a contemporary idea. I’ve always had the same reaction and keep: why do I need a stylus if you can do everything with your finger?

Following my experience with Note 2 Have to admit I’ve come to understand the utility of the S-Pen.As I mentioned before, now has a number of characteristics that make their use worthwhile, because it responds well as a mouse, because it allows us to see the previous image or select text.For a person who is constantly editing images and / or text I think is a very useful tool. As this is not my case, I have not come to have a crush on the S-Pen. On many occasions I have forgotten him.In others, I decided to use it, which irritated me keys Back and Menu did not react with the stylus.Clear. No part of the screen, so those keys are touched with finger. I do not think you have sync problems, but this exchange between finger and stylus has not entered my head and I found it very annoying.

I may forget about him, but the S-Pen always thinking of me. If you walk away with the device, but without the stylus, the Note 2 begins to sound like to to come back for him. A handy tool for the clueless like me option.

Interior – Great processor and large RAM

The interior features. The Note 2 has a powerful quad-core processor supported by 2GB of RAM.Of course it makes a difference when I surfed the Internet and played several games. Also, with a 5-inch screen gaming experience is much more noticeable. Something I really liked is the functionmultistasking . It is operated by pressing the button for a while until back on the left side of the screen a half circle. There we will find several applications that we can use when we have another open.

multitasking note 2

Multitasking in the Note option allows you to have two applications open.

Note Camera 2 is like the S3, so at this point I have no criticism. Much more important than the camera battery for me. The battery of this device is 3100 mAh and, of course, have noticed the difference. The hard battery nearly two days of normal use.


The Galaxy Note 2 offers a great software for editing and working with images, which look very good for people who need to work with these programs. I think an elegant device, but honestly I think the Note 2 is too big for me and me not fit the S-Pen. You guys who do you think the Note 2? Why do you think is your device? Or why you think it is not?

samsung galaxy note 2 phablet 5

My hand next to Note 2

samsung galaxy note 2 phablet 6

My hand under Note 2

Published February 22nd, 2014 by

The story behind the story


I love to tell “the story behind the story” Who Moved My Cheese PDF?, because that means the book is already written and we can approach him to read it, enjoy it and discuss it with others.

This is something I had always wanted to happen, since the first time what Spencer Johnson, years ago, I told her fantastic story of “cheese” before we wrote together FI Minute Manager. *

I remember thinking how good it was the story and how useful it would be for me ever since.

Who Moved My Cheese PDF? It is a story about the change that takes place in a maze where four amusing characters look “cheese”. Cheese is a metaphor for what one wants in life, be it a job, a relationship, money, a big house, freedom, health, recognition, peace, or even an activity like running or playing golf.

Each of us has their own idea of ​​what is cheese, and go after it because he thinks it makes you happy. If successful, almost always fond of him.And if lost or removed, the experience is often traumatic.

In the story, the “maze” represents where you spend your time looking for what you want. May be the organization in which you work, the community in which you live or relationships you hold in your life.

In my lectures worldwide narrate the history of cheese, and many times people tell me how much it has changed their lives.

Believe it or not, this story has saved careers, marriages and even lives.

One of many examples is real Charlie Janes, the respected broadcaster NBC, who confessed to hear the story Who has taken my cheese saved his career.

What happened was this: Charlie had worked hard and did a good job relaying the athletics events of the Olympic Games. So when his boss told him he had been away from the sports field and in the following games would have to handle retransmissions swimming and diving, he was surprised and angry.

Not knowing these sports as well, he got frustrated. The failure to recognize that he had done a good job I get irritated. It seemed unfair, and anger began to affect everything he did.

Then they told the story Who Moved My Cheese?

After hearing it, he laughed at himself and changed his attitude. He warned that all that had happened was that his boss “had shaken the cheese” and was adapted. He learned about these two new sports and, in the process, he discovered something new so rejuvenated.

His boss was quick to recognize his attitude and new energy and increasing their salaries. He enjoyed more success than ever and became an excellent reputation as a commentator.

This is one of the many real stories I’ve heard about the impact that has had this story in many people in all walks of life, from the professional to the loving.

I have so much faith in the power of Who was

Moved My Cheese? that recently I gave her a ejempIar a previous edition of the book to all people (about 200) working in our company. Why?

Because, as any company that aspires not only to survive but to be competitive, Blanchard Training & Development is constantly changing. We move “cheese” nonstop. While in the past wanted loyal employees, today we need flexible people who are not possessive of “the way we do things here.”

And, as we all know, living in a permanent waterfall of updates often stressful, unless people have a way of seeing the change to help them understand. And this is precisely where the story comes in the “cheese”.

When I told my friends the story and read it, I noticed almost beginning to shed negative energy. One after another, everyone in the company came to thank me for the book and to tell me how much he had helped them look from a different perspective the changes that occur in our company. This brief parable is read very quickly, but its impact can be profound.

The book is divided into three parts. In the first, “The Meeting”, a former high school classmates talk about how to face the changes that occur in their lives. The second part is the story itself, “The Tale: Who Moved My Cheese PDF book” and forms the core of the book. In the third part, “The debate”, people say what the story has meant to her and how you will use it in your work and in your life.

Some readers of the manuscript preferred to stop at the end of the story and not read “Debate”, in order to interpret the meaning for themselves.Others enjoyed reading it because it stimulated to think about how to implement in your situation what had taught the story.

In any case, I hope that every time you reread Who Moved My Cheese? find something new and useful in the story, as I happen to me, and that help you deal with change and succeed, whatever it is success for you.

With best wishes, I hope you enjoy what you find. Oh, and remember: when the cheese move move!


In Chicago, a sunny Sunday, men and women who went to high school together they met for lunch after attending an official ceremony in the center last night. They wanted to know more about the life of his former classmates. After many jokes and great food, they engaged in an interesting conversation.

Angela, who had been one of the most popular class people, said:

-Life Has followed a very different path than I thought when we went to school. Many things have changed.

It’s true ‘agreed Nathan.

The others knew that Nathan had continued the family business, operating as usual, and since they remembered was integrated into the community. So surprised to see him worried.

But have you noticed that when things

change we do not want to change? he continued.

I think we resist change because change frightens us jabbed Carlos.

‘You’re the captain of the football team, Carlos said Jessica. I never thought that one day’d get to talk about fear.

Everyone laughed to note that, although they had taken different directions (from being a housewife to working executive in a company), experienced similar senlsaciones.

Each of them tried to cope with unexpected changes that were producien do in your life in recent years. And almost all participants admitted that they had not found a good way.

‘Me too frightened me the changes’ said Michael. When there was a great change in our company, we did not know what to do. We continue as always and almost lost everything. But then I was told a story that changed everything.

‘Really? Nathan asked.

-Yup. The story changed the way I looked at the changes, and from that moment things improved rapidly … In my work and in my life.

“Then I reported the story among some people in my company who did the same

with others outside it, and then things started to work much better because we all adapt better to change. And many say the same as me: who has helped with privacy.

‘What story about? Angela asked.

He called Who Moved My Cheese?

Everyone laughed.

I’d like to hear it said Charles. Why do not you tell us now?

‘Of course’ said Michael. It will be a pleasure for me … Not too long.

And Michael began to tell the tale.






ONCE UPON A TIME a faraway country in which they lived four characters. Everyone was running through a maze in search of cheese that fed and made them happy.

Two were mice, and called Smelling and Running (Oli and I ran to his friends); the other two were little people, loved the size of mice, but had a look and a way of acting much like those of modern humans. Their names were Kif and Kof.

Because of its small size, it was difficult to see what they were doing, but if you looked closely you discovered amazing things.

Both mice and the little people spent the day in the maze looking for their favorite cheese.

Oli and Corri, mice, although only possessed rodent brain, had good instincts and sought the dry cheese and cured so beloved of those animals.

Kif and Kof, the little people, used a brain full belief to find a very different kind of cheese with a capital, they thought that would be happy and successful.

For different they were mice and little people, had something in common: every morning his tracksuit and sneakers became, out of his house and rushed ran into the maze looking for their favorite cheese.

Published January 2nd, 2014 by

According to, If there is one element that can enhance somebody’s home, in particular, their garden, Pergola has got to be one of the first that come to mind. When you have the right pergola that fits the look and style of your garden, the structure can compliment the entire area better than anything. When the wrong type of pergola has been chosen, it is an automatic eyesore from any direction it can be seen from and it also can take away from the lush sanctuary you have labored for in your garden. So it must be stressed how crucial it is to always plan ahead to simply assure that your pergola meets the definition of what you had originally envisioned for your garden area. In this article, we will discuss some great new pergola ideas in Brisbane.


When you decide to choose new pergola, these are a few of the central factors to always consider:






Space-Highlighting Pergola

As a great extension idea, attaching pergola functions to the house would be an aesthetic compliment that in the end would look like an essential piece. It opens up the living space in the yard with a bridge between the indoors and outdoors. The pergola can define the patio area and when it is combined with planters, it can add a splendid effect as it will appearing like an outdoor room.


Two-Level pergola

If you decide to go with the look of two levels, the look would be of mere aesthetics as opposed to acting as a stronger structure. The positive function that it does add is great shade production which can highlight with a unique shadow coverage.


Off-center Pergola

Nothing in the law of design ever cited that the house and the Pergola have to be completely in unison. Adding a small porch overhang at the entrance to the home that is offset, if done properly can add a uniquely distinctive accent to your home.


Attached Pergola

When pergola is attached it connects the indoor space to the outside area. This type of pergola is a great effect when otherwise there could very well be a less than desirable look in the arrangement of cooking area outdoors and the dining area in the back. The added function also provides a great source of shelter from the rain.

 qualified-brisbane-patio-builders queensland-patio-builders

Above-the-door pergola

Utilizing pergola that is raised above the door will add an architectural look that has a distinction which embodies the traditional style of the home we are accustomed to. The heft of the crossbeams and brackets will add support and a stability with the upper portion of the structure that will add balance to the overall scale of the home.


Expansive pergola

If the pergola stretches the entire length of the home, separate zones will be contained. A brick fireplace could sit opposite of the dining area and maybe a patchwork frame could add little character to a seating nook, if applied properly. This is would a great in the proper setting.


Sharp, white pergola

To create the perfect blend of an attached pergola with an already established home, is by adding sturdy white columns and then using a sharp white paint on on the trimming of the house will give the entire structure a look of class and also give it a look of permanence.


Rose-draped pergola

To have that romantic and classic look of draped roses over an attached pergola, always try to make sure that it can be reached for maintenance and that it has the strength to support the attractive endeavor. A rambling rose can add a shading that is simply elegant.


Pool-covering pergola

If you have a pool that is within close distance to your home, adding pergola which reaches over the pool area can create a definingly cozy and intimate area that is ideal for dining.


Entryway pergola

A great way to add a practical protection function to the entryway, guarding you and visitors from the elements. The pergola also adds a nice shading to the back of the house, enhancing a nice, cool place to relax on those extra sunny summer days.


Classic pergola

Pergola that is attached can act as the most ideal transition between the home and the outdoors. Any traditional home will receive a perfectly fitting backdrop to compliment its classic style.


Pergola Can Make the Difference

Pergola can make the world of difference to your humble abode when the perfect design is chosen and the most ideal spot is utilized for its placement. Having new pergola ideas in Brisbane, your ideal vision of pergola for your home will stop being a vision and it will soon become as real as the beauty it will accentuate your home with.